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5 Day wonder Navigators

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by rance, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. rance

    rance New Member

    sorry I dont have all of them and this is my forst picture upload so hope it works.


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  3. dibond38

    dibond38 New Member

    Thanks so much for posting these. We are leaving on Saturday and I am really excited to see the schedule.

    Anyone out there with other days???
  4. rance

    rance New Member

  5. rance

    rance New Member

  6. Melissa S

    Melissa S New Member

    Thank you for posting these! I am disappointed that Toy Story is performed during Pirate Night. We usually skip the show and nap so we can stay up for the fireworks. On our past cruises it was a movie or performer not a main show. Since Toy Story is unique to the Wonder we haven't seen it yet and can't miss it.
  7. rance

    rance New Member

    Ya not to mention its also a port day. Kids were so tired after swimming all day in port they were too tired to stay up.
  8. ImprovGal

    ImprovGal <font color=green>No animals were harmed in the ma

    Thank you for posting these! I'm thrilled to see there's a Pub Night on the 5-night. :)
  9. GetGlowing

    GetGlowing New Member

    Thanks! Are there any champagne tastings on this itinerary, or are they all wine tastings?
  10. micheleq

    micheleq New Member

    Thank you for posting!
  11. faith&ali'smom

    faith&ali'smom New Member

    I'm so excited for my upcoming cruise! Thanks for posting this!
  12. micheleq

    micheleq New Member

    Sorry, another question -- was Beach Blanket Buffet open at all for dinner during the cruise? We have late seating and I think at least one night we'd like to try BBB for dinner if that is an option.

  13. Elangen

    Elangen New Member

    Ok, hopefully this will work. Click *here* for the navigators, I saved them in order. Also included is the schedule of movies, the tv guide (with the movies showing on tv), panorama of the mickey pool and the model cabana we received for reserving a cabana.

    There was a champagne tasting, I think it was Tuesday.
  14. Elangen

    Elangen New Member

    The last page of the day's navigator gives you the day's times for each restaurant. Some days it was, some days it wasn't.
  15. Elangen

    Elangen New Member

    Yup, we missed Toy Story. Too much going on. I will say I was pretty impressed with the shows. Hanging around these boards, I expected them to be terrible. lol.
  16. rance

    rance New Member

    Me too. I thought shows were good. Especially golden mickeys. My kids loved the shows.
  17. brianvdb

    brianvdb New Member

    Yes... Here are the tastings from the 1/5 sailing:

    Day 2 (at sea) - wine, mixology, martini, tequila/magarita, cognac
    Day 3 (Cozumel) - domestic beer
    Day 4 (at sea) - champagne/sparkling wine, martini, international beer, bourbon, whiskey
  18. Bethann1959

    Bethann1959 New Member

    Sooooooo excited! 1st Disney cruise this Saturday! Thanks for posting navigators!
  19. fredgirls

    fredgirls New Member

    Thanks so much to all those who posted navigators etc.!
    We really appreciate that you took the time. thank you :goodvibes
  20. GetGlowing

    GetGlowing New Member

    Thank you! Mom and I did a whisky tasking on our Magic cruise. (Was fun, then a bachelor party of 5 guys came in last minute and really livened up the session.) And I enjoyed champagne brunch at Remy on the Dream so much that I'm ready for more champagne, minus the brunch. lol! !!
  21. brianvdb

    brianvdb New Member

    No problem. We've done tequila/margarita, wine, martini, and international beer. All have been a lot of fun and well worth the money! We were hoping to get to whiskey and mixology this time, but didn't make it. :( Next time. :thumbsup2

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