19 days of no work.....no worries day 7

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  1. erica_mutterer

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    Jul 27, 2000
    Day 7
    Wednesday, 8/31

    A hh….A restful morning…… We slept in as long as the kids would let us which equates to about 8:00-8:30. Mommy did some laundry while the kids and Daddy enjoyed cartoons and cereal.

    Mid to Late morning we pack up our beech stuff and head to Ft. Lauderdale (only about a 20 min. drive) It was a beautiful sunny hot day. We set up our chairs, blanket and cooler on the beach and have a great time. The ocean water was so warm, calm and clear. While swimming we spot a stingray enjoying the water. We also spent a lot of time playing in the sand. Kayla and Mommy covered each other in the sand and made ourselves in to mermaids with mermaid tails made out of sand. The kids picked seashells and we went for one last swim before packing up for the day.

    We met Grandpa back at his house. We then enjoyed a nice homecooked meal at Big Poppy’s girlfriend, Margaret’s house and a relaxing evening watching TV.

    Tomorrow: Another Beach Day
  2. pumba

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    Dec 28, 1999
    waters are usually when it is the warmest...about 63 degrees.....now that is cold surf.....thanks so much for your report
  3. yepod

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    Aug 18, 2001
    Nice day! Thanks for the post!
  4. Krissalee

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    Feb 3, 2001
    Nice, quiet, relaxing family day!!!!

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