Your ULTIMATE SURVIVAL GUIDE to Disney World at Christmas Time! UPDATE x2 10/21

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    [​IMG] Ahh The Christmas Season. Just picture it now... [​IMG]

    Everyone is hectic, they're running from here to there, buying presents, going to Christmas parties, and making sure they get enough family togetherness time.

    Then there are some who like to pick up and leave in the middle of this fiasco. And they like to take a little trip down to Walt Disney World.

    I am one of those people.

    Maybe you are planning to be too if you are reading this trip report.

    Either that or you’re just following along from my past reports. Or you want to see how Disney truly is during the holidays because you're curious.

    No matter what the case, I would like to take it upon myself to WELCOME YOU to my 5th trip report EVER!


    My name is Jess
    And I am going to be your storyteller today.


    Let’s do a fun little introduction. I am going to tell you ten facts about myself that will further your understanding of me and my upcoming adventures.

    1) I am a Walt Disney World regular and have been there around 20-25 times. I like to consider myself a professional. :laughing:

    2) I am not exaggerating when I say my greatest passion in life is Disney. There's something about it that just clicks in my mind. It always has been that way. I am always known as the Disney fanatic in the group. I have more Disney songs on my iPod than regular music. I LOVE meeting people who "understand" Disney. I’m obsessed with Disney smells. I hope to have a Fairytale Wedding one day. (When I finally meet that long lost prince.) And I want to work for the Disney Company somehow. Basically… I can’t find anything other than Disney that makes me happier.

    2) My favorite Disney characters are Aladdin, Jasmine, and Pluto.

    3) My favorite Disney movies are Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Toy Story 3, Tangled, Peter Pan, The Princess and the Frog, and The Lion King.

    4) MY FAVORITE RIDE IS TOY STORY MANIA. That’s a new development as of my most recent trip. You will soon learn.

    3) I am a freshman in college and I am approaching the second half of the year. Thank God. This year has been really stressful, which will be explained within the first few days of the trip report.

    6) I am hoping to do the Disney College Program either next year or the year after. I NEED TO DO IT. I can’t even explain how much I wish I could do it now. Unfortunately, I can't for many reasons. But EVENTUALLY it will happen. The DCP has been my only life plan since the age of 12. The major I am choosing in college is demanding, so I don’t know if leaving in the middle of the program is going to be my best idea. But I’m hoping I can just do it anyway. Disney is my biggest priority.

    7) I was fortunate enough to be an Annual Passholder this past year. That is why I went so many times in 2011. If you're on the fence about getting an annual pass... GET IT. It's such a good investment and the benefits are fantastic! I don't even leave close to Florida and I still got my money's worth! (and then some!)

    8) My family belongs to Disney Vacation Club, which is THE OTHER BEST INVESTMENT YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE IN YOUR LIFE. It is a lot of money up front, but if you are going to go to Disney anyways, it’s SO worth it and pays for itself quickly! We joined my sophomore year of high school, and my parents’ only regret is that we didn’t join sooner.

    10) I am very lucky to have friends that understand Disney like I do. My friend Kristen (Disneyfreak616) is about up to par with my Disney insanity. You will probably hear me mention her a lot throughout this trip report. I also may mention my friend Nat, who I went to Disney with in August. You can read about both of them in my most recent trip report:
    "There’s NO Sleeping in Disney!” SURPRISE - The Frumps Are Back Again!
    Kristen and my friend Vickie also went to Disney with me this past January, and you can read about that trip here:
    The Port Report: Frumpin Around the World with the Bathrobe Princesses :)
    Anytime a group of us goes to Disney, we like to call ourselves "the frumps."

    And that's pretty much all I have to say about that! That should sum up a lot of what you need to know about me!


    So, in my last trip report I told you all I had a surprise for you.

    Well. Here it is.

    **Drumroll Please**

    We all know that I went to Disney on December 21st, 2011- January 2nd, 2012, correct?

    But, what we may not know is that I ALSO went down to Disney on December 6th-December 9th, 2011.



    Don’t worry, it wasn’t completely an out of the blue “hey let’s go vacation” thing. We had reasons. It was my Mom’s 50th Birthday on December 7th. I wanted to go to a Character Look Alike Audition. (I didn’t get the job, but I just wanted to give it a shot. I’ll explain more on that later.) And I was out of school for a little while so the timing worked. It was a spontaneous thing. You'll learn all about it all soon - don't worry!

    AHH so basically… You all are reading TWO TRIP REPORTS IN ONE.

    Are you ready for this?

    I don’t know if I am.

    But here we go anyways!

    We have a RIDICULOUS amount of information coming your way. I think I spent more than half of the month of December in Disney, and I can't tell you how much I have learned. My Disney obsession is THROUGH THE ROOF. And I hope I can share my knowledge with you all!

    On these trips, I learned lots of behind the scenes fun facts and details about the Walt Disney World Resort. We did a lot of "different" things besides just riding the rides. We ate a ridiculous amount of food. I took tons of pictures of Christmas Decorations and shows. We visited a good majority of Disney Resorts - and I stayed at three different Disney resorts over the course of these trips. We were there during two differently EXTREME crowd levels. And we had a couple Dis-Meets in the midst of all this, too!

    These reasons, as well as many others, are why I'm calling this your "ultimate" guide. Because basically, you're going to find pretty much anything related to Disney and Christmas in here. (Besides like... water parks, Downtown Disney West Side, Sea World, Universal, etc. There's always exceptions, I know.)

    So hopefully you'll all be along for the ride! This Trip Report is going to take me a lot longer than my others... but DANG I am excited to write it!


