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10/24/2009 Bash on the Boat (I'm with B.O.B.) Thread #21!

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by captchris, Mar 31, 2009.

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  1. captchris

    captchris Go Yankees!

    This is Thread #21 of the BOB threads. Over 77,000 posts and still going strong.

    If you're new to our group, you're not alone. Several of us have sailed together before (on the 10/20/07 Western Cruise - a.k.a. Konked Kruisers) and several more are new. To indicate the ones new to the group, we have put an * infront of their DIS name.

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    Thread #13 was omitted to not inject once ounce of bad luck into this cruise!

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    The following is the same as the other first posts. For those of you new to our DIS Meet thread - WELCOME. There is plenty of good info in this post.

    As usual, I'll be back here to update this post periodically. I will try to keep important information up here for all to reference as well as for all our new friends who come to cruise with us. If something of importance comes up, PM me and I will add the link.

    We have dubbed this cruise "The Bash on the Boat" because so many people are celebrating birthdays or anniversaries on this cruise. You will also see "KK2" in the title. As you will read, many of us just sailed together on the 10/20/07 Western Cruise. So, with many of us returning here, we are dubbing this KK2. For those of you who didn't sail with us, please don't feel that you are not part of the group. We are a very open and welcoming/friendly bunch. We had such a great cruise last time, but feel it will be even better this time. Come along and enjoy the fun. We will get off-topic many times over the next 2 years, but it is a great way to get to know everyone.

    First, here is the list of Characters:

    * 2Princes_&_1Princess = Brandee and Justin and their 3 kids. Florida.
    A Fat English Gent = Chris and Hazel and their 3 kids. England.
    B9erSteve = Steve and Laura. They will be traveling with their DS and DD. California.
    * captchris= Christian and Elaine and our DD 9 and DS 7. Connecticut. (also) Christian's parents and sister.
    * CarrianneB = Carrianne and Rob with their 2 DS who will be 7 and 9. Wisconsin.
    Cheryl N. WI = Cheryl and Al with their DD and Friend who will be 15. Wisconsin.
    *ciao_gina = Gina and DH with their DS who will be 7. California.
    cntkg1 = Nancy G. and Chuck (a.k.a. Charlie Tuna). Wisconsin.
    *danandnan=Dan and Nancy K. Maine
    *Dee73 = Ron and Diane and their DS(10) and DD(8) and Diane's parents. Canada.
    Disgrits = Paige and Rob. Virginia.
    *disney1990=Libby and Skip. Maryland
    * DISNEYDUET = Shelley and Woody. Virginia.
    dizneycrazy4 = Janice and Mark with their DS(14) and DD(10). Wisconsin.
    Dyerneeds/Tart Annihilator = Mike and Robin. Ohio.
    * EPCOT_VA/Tinkerbell.RN = Matthew and Beth and their DD's who will be 10 and 12. Virginia.
    *firefighter chris=Chris and Melissa and DD 8. Wisconsin
    *Goofy4Ever = Lisa and Quincy and DS(14), DstepS(14). Wisconsin
    goofyfreak = Lori and Scott with their 3 kids (also extended family). Virginia
    GOS = Heather and Rick. England
    *goslingl=Leisha and Tom from Kentucky
    * hockeychic = Kim and Mike and their DD who will be 17. Canada
    * JENNANDJARYD = Jenn and her DS who will be 12. Colorado
    JLDSMD = Jeff and his wife Suz and their DS who will be 9. Wisconsin
    * JOANNEL = Joanne and Roger. Florida
    Karen Mouse = Karen and Neil and their DS who will also be 9. England
    medicalman = Sean and Cath with their DD. England
    millerpjm = Jen and Pete with their DS who will be 6. Wisconsin
    * mohrt2 = Frank. Connecticut
    Morsel = Chris and Lynn. New York
    * Nerbie Pie = Bernie and Sean and their kids Bailey and Gary. Canada.
    *njprincess=Kathy. New Jersey
    *NOKIDZ - Chris (44), Lori (38) Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada
    *Ranzatan= Arleen and Alex. South Carolina
    ST Cruisers = Tony and Stacy. Wisconsin.
    Team Fun Pants = Kristin and Jesse. Wisconsin.
    Timon/Darkrobe = Cass and Rob and their DD Kira (3 at the time of sailing) Canada.
    *tinkerbellmom1 = Sheri and Pat with their DS Dakota and DS Austin 15. Nevada
    *tomspixie = Tiffany and Tom. Illinois.
    Walt & Di = Walt and Di (pretty easy to remember that one). Texas.

