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2012 Beach and Yacht FAQ, Part 3- Don't Post Here!!! New Thread, November 2012

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by natebenma, Aug 5, 2012.

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  1. hill6

    hill6 DIS Veteran

    Oct 23, 2007

    We were there in Mid July and I didn't see it anywhere.
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  3. pixarmom

    pixarmom DIS Veteran

    Oct 20, 2009
    Thanks again, Dee! A threadwarming gift for you: :flower3:
  4. chocolateMinnie

    chocolateMinnie DIS Veteran

    Jul 1, 2008
    love the old thread -can't wait for the new - thanks for all the info :goodvibes:
  5. micknme

    micknme Mouseketeer

    Jul 24, 2009
    Thanks so much Dee. I don't know what I would do without my BC/YC hourly fix!
  6. goofyredraider

    goofyredraider DIS Veteran

    Jun 12, 2011
    New thread, and new vacation booked! We'll be heading back to BC in June of next year...LOVE IT!
    Thanks for all your hard work on this thread!
  7. Me!Thatswho

    Me!Thatswho Mouseketeer

    Feb 13, 2007
    Awesome work on the new thread! Figured I had better subscribe now while it's only three pages long.

    And, also checking in to say that we're down to 12 days before our first visit to the BC! Can't wait!

    For anyone currently there, any interesting BC updates or news?
  8. Couchy

    Couchy DIS Veteran

    Nov 8, 2011
    New thread ! Feel a little bad, haven't been doing live updates :rolleyes1
    Too much time in the sun has fried my brain.
    It has been great. Afternoon shower like clockwork but they are quick and painless. Last night went to SAB for the first time At night . So relaxing
    Hubby just told me to get off the dis cause we are at the world:rolleyes:
  9. natebenma

    natebenma DIS Veteran

    Jul 19, 2008
    We'll forgive you! Just make sure you let us know all about the trip when you get back.
  10. TeenaS

    TeenaS DIS Veteran

    Aug 31, 2000
    Thanks for all that you do for all of us!
  11. TeenaS

    TeenaS DIS Veteran

    Aug 31, 2000
    Feel free ... keep in mind I'll be away from my computer and at the Y&B starting this Tuesday until sometime on Friday ... so if I don't answer your PM that's why.
  12. TeenaS

    TeenaS DIS Veteran

    Aug 31, 2000
    You going to be there on Tuesday? Will we see you at SAB?
  13. TeenaS

    TeenaS DIS Veteran

    Aug 31, 2000
    Dee ... can you change my trip on Tuesday. Princess Lily, Bob, Jeanne and I are staying BC CL!!
  14. MinnieTink

    MinnieTink DIS Veteran

    Mar 29, 2007
    Subbing in to the new thread too... Only 19 more days to go:cool1:
  15. Lalabubbles

    Lalabubbles Mouseketeer

    Nov 16, 2011
    The new thread looks great! Thanks for all your hard work Dee :thumbsup2
  16. MickeyT

    MickeyT DIS Veteran

    Apr 16, 2006
    September 2012:tiptoe:

    Lulu'sMom- Sept YC CL (Bouncing Back)
    hotmamac Sept BC
    LJD2143 Sept BCV 2BR
    princesspyc Sept BC
    VAfamily1998 Sept YC CL
    Plum85 Sept YC
    marianos Sept
    sammysmom Sept YC (40th BD celebration)

    MaxTheHorse Sept 1-8 YC
    iluvpluto27 Sept 2 - Sept 14 BC (taking parents & sister's family for first Disney Trip!)
    chaoscent Sept 2-9 BCV (Pin Trading event)
    P'colaBeachBum Sept 6 BC (1 night)
    Susan121302 Sept 7-15 BCV studio
    Lifeisgood1 Sept 8-11 BC
    footballmouse Sept 8-13 BC
    Dadof3Darlings Sept 8-14 BC
    Koh1977 Sept 8-15 BC
    BlovesC Sept 9-12 BC CL (DH Birthday)
    tsme Sept 9-16 BC
    Plum85 Sept 12-14 YC
    *~PrincessBelle~* Sept 14-17 BC
    tink15823 Sept 14-22 BC
    babyberger Sept 15-17 YC
    Jrabbit910 Sept 16-20 BC
    ZehnJahren Sept 16-19 YC (Stays at ASsp 9/15, 9/19-21)
    hailbug Sept 16-22 YC
    jaysonleah Sept 16-23 BCV (split stay after AKL)
    Andona Sept 18-20 BC GV
    Missoutandabout Sept 19-23 BC
    chrisbris Sept 20-28 BC
    Lalabubbles Sept 20-29 BC GV (following one night stay at AoA- Little Mermaid)
    wendywoo Sept 20-30 BC CL
    DSDisney Sept 21-24 YC CL (35th Anniversary, split stay with CR 9/24-28)
    cindydare Sept 21-27 BC CL SV
    deegack Sept 21-29 BCV
    mrmdisneyfl Sept 21-Oct 3 BC CL
    Welcome Home Sept 22-?? BC
    LJD2143 Sept 22-29 BCV 2BR
    wishinon3stars Sept 23-29 BCV and BC
    Ellyoz Sept 23-Oct 5 BC (First trip to US- that's the country, not the theme park!)
    Angel16 Sept 24-30 BC CL (30th anniversary)
    capeseal Sept 24-30 YC
    dawnbu40 Sept 25-27 YC, Oct 1-2 BC (CSR in between)
    Sam345 Sept 25-29 YC (then AoA)
    disneyxo Sept 26-Oct 1 YC
    goodferry Sept 27-Oct 1 BC (then BWV until Oct 7)
    kariw Sept 27-Oct 6 BC
    DrMomof3 Sept 28-Oct 1 BC
    tink15823 Sept 28-Oct 7 BC
    M likes the Mouse Sept 28-Oct 7 BC GV
    DrewMommy Sept 29-Oct 7 BC GV
    Pangela Sept 29-Oct 7 BCV

