Add Lysol, Hand Cleaner, Etc. To Your Packing List

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Mommy2TwoMickeys, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. Anonomom

    Anonomom DIS Veteran

    Aug 21, 2008
    I'm usually fairly laid-back about germs (we rely on handwashing), but I'll admit I'm extra paranoid about stomach bugs. When DD was 20 months old, she spent the first two days of our Disney trip touching everything she could and even crawling on the floor at CRT, then the next three days throwing up. Our son will be 20 months old for our upcoming trip and I'll be traveling with plenty of wipes/sanitizer. I realize it doesn't kill all germs, but it's one brick in the wall.

    I recently found some wipes that claim they can kill germs on surfaces for up to 30 days (they deposit some kind of polymer on the surface wiped). I bought one to use on the doorknobs/remote at the hotel when we're in WDW. Can't hurt, could help.
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  3. ocalla

    ocalla DIS Veteran

    Aug 24, 1999
    I have to say I never knew that Hand Sanitizers couldn't kill Noro. Now, myself and my family have NEVER been ill with any virus like Noro at home or at the park, but you never know when it could happen!!!

    Glad to know that just good old fashioned soap and water is a better option!!

    Should I even bother with wiping down the room knobs with clorox wipes?? or is that a waste of time.

    Clueless in LA
  4. TNS_Tinkerbell

    TNS_Tinkerbell Mouseketeer

    Mar 1, 2010
    Look, its great that we have all this sanitizing wipes and sprays and gels, that kill 99.99% of germs, but the bottom line is it actually harms more than it helps.

    The number one thing they taught us in Nursing School was wash your hands with soap and water, hot enough to tolerate a good scrubbing, and not just the 30 second kids skimp through water, like the full on scrub between your fingers, wrist and all.

    We had a lab demo once that used black light and orange "germs" liquid, and it is amazing how little areas of skin can hold on to those germs even after a good, scrub.

    Look at your hands right now, I am serious. Any rough patches? Any areas that have deep cracks ?? Dry skin around the nail beds? Those are the places hardest to clean.

    The sprays, gels and wipes in theory are great, but the actually cause more harm, by making those bugs become tolerant and resistant to the wipes, and sprays. By making everything so sanitary and clean, we are hurting our own immunity.

    Yes, in between, taking off gloves, or small things, the gels work, but trust me, they break your skin down, and you get SUPER dry, tough skin, that leaves you at risk, as now the cracks form and bugs can get in there too...

    So the best practice is to wash our hands.

    Noro-virus (or Norwalk like) and other stomach aliments aren't going to stop being around. You have to wash your hands, and you have to be sensible about doing it every time you eat and use the bathroom.

    Disney is wonderful and has so much to touch and experience, but before you eat. WASH YOUR HANDS.

    Okay, I'll get off my soap box, and the idea about the remote and baggie is awesome btw!
  5. TNS_Tinkerbell

    TNS_Tinkerbell Mouseketeer

    Mar 1, 2010
    One last tip, about immunity...

    Before you go on a trip, start taking Vitamin C, or a least a good quality multivitamin... you can help your immunity by having these essential vitamins, in your system.

    And if you do get sick, be sure to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, especially with a stomach bug.

    Orlando, is hot. Anaheim is hot. And being sick is not so fun. But being sick and dehydrated is really bad in the hot places!
  6. disneyag

    disneyag DIS Veteran

    Apr 29, 2001
    We don't go nuts with all the sanitizers and, thankfully, never get sick at Disney. We do frequently wash our hands with soap and water. I wonder if all the people who are so vigilant about Clorox, Lysol, etc. at WDW also do those same things at the grocery store, in the mall, at school, in a doctor's office, at the library, etc, etc, etc. These threads could make a person paranoid about visiting Disney, when, in fact, germs are found everywhere!!!.
  7. maxiesmom

    maxiesmom The Mean Squinty Eye Works

    Jul 6, 2004
    I'd be more worried about the airplane ride, or the DME bus ride. There have been a few posts lately about how so and so is sick, but we just had to come to WDW/go home. So they hauled their puking/imodium needing family member onto the airplane and buses.:scared::scared: Where they could share all their germs in a confined space.:eek:

    You don't just catch stuff in the parks.

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