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Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by chrystalc77, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. chrystalc77

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    May 11, 2013
    Trying to crunch the numbers to see if we can swing MNSSHP for my oldest son's birthday next month. Last minute is driving me nuts!!! Priced out Pop for 4 nights.....2 day base tickets for around $1300. Adding the quick service puts me a little over $600 more. Thinking we could make out cheaper than $600 paying concern is if we order at a QS location or a non-buffet TS location a kids meal for my picky 12 year old are the food police going to come after me? And if we opt not to get the dining plan and decide to add it, how close to arrival can we do so?
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    My guess is that you could eat cheaper OOP, and as for when to add dining, all dining plans must be finalized at least 72 hours prior to check in. Your son can order off of either menu. Good luck! :goodvibes
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    The QSDP has the slimmest margins of all the plans, so it can be tough to make sure it works out in your favor.

    Figuring a $4 snack, you'd still have to spend roughly $17.50 per CS meal after tax to make it work out in your favor. While some places (Tangerine Cafe combo platter for example) will come out ahead, many places will not. Switching it up and ordering a kids meal or two will easily eat into the small margin of savings already there.

    Now, that's not to say it can't be a good deal, but it will take some planning to make it work out financially. Take a look at menus and figure what your family would likely order if off the plan, see what it comes out to (don't forget to add the 6.5% tax, since that's covered by the plan). Add in extra that you'd get since you're on the plan and see what that amounts to.
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    Dining plans must be added to packages no less than 72 hours before arrival, no less than 48 hours for DVC reservations.

    If you are going to order children's meals for your 12 year old and pay for them with adult credits on the quick service plan, you probably don't want a dining plan if you are getting it as a potential moneysaver. I know there are plenty of Disney guests who aren't that concerned with savings and just like the all-inclusive feel of the plan.

    You could purchase children's meals for him and use the credits for other adults, but that's not exactly all-inclusive.

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