    October 2012pirate:princess:

    Princess_K Oct BC (wedding)
    pmdeve Food & Wine
    AmeliaPond BC Food & Wine

    vikkii19 Oct 1-7 BCV 1BR
    aurora72 Oct 1-7 YC CL
    BooToYou7 Oct 2-6 BCV (following stay at Swan 9/9-10/2)
    P'colaBeachBum Oct 3-4 YC Food & Wine
    Missyrose Oct 3-6 BCV
    gwynne Oct 3-8 YC CL LV
    carlabellaxox Oct 4-9 YC (Birthday celebration)
    RobynPrincess Oct 4-11 BC (DH 30th BD)
    Kteacher Oct 5-9 BC
    pixarmom Oct 6-9 BC/CR
    LisaCM614 Oct 6-10 BC
    Hopefully Oct 6-13 BCV
    vinotinto Oct 6-13 BC (taking Mom on her first WDW trip!)
    Wenny Oct 6-13 BCV
    glocon Oct 8-9 BC CL
    skepace Oct 9-15 YC CL SV
    K&C Oct 9-15 YC WV
    dpmfloyd Oct 10-13 BCV (Honeymoon)
    west&east Oct 12-14 BC (celebrating BD with F&W)
    jenneth79 Oct 13-17 YC CL (then Grand Floridian and Boardwalk Inn)
    ppony Oct 13-17 BCV 2BR (split with AKV-CL and THV possibly)
    NMBCFangirl Oct 13-20
    janinev7 Oct 13-20 BCV 1 BR
    naf917 Oct 13-20 BCV
    jseargent Oct 13-21 BC (Club Level Surprise)
    dheinz Oct 14-19 BC
    MelaBella Oct 14-21 BC GV (after AKL split)
    ZombieDoofus Oct 14-26 BCV studio BFF trip
    msylvester01 Oct 15-19 BCV
    babyberger Oct 19-21 YC
    The Tabasco Kid Oct 20-25 YC
    summersalt Oct 21-26 YC CL
    pumpkinfish Oct 21-28 BCV 2BR
    micknme Oct 21-Nov 1 YC CL
    AimeeMichele Oct 22-27 BC (Surprise Trip)
    JerseyGirl53 Oct 24-30 YC CL
    aVASTGrl Oct 26-Nov 1 YC (solo trip for 30th BD, Halloween, Food & Wine)
    ChildAtHeart82 Oct 26-Nov 2 YC WV
    jeanf11 Oct 26-Nov 3 YC GV
    kelleigh1 Oct 27-Nov 3 YC GV
    Disneylover83 Oct 27-Nov 3 BC
    chocolateMinnie Oct 27-Nov 3 BC
    Abharmagic Oct 27-Nov 4 BC
    LoveBeingSAHM Oct 28-Nov 4 BC
    pmdeve Oct 28-Nov 5 BC GV
    KRiegler Oct 30-Nov 3 BC (First trip for kids)
    clarabel Oct 30-Nov 13 YC
    aVASTGrl Halloween YC
    BCV23 Oct/Nov BCV


    janinev7 Nov
    WendyWuWu Nov YC
    Fall1 Nov BCV
    goofy78 Nov BC

    Couchy Nov 1-4 BC First F&W
    cocoabean1 Nov 2-7 YC CL
    holden Nov 2-10 BC WV
    Loca Roja Nov 3-10 BCV
    Nole95 Nov 8-11 BC (Wine & Dine Half Marathon, first stay)
    RobinHoodGirl Nov 8-14 BC WV (Birthday celebration)
    OrangeCat04 Nov 9-16 BC
    Roma Nov 11-15 BC
    homeatssr Nov 11-17 BCV
    RhettsMom Nov 11-18 BCV
    forr2grls Nov 12-19 BC (Girls only trip!)
    blueeyesrnc Nov 20-25 BCV
    Akess Nov 20-27 BC
    Gymbomom- Thanksgiving
    LaurieN Nov 25-Dec 1 BC CL GV (after split stay with AoA Cars Suite, 11/22-11/25)
    Nancyg56 Nov 22-Dec 1 BC CL
    travelgoddess Nov 22-Dec 1 BC CL
    milmore104 Nov 23-Dec 4 BC (Celebrating Grandma and 15th anniversary)
    spacy9 Nov 28-Dec 6 BC CL GV
    chefmb Nov 29-Dec 4 BC
    sndral Nov 30-Dec 9 YC

