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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by milmore104, Feb 20, 2013.

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    I have aquestion about DME. I just booked my trip to WDW a few days ago and I check in this coming Sunday. I am driving down but my mom is flying down and using DME. I don't think my paperwork will be here before she flies out. Does she just go to the DME desk and ask for her boarding pass there? Luggage isn't an issue as I brought her bag w/ me. Her flight doesn't get in until 10pm and I want to make sure she can make it to the resort. Thanks
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    You should go ahead and call them NOW and give them her flight information and then when she arrives she will just need to stop at the ME desk to obtain a boarding pass for the motor coach. I have not heard of them denying someone a ride that doesn't check in ahead of time....but honestly it will be much easier on her if they already have her info in their system and are 'expecting' her, KWIM? Good Luck and have a Great Trip!!
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    We did this last week. My hubby arrived a day before me and he picked up a rental car. then I arrived and took the bus. I had planned this trip last minute and did not have the paperwork but I had called and made a DME reservation. I just went to the desk and the took care of me. No problems at all.
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    Magical Express is not supposed to take you if you walk up to the counter without an advance reservation.

    Call now and make the reservation. Magical Express hot line number: toll free 866-599-0951

    Going to Disney you do not have to accurate making the reservation or punctual when you arrive. It just has to be for your check in day (some family members can arrange to arrive later if desired).

    When ordering or booking or paying for anything over the phone, ask for a confirmation number and/or the name and city of the person you are talking to.

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