    Friends of the Bash on the Boat--Friends that cannot join us this time around. You will all be missed!
    arielhead = Tanya and DH with their DD (will be 14) and DS (will be 9). West Virginia.
    CRSNDSNY = Melody and EB with their DD (4) and DS (2). Pennsylvania.
    minnieandmickey = Becky and Sean. California.
    Oybolshoi = Brenda and Jason. Missouri.
    Scouter = Rose, Bob, and Sean. New York
    tikimimi and tikimack--Mimi and Mack. Georgia
    Verandah Man = Andy and Hazel. New Jersey

    I will try to update that list as we go. If I forgot anyone or if you want different info posted, please PM me. I will NOT be putting room numbers up on this post.

    A good place to start for planning this trip would be Cass' website. She has done a great job to organize almost everything you'll need for this cruise and posting here on the BOB board. Here is the link to Cass' site Cass B.O.B. Information Site

    Here are links to posts that we found important through this and the previous threads.

    Online Reservations

    Besides the logos you can find on Cass' site, here are the ones with the "Ship in the Bottle".

    More to come on this. If you see us talking about it and want to play, please PM Karen (Karen Mouse) or Jen (millerpjm).

    Here is how DIS Tag is played

    Door Magnet Clip Art



    St. Thomas and St. John DCL Excursions

    Non Disney Excursions for St. Thomas and St. John

    Incase anyone is wondering what the FO game we play here on the B.O.B. cruise meets thread, he is the explanation:

    FO is a game (for lack of a better description) that was started on the Konked Kruiser thread that some of us belonged to for the October 07 cruise. Don't ask me who started it or how.

    Anyway, the game in a nutshell....if you post, and your post is the beginning of a page, then you try to get the second post on the page also. It means you have started a "Fresh One" or "First One" (I forget what the actual term was).

    Now, this isn't always as easy as it seems - if there are multiple posters on at the same time, and someone else gets the second post, you don't get to "claim the FO". The 40 second rule between postings comes into play.
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  3. captchris

    captchris Go Yankees!

    Let me claim a thread 21 FO.
  4. bigred

    bigred loves tuna sandwiches

    WOW!! I made it on page one.:woohoo::woohoo:

    7 months from today the cruise will be over.:sad2::sad1:
  5. Ranzatan

    Ranzatan Member

    I made it to our next thread on time:thumbsup2
  6. Ranzatan

    Ranzatan Member

    I'm starting to read up on activities onboard and shore excursion.

    The wine tasting sounds good.
    Has anyone ever done that one?
    I'd like to try the Margerita and Martini tastings too.

    But why on the wine tasting write up on
    is Champagne spelled Champaign?
    I googled it and there is no spelling like that except for the name of a city
    in Illinois.:confused3
    Do they not know how to spell?
  7. GOS

    GOS Livin' for Disney holidays with great friends

    Here and ready for action.:lmao:
  8. GOS

    GOS Livin' for Disney holidays with great friends

    Arleen - the wine tasting was good and Rick enjoyed the beer tasting (there are two tastings, with different beers at each session). I didn't enjoy the Margerita or Martini Tasting...not my cup of tea.
  9. tikimimi

    tikimimi Pixie - Sgt. at Arms of the Pancake Sisters

    Checking in!
  10. Verandah Man

    Verandah Man I "DREAM" of a "FANTASY" that is full of "MAGIC" &

  11. Verandah Man

    Verandah Man I "DREAM" of a "FANTASY" that is full of "MAGIC" &

    I have a F O in every post I make now........:lmao::lmao::lmao:
  12. goslingl

    goslingl Active Member

    I have done the wine tasting and it was great! DH has done the beer tasting and really liked it. I want to do the Martini tasting this time
  13. goslingl

    goslingl Active Member

    I made the first page!!!:dance3: Later peeps. I have to study tonight for my next CEBS exam on Monday. I am entirely too old for this. My brain may explode.:scared1:
  14. captchris

    captchris Go Yankees!

    Always the comedian!
  15. Verandah Man

    Verandah Man I "DREAM" of a "FANTASY" that is full of "MAGIC" &

    I try when I can.......:rotfl2::rotfl2::rotfl2:
  16. Dee73

    Dee73 Member

    A new thread ... I'm soooo far behind on reading the last one. Glad I logged in today just in time for the move. :woohoo:
  17. B9erSteve

    B9erSteve Disney Dad

    Comin' aboard!
  18. Verandah Man

    Verandah Man I "DREAM" of a "FANTASY" that is full of "MAGIC" &

    Welcome Steve....:wave:
  19. captchris

    captchris Go Yankees!

    I will dress up the first post and make sure the links work a little later this evening.
  20. minnieandmickey

    minnieandmickey Queen of the run on sentence!

    West Coaster checkin' in.
  21. Verandah Man

    Verandah Man I "DREAM" of a "FANTASY" that is full of "MAGIC" &

    Hi Ya Becky......:wave:
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