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2 singles or a double?

Discussion in 'Disney for Families' started by lolobug, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. lolobug

    lolobug New Member

    This is my first trip to Disney. I have a 4 year old and a 19 month old, both get tired and require down-time in the stroller. Do I bring my double BOB revolution stroller or 2 umbrellas? Thanks!
    BTW.. We are staying on property (prbly contemporary resort) without a vehicle. I will check my double at the airport and was told it will be shuttled directly to my resort w the magical shuttle, yes?
    I also have a bob single.
    If so, I won't need to worry about carting it around in the airport. Suggestions?
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  3. Missy13d69

    Missy13d69 New Member

    I think I would go with the double if it will be just you, your SO and your kids. If the little one happens to go to sleep and one adult is left with them while the other rides a ride with the older child, it could be a chore trying to juggle 2 strollers. If there are more people in the party, 2 smaller strollers would be ok, but you may want to think about how good they are for napping if you are doing full park days. Good luck!
  4. SAT887

    SAT887 New Member

    I would go with the double. You guys could trade off here and there which is always nice! Also I bought a Maclaren double on Craigslist just for travel- spent very little $$ however it's lightweight and a double umbrella style stroller. The money I spent paid for itself in one trip...
  5. Julie711

    Julie711 DIS Veteran

    I would go with the double. I have a 4 1/2 year old & at time of next month trip 12 month old. We are taking our sit n stand deluxe stroller. This way ds (12 month old) will sit in front and dd can either sit or we can remove the seat and she can sit or stand!!
    Have a good trip!!
  6. LilnStitchy

    LilnStitchy New Member

    We thought hard about this too. We decided to go with two umbrella strollers instead of renting or bringing our Phil and Ted. We have grandparents with us so there are more hands and a high likelihood that they'll take a kid while we take the other. otherwise the double would have been my choice.

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  7. theduhaimes

    theduhaimes New Member

    My husband and I just went through this decision for our trip in December. We decided on 2 Maclaren Volo strollers. But we were able to purchase stroller links at Babies R Us for $10. They connect 2 umbrella style strollers. They work with most umbrella strollers. This way if we have to split up and one has to take both strollers, it is doable.
  8. DisneyBliss7

    DisneyBliss7 ''Wish upon a star''

    I would also bring the double stroller. It will be able to hold more bags and with little ones we always seem to carry so much;)
  9. cmh314

    cmh314 New Member

    Our first trip we brought the sit and stand for the kids. It was fine, but a little bulky when we folded it up on the buses, especially when they were crowded. The next time we took 2 umbrella strollers and found that worked better for us. DS is tall and adventurous when it comes to rides, so my husband and I were able to split up easier at times in the park with the 2 umbrellas. He would take DS to the big rides while I took DD to meet characters. A few times I found myself heading somewhere on my own with the kids while DH was off getting fastpasses etc. so DS would walk and I'd hook the handles of one umbrella stroller (folded up) onto the back of the other and it would just roll along with us. It worked out great (but I'd not recommend doing this when walking in tight crowds).

    Overall it was just easier on the busses, navigating crowds and splitting up with 2 umbrellas in our experience.
  10. lolobug

    lolobug New Member

    UPDATE- we decided to put the trip off for a year so I will have a 5 year old and 2 year old. Will the 5 year old need a stroller?
  11. ML_LovesDisney

    ML_LovesDisney Active Member

    We always bring our Combi Twin double stroller and it's lightweight and easy to use in the parks.
  12. lolobug

    lolobug New Member

    How would a bob Dualie work at Disney? It's not the smallest stroller :)
  13. kdog_1981

    kdog_1981 New Member

    Bring two umbrellas since you can always park the one stroller for the 5 yr old in the park. When the 5yr old needs it you can go get it. Its easier to just have it for those "just in case" moments then not bringing it all.

    Umbrellas on the buses make A LOT easier as well for getting on and off the buses.
  14. lolobug

    lolobug New Member

    We are staying on the monorail (contemporary) and I'm sure MK will be our biggest draw

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