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2013 Dining Plan Fantasmic Dinner Package

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by Blackbeltdisneygirl, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Blackbeltdisneygirl

    Blackbeltdisneygirl Disney obsessed and proud of it!!!

    Hi everyone! I did a couple searches on this and did not find anything about it for the 2013 dining package. We usually do the FDP at HS when we go to WDW. Last year we ate at Mama Melrose, and it was fantastic. When I booked it for our trip in April 2013, I noticed it said on the confirmation sheet "Select Disney Dining Plans not accepted". I was hoping that it didn't mean the regular dining plan. I am going to call about it tomorrow, but I thought I would see if anyone has done the package in 2013 with the dining plan before I call. Was it covered under the regular plan still? We were able to do it in September of 2012. Thank you!
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  3. purple figment

    purple figment New Member

    I assume it's referring to the fact that you cannot use credits from the CS plan. You can use credits from the DDP and the DxDDP.
  4. Xclusive2WDW

    Xclusive2WDW New Member

    You can still use DDP for Mama Melrose as long as you have TS credits to cover it. I noticed in your title though, you mention the Fantasmic! pkg, you cannot use any DDP with the package to mt knowledge. Hope this helps
  5. Blackbeltdisneygirl

    Blackbeltdisneygirl Disney obsessed and proud of it!!!

    Cool! Thanks! I was thinking (and hoping) the same thing! I had never seen it before and I've made tons of reservations in the past, so I was afraid they changed it!

    Ok, I am confused again b/c Purple Figment just said it is covered. :confused3 Did you have any knowledge of it being covered in years past? It was, so I just wondered if you had never used DDP for it before. I have used it twice. I guess I can clear it all up by calling, but I hope PF is correct!!! We love the convenience!!!

    Thanks for the answers!!
  6. Chuckers

    Chuckers Missing my day trips to Disneyland :(

    I just booked a fantasmic dining package for hollywood and vine in May. It's covered as a TS credit, but I did have to leave a credit card as a guarantee.
  7. TriniandBre

    TriniandBre New Member

    I got this info for you from allears.net: :thumbsup2

    What is the Fantasmic! Dining Experience?

    The Fantasmic! Dining Experience includes dinner at one of the participating Disney's Hollywood Studios restaurants and reserved seating in the Fantasmic! amphitheater. As of this writing, only Brown Derby, Mama Melrose, and Hollywood & Vine are participating.

    This means that instead of waiting in line for 60-90 minutes outside the theater, you can walk right up to the theater 30-45 minutes before show time, (no waiting in a long line!) and still have a seat.

    Is there a charge for the package?

    There is no additional charge for the package itself. However, the package, which includes the Fantasmic! seating pass, MUST be guaranteed at the time of booking with a credit card, and a $10 cancellation fee applies if not cancelled at least 48 hours beforehand.

    As of June 2009, you may order from the Brown Derby a la carte menu.

    Mama Melrose $32.99 adult/$11.99 child (3-9) not including admission, tax, and gratuity -- Dinner package is price fixe: appetizer, dinner, dessert and non-alcoholic beverage.

    Hollywood & Vine $26.99 adult/$13.99 child (3-9) not including admission, tax, and gratuity (no characters). All you care to eat buffet. Choose from a number of selections including; oven-roasted Prime Rib, Citrus Baked Chicken, Pan-seared Salmon, and Stir-Fry Noodles with Sesame. Also includes fresh salads and build your own ice cream/dessert bar. Adult beverages NOT included. Child's meal includes beverage.

    All packages include a special pass for seating at that night's Fantasmic! and dinner at the restaurant chosen.

    Report to your restaurant 10 minutes before your Fantasmic! Dining Experience Reservation, and you'll receive your special Fantasmic! seating pass at that time. Theme park admission is NOT included.

    Can I Use the Magic Your Way Dining Plan with the Fantasmic Dining Experience?

    Yes, the Magic Your Way Dining Plan can be used to purchase a Fantasmic Dining Experience. You can also get the Fantasmic Dining Experience if you have the Magic Your Way Premium Package or the Platinum Package.

    Hollywood & Vine and Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano both count as one Table Service meal for the Dining Plan, while the Brown Derby counts as a Signature experience, or two Table Service meals.

    When you call to make a reservation, your credit card number will be taken, but the charge won't be put through (unless you are a no-show, or do not cancel at least 48 hours before your dining date). You will pay with your Magic Your Way Dining Plan when you dine, just as you would for any meal.
  8. aaarcher86

    aaarcher86 New Member

    You can do the Fantasmic package with the dining plan. If you couldn't there would be no use mentioning that it costs 1 TS credit :thumbsup2

    I booked the package at MM for February using the DXDP.
  9. Blackbeltdisneygirl

    Blackbeltdisneygirl Disney obsessed and proud of it!!!

    Chuckers...I think we have talked in the past on the tips forum! Long time no "see"! Yeah, I booked it and had to leave a guarantee as well! I will explain below why my confusion has been present!

    Thanks for that! I saw this too as I use Allears for a lot of information. My only problem with it was that it hadn't been updated since 2010!!! I used the DDP on the FDP in 2011 and 2012, but now the wording is so weird on the website, so it is making me question it!

