Yum a dum-dum! 8/19 - 8/25 dining reviews (very long)

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    We got back from WDW on Saturday. There were six of us -- DH, DD, DS, my Mom & Dad, and me. We had a lot of good meals; hit a few old faves (HDD, Garden View Cafe, Chef Mickey's, School Bread in Norway), but mainly ones we'd never tried before (50's PTC, Crystal Palace, Beaches & Cream, Pecos Bill, Funnel Cakes, and ice cream sandwiches from the Main St. Bakery). We didn't go nuts with ADRs, and still managed to eat pretty well. Overall they were probably the most satisfying meals we've had on a WDW trip. We had only one teeny tiny disappointment the whole trip.

    Sun 8/19 - MGM! Breakfast at the house (we rented a pool home at Windsor Palms). Lunch was at Studio Catering Co. We all got the chicken wrap kids' meals. We are all pretty big eaters, but this was plenty to tide us over until dinner. They were $3.99, and came with a small chicken wrap (about the size of a Taco Bell soft taco), grapes, applesauce and a drink. Dinner was at 50's Prime Time Cafe at 5:10 PM. We checked in 15 min. ahead and were seated right on time. We knew we were ordering dessert, so shared entrees. DH and DD split the meatloaf, DS and I split the pot roast. Mom & Dad also split the pot roast. Everyone loved what they got, and it was plenty with dessert. DS and I shared Dad's Brownie Sundae, as did Mom & Dad. DH and DD shared the S'mores (this was the disappointment -- never listen to a 4 year old's advice on dessert). It was pretty blah compared to the sundaes. We had a great waitress who played it up well and rummaged through our backpacks for candy while we ate.

    Mon 8/20 - Epcot! We had breakfast at the house, snacked on granola bars & crackers through the day, then walked over to Beaches and Cream around 3:00 for late lunch/early dinner. We waited about 20 min. for a table. DH and DD split the burger & fries, DS and I split the roast beef sub & onion rings. Mom & Dad were really hungry -- she got the roast beef sub (and took 1/2 home). Dad got the burger and also took half home. For dessert we got the famous Kitchen Sink. It was awesome, and we and managed to nearly finish it, except for a little melted goop in the bottom. Thankfully they did not put the gummy worms on it (and we did not ask them to leave them off). I'm not sure, but I think I saw some corn in it. :rotfl: (Not really; it was butterscotch chips). Some guy was attempting to eat one by himself (and failed). Our waitress informed us that the record was 9 minutes. Gag! It took six of us about 15 minutes going full speed!

    That night Mom & Dad were wandering around doing their own thing, and DH ran over to Norway and got two School Breads. We sat down with the kids at the Cantina de San Angel to share them and watch Illuminations.

    Tue 8/21 - Rest day! We hung around the house, then went to the 7:15 Hoop Dee Doo Revue. We were seated right at the stage! :eek: The food was great -- better than I remember last time. We were a little bummed that the corn on the cob was omitted, but I actually liked the cornbread better than the bread they used to have. The salad, mashed potatoes and baked beans were very good, the ribs very tender and the fried chicken crisp and yummy. Strawberry shortcake was also deeelicious!

    Wed 8/22 -- MK! Breakfast at the house again. DH, DD, Mom & Dad went back to the house for lunch, DS and I stayed behind. We ducked into Pinocchio's around 1:30 and it was a mob scene. We rode IASW, checked in again, and it was worse. We walked over to Adventureland in search of tacos, and found El Pirata y el Perico closed. We rambled back through the labyrinth of seating to the counters of Pecos Bill and split a taco salad and a burger. I loaded up my half of the burger with grilled onions & mushrooms from the fixings bar. DS stuck with lettuce, tomato and raw onion. I also threw some grilled onions & mushrooms and salsa on my half of the taco salad. Mmm --- mmmm!

    Dinner (early) was at 4:10 at Crystal Palace. It was awesome -- our favorite meal of the whole trip. Everything we tried was delicious. The salmon was my favorite entree item, and the creme brulee (or flan; couldn't really tell) was my favorite dessert. Other favorites were the corn spoon bread, chicken pasta, some other chicken dish, adobo pork and edamame salad. Like I said, everything was great!

    Thur 8/23 - AK/Epcot/MK. Breakfast at the house (again). We were at AK until about 2:00. We ran by the house and had a bologna sandwich, then had 4:10 afternoon tea at the Garden View Cafe at the GF. Surprisingly we had the very same waitress we had there a year and a half ago, and she even recognized us first!

