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    Oct 7, 2007
    Hi all this is our Nov/Dec 2013 PTR.

    As you may have guessed based on the title we are flying from down under, Melbourne to be exact. For those who don't now Melbourne is at the bottom of the east coast of Australia. We are the 2nd largest Australian city (Population approx 4 million people) and for the past few years we have been rated the most livable city in the world in a number of various global surveys.

    Some introductions:

    Me a 47 year old accountant and disney lover. I love watching disney documentaries and have about 40 of them now on our media box. I especially love the planning side of our trips having developed a pretty intense spreadsheet which includes budgeting tool and DDP calculators. The DDP calculators calculate the credits used for ADRs as well as average and maximum price of each restaurant to work out the best value for our credits.

    DW is a 44 teacher who likes and tolerates our disney adventures. She is the calming influence when things get hectic and the on the ground general and organiser. She hates fast rides and drops but is happy to hold onto the bags and wait for us to ride. A big contradiction is her favourite ride, Dinosaur??? Go figure?

    DW also acts as my agent hiring me out to friends and family, anyone going to WDW or DL who need some help or advise planning their trips.

    Eldest DD is 14 and still lives disney. I love the fact while most of her school frineds were getting tickets to Justin Beiber and One Direction concerts her friends were going to Disney on Ice. She is like her mum but funny thing with her is she loves splash mountain.

    Our youngest DD is 11 and lives Disney. She is the only one who will snuggle up on the couch and watch a Disney World documentary. She loves all the rides even the ones I hate (ToT).

    This is our third trip to both DL and WDW as a family. I have been a few other times whilst in the USA on business.

    Out plan this trip is to fly out of Melbourne on 30 Nov at 11.30am on Qantas. We arrive at LAX on 30 Nov at 6.30am US time.

    We have 4 nights at Grand Californian before flying out to Orlando.

    In Orlando we are doing a split stay 6 days at the Yacht Club and 6 Days at WL.

    After Orlando we have 4 nights in New York staying at the Muse just off Times Square. From there we head back to LA before flying back to Melbourne in time for Christmas.

    Coming soon all our ADR's, touring plans as well as some of the dramas along the way.
  2. DizOz

    DizOz DIS Veteran

    Oct 7, 2007
    After months of pouring over menus and reviews as well as many changes of mind here are our ADR's for WDW:

    Day 1 Fulton's Crab House - Dinner (Whilst the food is OK the past 2 times I just love the setting)

    Day 2 San Angel Inn - Lunch (DW loves this place. To me its refuge from the bright Florida sun and heat) and Teppan Edo - Dinner (DD's love it)

    Day 3 Tusker House - Breakfast (Love the characters and the food. I really love the punch I had here last time ta lunch), Flame Tree (I love their ribs. DD was scared stiff of the birds on our 1st trip. I came back from getting the food to find her on the table and a flock of birds surrounding her) and Monsieur Paul - Dinner (First time here but I do love snails)

    Day 4 Liberty Inn - Lunch (never been so we wanted to try it. We don't have turkey much in Australia so would love to try it) and Yachtsman Steakhouse - Dinner (I love a good steak and we have had a few great meals here in the past)

    Day 5 50's Prime Time - Lunch (DD's wanted to try this, I am sure they want to get told off for having their elbows on the table) and Brown Derby - Dinner (Have done this twice and haven't had a bad meal yet

    Day 6 Flying Fish - Dinner (We have been here twice and both times over an hour late but got seated with great food. The red snapper is one of my favorite meals along with the banana napoleon)

    Day 7 Biergarten - Lunch (I love a good beer and haven't tried it in the past) and Le Cellier - Dinner (See Yachtsman Steakhouse, also dying to try the cheddar soup)

    Day 8 Crystal Palace - Breakfast (DD's loved it when we went to dinner here on our first trip) and Citricos (Looks good and great reviews)

    Day 9 House of Blues (What's better than good food, a cold drink and great music) and Artist Point (Portobello Soup, enough said)

    Day 10 Rainforest Café at AK (Just for the surroundings) - Lunch and Jiko - Dinner (DW favourite WDW restaurant)

    Day 11 Private Dining experience on balcony at Grand Floridian for our anniversary. We have had to pre-order our 5 course meal as well as drinks which is a little odd but looking forward to it.

    Day 12 Narcoosees - Dinner (DD's did this last trip with friends and loved it)

    Day 13 1900 Park fare (Another character meal) and Hoop Dee Doo (We loved this on our last trip and all 4 of us wanted to do it again this trip)

    Day 14 Chefs De France - lunch (See Monsieur Paul) and California Grill - Dinner (The view and good food)

    Day 15 Whispering canyon - breakfast (Our tradition on checking out)
  3. LB1122

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    Mar 30, 2013
    What fun fun fun times you have started planning. I have made the flight to Australia (around 11 years old actually) and so understand the time, but you are coming to Disney so it will be worth it.

    You will be there right before us and are eating at several of the same places as we will be staying at WL as well. This Portobello soup at Artist Point sounds like a must try for me Christmas Night!

    Looking forward t hearing more.
  4. DizOz

    DizOz DIS Veteran

    Oct 7, 2007
    Hi LB,

    The flight between the US and Australia is a lot more comfortable these days especially on the new A380 planes. The entertainment systems and better seating makes the journey much more tolerable.

    Excited to hear you will be there just after us, we'll try not to damage the place too much. As for Artist Point I love the soup although my DW found it too rich and filling and spoilt the rest of her meal. I could think of nothing better than Artist Point Christmas evening.

    Hope you have a great trip, the days are ticking away fast.:hourglass

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