    Here's a little bit more information about why it is making me question it: Even though it does mention in the guest policies section that if it is applicable it would be one TS, every other confirmation sheet I have has the words: "Select Disney Dining Plans Accepted" on the righthand side, whereas for the Fantasmic Dinner Pkg one says: "Select Disney Dining Plans Not Accepted." I find that weird. The other thing that made me question it was that when I put the filter into the reservations page that says: "2013 Dining plan" (so it should only show the restaurants that accept the dining plan), the FDP disappears. If I take that filter out, it comes back.

    Hopefully you all see why it is making me wonder if it is covered! This page is just so different than all my other ones. Then there is the filter thing to consider too. I have just been too lazy to call Disney and deal with the automated system, plus I was sick today. :sick: Boo.

    I appreciate all of you weighing in. I am going to assume it is covered under the dining plan and keep my reservation. I will call them soon to confirm and let you all know for sure. The whole website is a pain in my rear.:headache:
  10. purple figment

    purple figment New Member

    The fact that adding or removing a filter changes the information on the website is probably just another one of the glitches on the new website.

    If the F!DP is no longer included this year someone would have reported it to the disboards.
  11. TriniandBre

    TriniandBre New Member

    Yeah let us know when you find out because I'm planning on using the DxDP for a Fantasmic dinner package at Hollywood and Vine. :)
  12. aaarcher86

    aaarcher86 New Member

    I'd assume that's because the QSDP doesn't have any TS credits that can be applied to that reservation.

    But that website is nutty anyway :rotfl: Just go with the actual brochure on the DDP for what is covered and what isn't. The website was showing 2QS credits on the regular DP for awhile and got everyone excited!!
  13. Chuckers

    Chuckers Missing my day trips to Disneyland :(

    Yes we have :) I am one of those people who's only on the boards when I have a vacation coming up and then I am off them when I get back because it's too depressing to see everyone else planning their's when mine is over ;)
  14. kbuck

    kbuck New Member

    I booked my FDP online and saw the quote about not accepted by all dining plans so I called Disney to see what was up. They confirmed it is on the DDP.

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  15. Blackbeltdisneygirl

    Blackbeltdisneygirl Disney obsessed and proud of it!!!

    The new site is very quirky. Drives me crazy. I am getting used to it, but it is so darn SLOW!!!! :badpc:

    Looks like I don't have to call! Someone else did the work for me!!

    Right!??! I think that deserves another: :badpc:!!! I did hear something about the 2 QS thing at one time. I always go with the regular DDP, so I wasn't one of the ones who got excited, but I could see how that would be good news! I always think I am going to get QS on the next trip to cut down on reservations, but then I plan a new trip and immediately want the TS meals again! :confused3

    Thought that was you! I think we talked about Sketchers! They were a terrible mistake for me, but I am glad some people have gotten relief from them. Glad you're back on the dis though! I was off for a while b/c I got flamed hardcore for standing up for someone in a thread. It was brutal. :furious: But...I can't let them beat me, so here I am again! We are going to POR in April! I see you will be there a little bit after us! Awesome! I love POR!!!!!

    This is just what I was hoping to hear!!! Yay!! Thank you! I am so glad someone else thought it was odd and called. I usually don't mind calling, but really just did not want to do it.

    Thanks everyone! You all rock!!!:banana:
  16. Chuckers

    Chuckers Missing my day trips to Disneyland :(

    I am SO sorry about the Sketchers.. I still love and wear mine.. all 10 pairs. I look forward to your trip report.. it will be my first stay at POR and I am really looking forward to it.
  17. aaarcher86

    aaarcher86 New Member

    Just wanted to update on this... on the website I came across the 'some dining plans accepted' verbiage with 1900 Parkfare. It doesn't look like one, but that sentence IS a clickable link. When you click it, it gives you a chart of which DPs will work and how many credits it will be.

    QSDP is marked off and the rest say 1, so I think it's just saying that because of the QSDP, but if you're worried click on it to take a peak :thumbsup2
  18. Blackbeltdisneygirl

    Blackbeltdisneygirl Disney obsessed and proud of it!!!

    Good job noticing that. I was able to click on it and saw what dining plans were covered for the restaurant. I already knew the actual restaurant was covered b/c when the fantasmic packages disappeared, the regular restaurant ressies for the three restaurants that participate stayed there. However, this information helps me feel more at ease about whether or not it is covered. Between this and the fact that someone called helps me a lot! Thanks for figuring that out! I hadn't been to the actual information page for MM, so I didn't know it was a clickable link. That helps! The new website bites. I want to make payments, and I think I am going to have to call since I booked today online!
  19. aaarcher86

    aaarcher86 New Member

    Yeah, I just came across it by total fluke and remembered this thread!

    You'll definitely have to call to make another payment - no way on the new website :( Not a fan of most of it.
  20. visitingapril09

    visitingapril09 New Member

    Can I confirm that even though you can't click on the select disney dining plans not accepted........that the package is? I was coming here to find out because I want to make sure it is on the plan!

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