    The tea was done differently than past trips. Now they bring out a box with jars of each tea so you can smell them before order. DH got the vanilla tea, DD got the Princess Breakfast tea. Dad got the English Breakfast, Mom & I ordered Russian Earl Grey, and DS got the Spice tea. We all shared two plates of tea sandwiches, a cheese plate, and three orders of scones. It sounds like a lot, but it really isn't Each plate of tea sandwiches was about the equivalent of one regular sandwich, and an order of scones only had two rather smallish ones; one scone apiece.

    I had ordered a cake the week before for our 16th wedding anniversary. It was yellow cake with chocolate buttercream (I had ordered dark chocolate, but this was still very good) and the custard/raspberry filling. They had decorated it with white and burgundy gum paste roses. It was very pretty and scrumptious! The cake was light and delicate. It was a 10" cake; too much for six of us, so we gave the rest to the wait staff to nibble on.

    After tea we headed over to Epcot to catch a couple of rides we missed, then on to MK for Spectro. The kids wanted ice cream, but the line at the ice cream shop on Main St. was huge, so I ran next door to the bakery where the line was very short, and ordered their ice cream sandwiches. We'd never gotten them before and I had no idea how HUGE they were!!!! The chocolate chip cookies are about 6" across, freshly baked, and they put -- no kidding -- three scoops of vanilla bean ice cream on each one. :eek: I was a little embarassed carrying them back down to the troops holding our spot at the curb. They got kind of messy in the heat, but they were delicious. A great deal at $3.50 each (Mickey head sandwiches are $2.50 and about half the size). One of these would easily be enough for 2-3 people to share.

    Fri 8/24 - Another rest day, and P&P Party. We had Chef Mickey's breakfast reservations for the six of us, but Mom & Dad opted to sleep in. We showed up 15 min early, and were taken right at our ADR time. The food was very good; much better than the dinners we'd had there. This was our first breakfast here, and we decided we'd always do this instead of dinner. It was much quieter and less rushed & crazy than dinner. Favorites were the Mickey waffles, hash brown casserole, scrambled eggs with cheese, veggie lasagna, and the kids especially liked the doughnuts.

    Lunch was at the house, and we grabbed burgers at Cosmic Ray's when we got to MK around 5:00. They were juicy and delicious, and extra tasty with the grilled onions & other yummies from the fixings bar. Mom & Dad left early, and DH, DS and I split a funnel cake with strawberries & whipped cream in Pioneer Square -- YUM!!! It tasted like a jelly doughnut.

    We really enjoyed everything, and can't wait to go back!!!:love:
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    9 mins to eat the kitchen sink :scared1: oh my !!

    thanks for your reviews :)
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    Brillant, thanks for posting.
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    Thanks for the reviews!
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    So it sounds like a great trip!!! But what is school bread?? Just wondering.:confused3
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    Thanks for sharing! Those ice cream sandwiches at the Main Street bakery are amazing, aren't they??
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    Great reviews! We'll have to try an ice cream sandwich from the bakery :)
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    Great reviews, thanks for taking the time to post them. :mickeyjum
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    Great reviews and by the way OMG I LOVE BRAK
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    Excellent reviews! I want to try an ice cream sandwich from the Main Street Bakery!
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    Thanks for the reviews!:thumbsup2
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    Mar 17, 2007
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    very informative!!! will put the ice cream sandwich on the "to do" list! :thumbsup2
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    We are traveling down on the 28th (driving) and my mother has, at the last minute, decided she is flying down to join us on our trip. Now that we have a built in babysitter for our 3DD, we might be able to get an adults dinner one night of our trip! :cool1:

    Does anyone have suggestions for where to go? Our 10th anniversary is that week also.

    Thanks in advance!

    DH :joker: Me :cloud9: DD6 princess: DD4 princess: DD1 princess:
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    Thanks for the reviews!
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    Thanks for posting!
    Those ice cream sandwiches form Main Street bakery sound like a meal, not a snack :goodvibes .
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    Great reviews :cool1:
    We also split meals between us as the portion sizes are often to big for us + it saves space for dessert (the best part of the meal). We do this at CS meals but haven't done it for TS meals before but after reading your reviews we'll do this in TS aswell.:woohoo:

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