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Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reservations' started by kermit116, Nov 22, 2010.

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    Jun 27, 2010
    We will be doing breakfast at Crystal Palace soon and have a reservation for 4. Just found out some other family members will be at WDW the same time, and they'd like to join our reservation for breakfast. Since it's short notice, I've called to change the reservation but wasn't able to add to more people officially. The CM on the phone told me not to worry, and to just bring my two extra people along at our reservation time and that the CMs at CP would be very accommodating & could seat all of us together.

    I'm nervous about doing this because...

    (1) our reservation is only officially for 4 people and adding two more people to a table requires more than just pulling up an extra chair, and

    (2) our reservation is for a time before park opening, so I'm concerned the CM at the gate will see we only have 4 on the reservation & not let all 6 of us in the park.

    Has anyone done this in the past? Any experience adding 2 people to a CP reservation last minute? Any experience getting 2 extra people in the gate prior to opening?
  2. TDC Nala

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    I don't know how it works before park opening, but if the restaurant is full to capacity when you arrive, they will not seat your two extra people.
  3. Nadjalu

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    You are right to be nervous.

    Unfortunately the CMs that you talk to do not have a say or even really know what goes on at the restaurants.

    The problems you will run into is exactly what you said....when getting in early the CM will not permit 2 extra people in. PERIOD.
    They will see the ressie is for 4 not 6.
    I know some people will say most of the time they don't ask for the reservation, but it is a 50/50 hit or miss to be honest. So if you get the CM checking then what will your extra 2 do?

    Next, if you do get as far as the restaurant, as Nala said if they are booked (and haven't had any no shows) then your extras will still be not permitted in.

    Personally I would keep checking your time/day and hope for a opening for your correct party number. You can also check the cancellation threads here.
    Or you can search for a ressie for just the 2 and schedule that. Then when you get there you can ask to be seated close to each other.

    But no way would I "not worry" and just go it will be fine.

    Good luck and enjoy your vacation! :)
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    I just called to see if I could add one more person to my reservation on Dec 14th and they said there was nothing available for one more. They said to keep checking back. I asked her what would they do if I showed up at the restaurant at our reserved time and asked if we could add one more ? She said that the extra person could be turned away or if they werent busy they could add them. Which the restaurant I have reservations for was really hard to get so I just canceled because I know they will be busy.

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