    December 2012 :santa:

    tofubeast Dec BCV
    jenij Dec YC GV (10th Anniversary)
    QueenElinor Dec YC
    sndral Nov 30-Dec 9 YC
    ClareH37 Dec 1-8 YC CL
    Steph H Dec 1-8 YC CL
    WDWRocksMySocks Dec 2-8 BCV (30th BD Celebration)
    JoshMom5 Dec 2-8 BC
    NinjaMom Dec 9-16 BC
    333disneymom Dec 9-16 BCV
    jcondrad Dec 9-17 YC LV CL
    Debbart Dec 10-20
    jasec2 Dec 12-16 BC
    *Dreamin'Dad* Dec 16-23 BCV 2BR
    M&C Dec 25-Jan 3 BC

    January 2013 :smickey:

    Disney0010 Jan BC
    Roccosmom Jan BCV 2BR
    T&G1994 Jan 4-9 YC CL
    MickeyT and Crazy Sisters Jan 10-14 BCV (5th Annual Marathon Trip)
    Rikkilee Jan 13-18 BC 18th BD
    mariamouse Jan 18-23 BCV
    LoriJune Jan 19-26 BC
    reking96 Jan 26-Feb 1 BC
    PxyShan Jan 31-Feb 4 YC
    WsPrincess Feb 22-25 BCV race weekend
    InNeverlandWithPan Feb 18-24 BCV studio (Disneymoon, pre Dream cruise stay, AoA 2/17)
    BCV23 March BCV
    JulieT3 March BC (maybe)
    Tisha_PA March 7-16 BCV (7th BD for twin boys)
    Fall1 April BCV
    LittleStinkerbelle April BC (and POR)
    CT Disney April 13-20 YC CL GV
    john64 April 15-?? BCV
    NemoLeo April 20-26 YC
    jad215 April 25-May 4 BCV
    disneydee6 May(be) BC
    gingerale82 May 4-9 BC
    ocalla May 30-June 6 BC?
    goofyredraider June BC
    asaj June 9-15 BC GV
    scottmel June 18-25 BC
    dandydad12 June 22-30 BC (Then Tree House Villas for DGD 1st trip)
    dd53 June 23-27 BC (6/18-23 POR)
    wdisneyaholic July 25-Aug 4 YC CL
    vyrg August YC (Our friend from France)
    franc Aug
    Avenger117 YC (Disney honeymoom)
    Disney-Partyof5 Aug 16-30 BC
    StayCool Aug 18-24 BC
    WDW4us2006 Aug 18-??? BC Bounceback
    Claire Bear Aug 21-30 YC
    Feckless Sept (ToT 10 mile race)
    brerdawg Sept
    thestevied Sept 21-Oct 5
    Nicnic October (14 nights!)
    Ciorsdah November YC
    goofy78 November BC
    cocoabean1 Dec 8-Dec 15 YC CL (after 1 night POP)

    February 2013 :lovestruc

    March 2013:shamrock:

    April 2013 :umbrella:
    jad215 BCV April 25- May 4

    May 2013:flower:

    December 2013 :santa:
  17. Pinkgirl

    Pinkgirl DIS Veteran

    Feb 20, 2011
    LOL no! On the TV doing the ironing :rotfl: The covereage of the Olympics has been amazing here in the UK. The BBC have 40+ channels on the go that you can choose from to watch whatever if happening live at the time. Unfortunately they dont all have commentary so I still have no idea what Handball is all about.
  18. dandydad12

    dandydad12 Mouseketeer

    May 6, 2007
    Dee Thank you for all the hard work and dedication that you put into this fourm and how much I truly enjoy it :)
  19. MickeyT

    MickeyT DIS Veteran

    Apr 16, 2006
    :banana::banana::banana::dancer::dancer::dancer: :banana::banana::banana:

    Great news....Enjoy!
  20. Couchy

    Couchy DIS Veteran

    Nov 8, 2011
    Raining right now and Dh is in the shower so I can sneak in some DIS time:lmao: tried a new drink today- poolside plunge, it pretty much tastes like raspberry lemonade. Yum
    Cape may opened up this morning so the lobby is busy again in the morning . Olympics are watched b many at night at crews cup and Martha's vineyard.
    Crowds were light on Friday but seem to be picking up. I took some pics but can't figure out how to post from my phone so they will have to wait.

    Depends On when u get here. We fly out sat but if u guys are here before 3 I may get a chance to say hello to u and the princess:bride:
    Congrats on CL and have fun
  21. TeenaS

    TeenaS DIS Veteran

    Aug 31, 2000
    We'll be arriving around 9 AM on Tuesday ... in time for a quick breakfast up in the lounge and should be at the pool when it opens at 10 AM. I imagine we'll stay at SAB until the Princess totally passes out from fun in the sun or until we decide enough fun in the sun for her. We hope to get her to nap before dinner each day.
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