A few days in Orlando, no major parks .... suggestions?

Discussion in 'Orlando Hotels and Attractions' started by U2_rocks!, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. U2_rocks!

    U2_rocks! <font color=coral>The DISer formerly known as U2_r

    Sep 7, 2006
    We may also opt to have no car and just take the bus or taxis (rental cars are expensive as we need to buy the CDW and SLI).

    Here are some of the possibilities so far, grouped by area (so we can figure out where to stay). Do you guys have any to add?


    - Wonderworks
    - Pointe Orlando
    - Titanic
    - shopping at Festival Bay, Mercado and Premium Outlets


    - DTD and access to Disney resorts
    - Crossroads
    - LBV Factory Outlets & Premium Outlets on Vineland

    Maingate East area:

    - Old Town/Fun Spot (with the only roller coaster outside a major park)

    I would like to brainstorm with the kids to figure out what they most want to do, and that will determine where we stay. Orlando is just a few days tacked onto a beach trip, and we don't need to do anything major (nor will we have much $$ to spend at that point!).
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  3. conniehar90

    conniehar90 DIS Veteran

    Apr 5, 2005
    I would skip Wonderworks. We went about 5 years ago and found it really run down.

    We hit the Disney mini golf courses this last trip and they were fun!
  4. U2_rocks!

    U2_rocks! <font color=coral>The DISer formerly known as U2_r

    Sep 7, 2006
    I didn't include them because they seem to be all over the place, and therefore won't influence our decision of where to stay - I know we will be close to one wherever we end up. Similarly I know we can find plenty of places to eat in the three areas I am looking at, so I am not really considering the restaurants either.
  5. TamaraQT

    TamaraQT Mouseketeer

    Apr 23, 2009
    Do you mind if I ask what is CDW and what is SLI and why do you HAVE to buy them ? I went to Disney in July for 10 days 7/18 - 7/28 and got a full size rental (Chevy Impala) for $139.16. If you are doing a beach vacation and only a day or two in Orlando, it may be worth considering the rental car IMHO.
  6. DVC California

    DVC California Good Old DVC

    Dec 22, 1999
    OP most likely does not have a personal auto policy and would need to buy coverage from the rental agency. Collision Damage Waiver and Supplemental Liability Insurance could add on as much as $30 per day ($210/week) for full coverage.

    But back to OP's question, we have done park less trips and have enjoyed the DTD area for shopping, dining and taking in a movie at the AMC.

    Enjoy, Steve :cool1:
  7. Bella the Ball 360

    Bella the Ball 360 Keyboarding is not my thing excuse typos.<br><font

    Jun 30, 2003
    Do not waste your time at Festival Bay there is literally nothing there. Most of the stores are empty.

    Buena Vista outlets are good ONLY if you want to go to the VF outlet otherwise they are not great either. If I am not mistaken there is a VF outlet on I drive near the Premium Outlets

    Pointe Orlando is okay if you want to go to the restaurants

    Downtown Disney.....go to Basin they are a great bath place and if you are lucky they will have grab bags on for sale. They range between 10-15 and they have 30-50 worth of cute soaps in them. The soap itself is 8 a bar but the scrubs are great. Also if you go to DTD , go to T REx be sure and sign up for the Landry's club and then you will have no wait to get it well worth it. It costs 25.oo but they send you a 25.00 GC so it is really a wash. On your b day they send you a 25.00 gc also.

    Would you be interested in driving an hour or so? If so go to St. Augustine. It is great! There are also two huge outlet malls there and St. George ST is the oldest street in the country. You can also climb the haunted light house (get tickets on line to save). Don't bother with ghost tours they are a waste there.
  8. ExpatDisneyLover

    ExpatDisneyLover DIS Veteran

    Jan 1, 2009
    I have stayed in the SeaWorld area for a longer stay and I would say I recommend this area. It is quiet and relaxing - very convenient to International Drive, Disney and the airport via I drive trolley and Lynx bus #8 or #111 from the airport - but without the crowded feel of the more Northern part of I Drive. Lot's of hotels in the area -SeaWorld/Convention center. Shopping, entertainment, and even Disney all very accessible.

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