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A naive Aussie's PTR

Discussion in 'Disneyland Paris Trip Reports Board' started by zanzibar138, May 17, 2012.

  1. zanzibar138

    zanzibar138 New Member

    Reporting from Disneyland now! Woke up in Paris to a liberal covering of snow on the ground, in fact, our Eiffel Tower tour was cancelled due to the weather (the whole tower was closed to the public) so we climbed the Arc de Triomphe instead. The snow then followed us out to Disneyland and just kept getting heavier and heavier! By the time the parade was on it was snowing so much we could hardly see it lol! It's been lovely to have all this snow and to see Paris and Disneyland both with their winter coats on, but now I'd like the sun to come out please :rotfl:
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  3. PrincessInOz

    PrincessInOz <marquee><img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/sm

    How special to have snow. But I'm with you.....would be nice to see things with a bit of sun.
  4. netimka

    netimka New Member

    I was thinking about you when I saw picture with snow @ DLP... snow definitely is following you... hope you are enjoying it and keep warm... lots of hot chocolate and churros:coffee:
  5. zanzibar138

    zanzibar138 New Member

    Yes, it was pretty special PIO - even Dad said everything looked so magical covered in snow.

    Wait til you see my pictures lol! You can hardly see the parade for the snow!

    We had much better weather today. It was cloudy most of the day, but no snow/sleet/rain, and the sun did manage to shine through a couple of times. Was pretty cold waiting for/watching Dreams though, but totally worth it for the amazing show ::yes::
  6. netimka

    netimka New Member

    cannot wait... I bet you got thousands of them now:p
  7. zanzibar138

    zanzibar138 New Member

    Didn't get that many the first day since I didn't want to risk damaging my camera (yes, the snow was that heavy). But I took 336 yesterday :rotfl: Only 77 today though, but we only spent half a day there and didn't see any parades or shows.
  8. Minniemum

    Minniemum New Member

    With the snow that heavy, were all the rides still working?
  9. zanzibar138

    zanzibar138 New Member

    There were a fair few rides working Minniemum. We went on the teacups and Space Mountain. It's a Small World and Buzz Lightyear were definitely also going. We didn't really go too far afield that day, so I'm not sure what was affected in the other lands. I'm guessing that BTM would have been closed, and Indiana Jones, probably the treehouse as well due to the slippage factor. I was actually surprised that the parade still happened, and there was no sign of them cancelling Dreams either, though with the fog coming in like it was we wondered whether you would be able to actually see much so we didn't bother to stay knowing we would have more chances to watch it. The Molly Brown (paddle steamer) has been closed all week due to the weather.
  10. zanzibar138

    zanzibar138 New Member

    Well, that's it for DLP :sad1: I've had an awesome week and it was very sad leaving the park tonight after an encore viewing of Dreams. The only thing that helped get me through was the knowledge that in 2 days I will be at another Disney park :rotfl: Onwards to Hong Kong!
  11. maryr1oz

    maryr1oz New Member

    Glad to hear you're having fun, despite the snow! :thumbsup2

    Have a great trip back over this side of the globe...

    Can't wait to read your full report! :cheer2::cheer2::cheer2:
  12. Aussie Wendy

    Aussie Wendy New Member

    I'm also looking forward to reading your TR and seeing pics on your return-can't believe how quickly the time has gone.
  13. zanzibar138

    zanzibar138 New Member

    I've started my TR

    Will try to get something more exciting up soon!
  14. netimka

    netimka New Member

    Hope you had great time!!! off to read TR... I bet its going to be a big one after you finish with all these photoes from around europe and HK:love:

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