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17 QS & 21 Snacks left!

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by Geordietyke, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. Geordietyke

    Geordietyke New Member

    Well, it was inevitable, our last day tomorrow and this is what we have left. We just could not eat the amounts of the DDP. Most days we skipped breakfast, shared 2-4 QS lunches (we were 4 adults which included 2 kids aged 7 & 8), and had a TS dinner most nights. We used some snacks at the F&WF but did not always have our daily snack. We were also out of Disney 4 days. Looks like we'll be stocking up at Goofy's... We can use 8 QS tomorrow but we honestly could not have eaten more than we did! We'd definitely skip the DDP next time, only glad we didn't pay for it (also got a 42% room discount and half price tix so didn't do bad!). Have to say that we had fab service and food in all 15 TS restaurants we visited too.
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  3. KimBeano

    KimBeano New Member

    Wow, free dining, 42% off rooms, and 50% off tickets?? Do tell...
  4. dmdelight

    dmdelight New Member

    my thoughts exactly! eagerly awaiting the info. :)
  5. CanadianGuy

    CanadianGuy <font color=green><br><br><font color=blue>Me and Moderator

    There were (are?) a number of intense specials to get UK guests to come to the colonies.. (lol)

    They were selling 14 day Ultimate Passes for the price of a 7 for example. Remember, the airfare alone for a family this size from the UK can sometimes easily dwarf the cost of a domestic trip to Disney. Their initial costs are so much more.. and they tend to stay much longer due to longer vacation/holiday time.

    A typical UK trip is 14-21 days and as the OP noted, four of them were spent away from WDW.
  6. GoofyGraham

    GoofyGraham New Member

    ....the free DDP, room discounts and reduced ticket price make a Disney holiday affordable... without them the alternative is fairly simple, I wouldn't be able to visit Disney.
    Similarly, when food etc is factored in, staying offsite would still cost as much if not more.
    It is entirely down to the cost of the flights.

    I'm a little confused by the OP skipping the DDP next time.... you mean you're going to pass up free dining and pay for your meals?

    I love DDP and the restaurants, our trip itinerary next year is based around the dining reservations rather than the dining based around our park itinerary lol
  7. Geordietyke

    Geordietyke New Member

    Yes, we stayed 18 nights. Deal for us Brits made it possible to visit Disney. I'd do the QSDP if free next time but our ADR's severely restricted our holiday. This was even with careful, year long planning to minimise park hopping etc. We loved all our meals but wouldn't make ADR's in advance again! There were plenty meal slots left whilst here, esp in resort hotels to suit us.
  8. married2mm

    married2mm Active Member

    i was drawn to this thread as i've literally just posted something on the uk site about dining.
    i shall lazily copy some of that into my post!

    we stayed at okw in 2010, our first time onsite, in a 2 bed villa.
    we loved the resort and the total disney bubble.

    we had free ddp and a discounted room also-14 for the price of 7 tickets too.
    we didnot love the ddp.
    having to decide where you want to eat so far in advance is crazy!
    really didn't like being tied to having to be somewhere at a certain time.
    didn't like hanging around waiting to be seated 30 minutes past adr time-or sometimes even longer!
    kids didn't like character meals- but at least we tried!

    the following year, we stayed at ssr, in a 2 bed, again with free ddp, and the other incentives.
    we didnot book any ts meals, sometimes ate breakfast at olivias, but had loads of credits remaining.didnot even keep count-there was no need.

    we decided to return to okw, and do the same again, just use the ddp as qsdp to suit us, eat where you want-when you want, however the price was outrageous!
    actually just looked and it's $8243.79, add onto to this our flights-
    3 ad,1ch(16)-$5083.83, also disney tickets-$1824.19,car hire,airport parking, spending money etc. and you can see why it's not quite doable!

    so,we booked por with free qsdp-$3314.37
    alongside this we booked an offsite townhouse so we could still have bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen,laundry, space, and thoroughly enjoyed it.($1056.55)-

    we still had many credits remaining-the amount of food is incredible
    -we do not feel compelled to eat something, just because you can-
    we definitely do not follow the all you care to eat plan.

