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Discussion in 'Disney Collectors Board' started by in2disny, Sep 12, 2001.

  1. in2disny

    in2disny Mouseketeer

    Mar 17, 2001
    Came over me when I was going to work today. I travel our beltway and on most of the overpasses there were people waving american flags and waving. People were beeping and waving back. It is hard to explain how I felt....I just cried.....I cried for those who were lost and for their families....I cried for our country....I cried for our freedom....And lack of freedom. I'm not sure how many emotions could be in one good cry but I think I had it!!!

    My deepest prayers are for all those who are affected by this tragedy both directly and indirectly. And for our country and those who are in charge of it and of getting those who are responsible.


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  3. ~Kathie

    ~Kathie Tinker Bell Fanatic

    Jan 2, 2000

    Sometimes the best medicine is a good cry. I watched so much coverage of the news yesterday that I finally had to change the channel. I turned on the Three Stooges. Mindless humor was just what I needed.

    What made me lose it was watching the thousands of people walking across the brigde out of Manhattan. Reminded me of the pictures of the Holocaust when the Jews were forced from their homes in Europe and were sent to the concentration camps. It's mind boggling.

    Today I was driving home and a very moving version of the Star Spangler Banner came on the radio. Again the tears came.

    I think it will take America a long time to get over the shock of this. I am very happy to have this DIS family as well as my own family and pray to God to comfort those who have lost members of their family to this terrible tradegy.

    God Bless America
  4. flyinglizard

    flyinglizard DIS Veteran

    Dec 3, 1999
    Connie & Kathie,

    I collect videos from Park Holiday broadcasts.

    Somewhere, I have a tape of a 4th of July special from WDW, that has Lee Greenwood singing "I'm Proud to Be an American". It made the hair on my arms stand up when I first heard it.

    I need to find that tape now.

    GOD Bless the USA...
  5. ~Kathie

    ~Kathie Tinker Bell Fanatic

    Jan 2, 2000

    That song always makes me cry. My cousin and brother in law were both activated during "Desert Storm" and that song was the troops theme song! it is very moving!

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