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13 week old--advice?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by dreamprfct, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. dreamprfct

    dreamprfct Member

    We are first time cruisers--
    AND we will have our 13 week old son with us. Im getting a little nervous--any advice/tips are greatly appriciated--

    We will be on the Dec 2nd wonder to the mexican riviera.

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  3. We just got back about two weeks ago from the Wonder and took my 15 week old daughter...we had a blast!

    She was sooo much easier compared to my son. The good thing about taking an infant is that at that age, all they really do is eat and sleep. They go wherever you go and you don't spend your time chasing around a toddler who keeps trying to run away from you

    It's all about the attitude...go with a flexible, "I'm gonna have a blast" frame of mind and you will have a great time =) Enjoy your cruise
  4. Melissa S

    Melissa S Active Member

    You will have a great time! Disney provides baby care items (strollers, diaper genies, bottle warmers, bottle sterilizers, etc) so I would look into what is provided that you need so you won't have to bring it. Also have DCL or your TA note it on your reservation. They are first come first serve but my stateroom attendant told me once when we didn't get one that the diaper genies went to people that had it on their reservations.

    I would advise that your just pace yourself. Although DD was a little older on her first cruise we learned quickly to go easy and not try to fit everything in. Even now we make sure she takes plenty of naps. Also check the Navigator daily for events for babies like the Diaper Dash and Toddler dance party. Eventhough DS may be too young to participate they do bring toys, play music, and other babies are there to "socialize" with. You can also meet other parents there too.
  5. kay1864

    kay1864 Active Member

    If you don't want a diaper genie taking up floorspace, Babies r Us has these little blue bags which do an amazing job of masking the odor. We used them with our 16 week old, and never noticed a smell in our cabin.

    If you're flying:

    I recommend you take your own (full-size) stroller instead of an umbrella stroller. One advantage to bringing your stroller is that at the airport, you get to go in the 'special needs' line at security, which is way shorter than the regular lines. ie, don't put it in checked luggage! Also, the stroller doesn't count towards your carryon allowance (ie you can still have one carryon and one personal item each).

    Once you get to the gate and you're boarding, you push it onto the jetway and then fold it up and leave it near the door of the plane. It won't go through the airport's baggage system--they take it down the back steps of the jetway and put it directly into the cargo hold. At the end of your flight (including any connections), they bring it up to the jetway where you pick it up.

    On the ship, the benefit is the basket underneath for a diaper bag, plus beach stuff or purchases when you go into port.

    We didn't bother with a car seat on the plane--instead we carried her in a Bjorn. Main issue on a plane is turbulence, which IMHO a Bjorn protects them better than a car seat does.

    The ship is handicap-accessible, so you won't have any trouble pushing them around in a stroller. In the cabin, we folded it and put it on one side of the bed. And you'll need lots of diapers. Good news is at the end of your cruise you'll have lots of suitcase space where the diapers used to be.

    If your baby is on formula, no need to buy or bring distilled water--DCL water is reverse-osmosis.
  6. lilbuddy88

    lilbuddy88 Member

    Thank you so much for starting this thread. I have held back from mentioning that we are taking our 13 week old soon on the dream in 33 days (YAY!) because people tend to be a little harsh on these boards and I frankly wasn't in the mood to hear anyone's opinion. But I am sooooo glad there are other people who are on the move with there little ones. And thanks to everyone who shared their experiences with their little ones. Now I am officially over excited :cool1:

    By the way how big is the crib? Seems like it may take up a lot of space.
  7. Does take quite a bit of space. It's a pack n play...same as the ones they sell at retail stores
  8. mouseymommy

    mouseymommy <font color=purple>I love the smell of Pirates<br>

    When I was traveling with my baby I had a carrier frame thing. You put your car seat carrier in the frame. It was awesome! We did have a seat for her so we just unhooked the seat from the frame and put it in the plane seat. If you dont have a seat for baby you can also leave it with the stroller to be picked up at the gate. It folds up really flat too!

    Here is a link to an example of what I am talking about

  9. SarahandPaul

    SarahandPaul Member

    We are planning to take our infant on a June 2013 cruise (will be 14 weeks). I am glad to see that you can leave the car seat and frame stroller for gate check. I was wondering since it doesn't really fold down like traditional strollers do. We are skipping buying the plane seat for baby too.
  10. lanejudy

    lanejudy Moderator Moderator

    Actually, you CANNOT bring your own of the bolded items so if you will need them, make sure you put in your request. Bottle warmers and sterilizers are on the list of items to "do not bring onboard" and could be confiscated if you try (you'd get it back after the cruise).

    Enjoy your cruise!
  11. mouseymommy

    mouseymommy <font color=purple>I love the smell of Pirates<br>

    I took the seat on with me, and I folded the frame before I left it. It was really flat once it was folded, which I loved! I have one made for a Graco seat.
  12. dreamprfct

    dreamprfct Member

    Thanks for all of the replies. We are also cruising with a 7 year old and 3 year old BUT the grandparents are also coming so we have extra help. :cool1:

    Thanks for the tips on reserving the sterilizer and warmer! I'm going to call our ta tomorrow for that. I was going to pack the warmer :worried: but now i know better!!

    Also we live about 45 mins from the port so no flying. We have travelled a lot with our older two so I second all of the flying tips!

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