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A "hidden" attraction - Animation Academy

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by jwhtewolfd, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. jwhtewolfd

    jwhtewolfd Active Member

    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to give a heads up to anyone who likes to draw or has kids who like to draw. I did TONS of research for 5 months before we went in late September and I don't remember reading anything about this.

    If you do the Magic of Animation tour/attraction in Hollywood Studios, when you exit the Mushu lecture, be sure to take your time exploring the exit area. Not only are there interactive stations for coloring, sound, etc., you can meet Sorcerer Mickey and the Incredibles.

    But the one thing I did not see in all my research was the fact that there is a 20 minute animation lesson you can take that will teach you to draw a character. The entrance for the class is kind of inconspicuous. There is a small rope area with a couple of benches. There are large sketches on the wall with a sign "Animation Academy." It's right near the sign that says "exit to park" so it's easy to miss if you're focused on moving on to the next thing. We almost missed it. But I ended up going back several times.

    Some instructors are better than others, but if nothing else, it's cool, dark, sitting and rarely crowded (in September, at least).

    Here's what I learned:





    If you have any interest in animation or drawing, or are just curious to see how your Mickey would turn out, I encourage you to try it. This was one of those things that just grabbed me. I had no clue it existed and just happened upon it, but I will be sure to do it at least once each time we return.
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  3. EnnEss

    EnnEss Active Member

    Ya, this is a great attraction. I dont draw and am really bad at it but they walk you through it so well even I may a great winnie the pooh. I wish they'd cut the pre show though, they dont have it in anaheim, the pre show. Really small complaint though for a great attraction.
  4. Macca1111

    Macca1111 <font color=teal>I wish I were at WDW!<br><font co

    The entrance to it used to be much more obvious, so those of us who have been going forever forget to mention it I think. The layout of the whole pavilion in fact used to make much more sense, before it essentially became a meet and greet. That combined with the time factor may make people overlook it, but as you pointed out it's a great experience. We draw something every time we've been.
  5. jjpenguin

    jjpenguin <font color=red>A penguin with mouse ears & wooden

    I can stay there all day... you can also reach it by going in through the shop.

    Last time (2 weeks ago) we had a special class and drew Tink!
  6. disneydopey

    disneydopey Member

    Thanks for the info, never knew you could do this, will be giving it a try now though.:thumbsup2
  7. centurythree

    centurythree Active Member

    Wow, you're really talented! Mine didn't turn out anything like yours.

    I think that it's a great attraction, too, and my family goes there at least once a trip.
  8. duketennisgal

    duketennisgal Active Member

    I love animation academy. I've drawn Stich, Minnie, Mickey, Donald and Pluto. My Donald was oddly shaped but other than that I did a pretty good job, it was so much fun.

    I actually prefer the one in Disney Quest though, it's easier to correct your mistakes with the computer and it seems like they give you a bit more time.
  9. Lynn5700

    Lynn5700 <font color=darkorchid>WOO HOO I will be there<br>

    OHHH I know we just did this for the first time and loved it!!! I can't believe we never knew about it. We had Kathy as our teacher and thought she was the best!!! I will have pics in my TR.
  10. Nalla

    Nalla Disney Pup

    Love it! This is one of my favorite things to do at Disney. Last time I got to hang out with the artists a few times after the classes. Timmy is definetely my favorite, he even drew a picture of Stitch for me :D
  11. Lynn5700

    Lynn5700 <font color=darkorchid>WOO HOO I will be there<br>

    We never had Timmy....Kathy was cool. She gave Tim a personal class on Donald after the show and gave him the picture she drew. She was cool! We loved her personality too and she was the easiest to draw with. She helped you out a lot.
  12. 1000th happy haunt

    1000th happy haunt <font color=green>My source is knowledgable, but u

    DH and I have gone there twice. One time we did an angry Donald, and the other time we did Pooh. We'll have friends with us during the next trip, so we'll probably stop there again.
  13. princesswendy720

    princesswendy720 Active Member

    Dbf was a fine arts major in college so I'd love to bring him in here! I mentioned it to him and even though he's not a disney fan by any stretch, he already knew about it!
  14. mbcary

    mbcary <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    Is it free? Are there certain times in the day that the classes are offered?
  15. bradk

    bradk She runs to get away from you.

    yes, no additional charge. it runs continuously all day (starting at around 10 am I imagine)

    PRINCESS VIJA Viva Latvia!

    this sounds like fun, thanks for posting. I know BradK just said it runs continuously, but what time does it end? Because I think I would like to do this toward evening.
  17. bradk

    bradk She runs to get away from you.

    i also said all day :).. pretty sure it goes to park closing. so last show is probably half an hour before park closing.
  18. Twende

    Twende Best laid plans of Mouse and men.....

    You did some great sketches! We did it once and it was fun but mine look nothing like yours!:confused3 :lmao:
  19. ortholablady

    ortholablady Active Member

    Awesome job! I really enjoy that attraction too. Can't wait to go back and do more characters. Here's two that I've done.

  20. MichiganKris

    MichiganKris Member

    My 8 year old daughter will love being able to draw Disney Characters. We are going to have to stop here on our December trip.
  21. carolinagirl

    carolinagirl Mouseketeer<font color=9966ff><br>OK....I have dri

    Just a heads up...when we were there the last week of September, this attraction was only open Sunday-Wednesday. Or at least that is what the Times Guide said. Don't know if this is a common occurence or just happened the week we were there. If you don't want to miss this (and I would recommend that you don't), you might want to check the times guides to make sure it is opened.

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