    fast forward to 2013 and we have booked pofq with free qsdp and townhouse again. :goodvibes
  9. married2mm

    married2mm Active Member

    just thought, we had 21cs credits remaining also-used up snack credits on popcorn and candy. :)
  10. Geordietyke

    Geordietyke New Member

    Interesting reading your post too. It was funny in Goofy's yesterday morning. We had 23 snack credits to spend (we had to rebook for our last day as Disney's computer system can't book long stays like ours) and somehow we ended up with 2 extra credits from somewhere. Anyway, we piled 23 lots of sweets into our basket and the cashier immediately commented that we must be using up our snack credits before we left :lmao: They must be able to spot us Brits a mile away, trying to use up all those credits.... The sweets have made perfect little gifts for school chums and kids in our family. We still had 11 CS credits left though, just could not use them up :eek:
  11. married2mm

    married2mm Active Member

    cm's can definitely spot us- early on in our holiday, we got a couple of drinks for snacks (shock/horror!) and the cm and her colleague couldn't get over the fact we had over 100 snack credits, they had quite a discussion over it! :dance3:

    funny story-my dd and i were waiting for ds and dh one day at dhs. a lady came up to us and asked if we were having a good time and how we were managing the weather with coming from england?! :confused3
    i smiled and said we were fine, but we were intrigued how she knew where we were from as we weren't talking loudly at all. however, we soon discovered, as she quickly followed with,' i knew you were english because of your skin tone, i' ve never seen folk so pale!' we were most amused and couldn't wait to share with the boys. the best part of this little tale, we were on day 12-and for our 'skin tone' we were tanned. :rotfl2:
  12. Geordietyke

    Geordietyke New Member

    We were there 18 nights and came back as pale as we went! Really can't understand it as we had hot and sunny weather most of the time, only 1 hour of drizzle early one morning and I never slapped on a repeat dose of cream during the day! It looked as though we'd spent a fortnight in rainy England :rotfl:

    Yes, I got lots of shocked comments about the amount of credits we had to spend :)
  13. married2mm

    married2mm Active Member

    we are obviously english roses! :rotfl:
  14. Shaden

    Shaden New Member

    You guys are awesome !!! Still though wish we canadians could get the DDP ... I know I probably couldn't eat it all, but I sure would try !!!
  15. married2mm

    married2mm Active Member

    are you not offered fd like us? that's not fair. :confused3

    it is indeed an amazing amount of food,as you say though, it would be nice to be able to try. :cool1:
  16. Geordietyke

    Geordietyke New Member

    That is a shame, not being offered FD, wonder why that is? Doesn't seem fair to me. I have to say, without it, we wouldn't have eaten in Disney much, the prices are :scared1:
  17. Greenfield1984

    Greenfield1984 New Member

    We've never gone without free dining and are Canadian...
  18. goofyintoronto

    goofyintoronto <font color=brown>Proud foot flusher<br><font colo

    ME TOO!! Never had to pay for dining. Wait, im lying, just remembered there was this ONE time I paid for it. But thats it. Just once. I always book trips around free dining. Its a much better deal for us than the room discount.

    OP, I dont understand how you end up with that many credits leftover. Your family must have TINY appetites. :lmao:

    Just so you know, for all your leftover CS credits, you can convert them to snacks. You can get 3 snacks for 1 CS credit! Every resort food court I have stayed at has allowed this. Its too bad those credits went to waste.
  19. TDC Nala

    TDC Nala <font color=red>1937, what a year that was<br><fon Moderator

    This is a typical offer...for residents of Great Britain.

    Canadians are offered free dining the same as US guests are (which is to say they have not been offered any free dining, absent PIN codes or bouncebacks, for 2013 yet.) There was also one offer last year specifically for Canadian guests.
  20. KimBeano

    KimBeano New Member

    Got it now! Guess it works out about the same then, I can drive to Orlando on one tank of gas. LOL!
  21. bdklein

    bdklein New Member

    So how does one pay for Free Dining??:confused3

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