    :santa: And if I'm not mistaking.... It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas right about now! :santa:




    Continued in Next Post

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    The Table of Contents

    Pre-Trip Business:
    Ahh The Christmas Season. Just Picture it Now...
    Other Trip Reports/Christmas Tips!
    A Little Background Info Titled: My Life is a Whirlwind

    Flower and Frump Festival PRE-TRIP REPORT
    Pre-Trip Report #2: Updated Plans!

    Pre-Trip Report #1: THIS IS HUGE NEWS.
    Pre-Trip Report #2: Summer Recap and Disneyland Plans!

    Real Life Updates:
    Real Life Update #1: Beginning of My Sophomore Year
    Real Life Update #3: DISNEY TOMORROW!
    Real Life Update #4: ACCEPTED!
    Real Life Update #5: NEW DISNEY PLANS!

    TRIP #1: DECEMBER 6TH - 9TH, 2011

    Day 1: December 6th, 2011

    Chapter 1: "...Do You Hear A Cat?"
    Chapter 2: Let's Go Downtown for Lunch!
    Chapter 3: What's Christmas Without A Little Disney Shopping?
    Chapter 4: An Off-Property Experience
    Chapter 5: What a TRIP!
    Chapter 6: "I Recognize Her... She's One of Those Frumps!"
    Chapter 7: "May All Your Christmas Wishes Come True!"
    Chapter 8: "Once Upon a Christmastime At Christmas!"
    Chapter 9: "Once Upon a Christmastime At Christmas!" (Continued)
    Chapter 10: Christmas Castle Stage Show Part 1
    Chapter 11: Christmas Castle Stage Show Part 2
    Chapter 12: TIME TO GO HOME!

    Day 2: December 7th, 2011
    Chapter 13: Mother's Birthday Morning!
    Chapter 14: The Best Birthday Cupcake EVER!
    Chapter 15: "You Only Turn 50 Once, Might As Well Go Crazy!"
    Chapter 16: Wandering Through the Parks
    Chapter 17: Una Fiesta De Cumpleaños En Mexico!
    Chapter 18: We're the Last People in Epcot!

    Day 3: December 8th, 2011
    Chapter 19: Our Lazy Morning
    Chapter 20: ROAR. DINOSAURS!
    Chapter 21: THE AUDITION!
    Chapter 22: Back to Epcot!
    Chapter 23: A Dinner in France!

    Day 4: December 9th, 2011
    Chapter 24: A Photographed Journey From the Parking Lot to the Magic Kingdom
    Chapter 25: A Sweet Start to our Day!
    Chapter 26: Riding the Rides
    Chapter 27: The Post Full of (MORE) Magic Kingdom Photos
    Chapter 28: AutoMagically Having a PhilharMagical Day!
    Chapter 29: Waiting For Our Lunch at the Castle
    Chapter 30: The Princess and The Queen Dine at Cinderella's Royal Table!
    Chapter 31: One More Dis-Meet and We're Outta Here!


    Chapter 32: A Brief Christmas/New Years Trip Introduction!
    Chapter 33: THE INTERLUDE

    TRIP #2: DECEMBER 21st, 2011 - JANUARY 2ND, 2012

    Day 1: December 21st, 2011
    Chapter 36: Back to T-Rex and then Checking In!
    Chapter 37: Our "Joyful" Trip to Epcot
    Chapter 38: THE BREAD Has Returned

    Day 2: December 22nd, 2011
    Chapter 39: Good Morning Hollywood Studios!
    Chapter 40: I'm a Little Obsessed with the Beach Club.
    Chapter 41: The Beach Club's Gingerbread Carousel!
    Chapter 42: I Can't Get Enough of this Scenery!
    Chapter 43: Our First World Showcase Storytellers!
    Chapter 44: Moving Back to Disney!
    Chapter 45: Dreams Do Come True in New Orleans
    Chapter 47: Delicious Italian Food, Delightful Italian Waiters

    Day 3: December 23rd, 2011
    Chapter 48: This is Only the Beginning of the Toy Story Madness!
    Chapter 49: "People Down Here Think I'm Crazy, But I Don't Care"
    Chapter 50: Dinnertime!
    Chapter 51: Cape May Cafe!
    Chapter 52: "And At Last I See the Light..."
    Chapter 53: Christmas Lights on a Christmassy Night

    Day 4: December 23rd, 2011
    Chapter 54: Goodbye Port Orleans, Hello Bay Lake! (Almost)
    Chapter 55: Visiting the Fish and Lunch at Brown Derby!
    Chapter 56: BAY LAKE TOWER.
    Chapter 57: There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays!
    Chapter 58: Freaking Out. A lot.
    Chapter 59: Narcoossee's
    Chapter 60: Simply Having A Wonderful Christmastime

    Day 5: December 25th, 2011
    Chapter 61: Christmas Mass and Christmas Breakfast!
    Chapter 62: Christmas Resort Hopping!
    Chapter 63: The Gingerbread House at the Grand Floridian
    Chapter 64: I Really Enjoy Photographing the Disney Resorts
    Chapter 65: Spending Christmas Day by the Pool!
    Chapter 66: A Contemporary Christmas Lunch!
    Chapter 67: Christmas Dinner at California Grill

    Day 6: December 26th, 2011
    Chapter 68: Yuletide Fantasy Tour Part 1 - Epcot
    Chapter 69: Yuletide Fantasy Tour Part 2 - Magic Kingdom/Grand Floridian
    Chapter 70: Yuletide Fantasy Tour Part 3 - Holiday Services
    Chapter 72: The Diamond Horseshoe/Wishes Dessert Party
    Chapter 73: Holiday Wishes Do Come True!
    Chapter 74: Holiday Magic at the Magic Kingdom

    Day 7: December 27th, 2011
    Chapter 75: Our Morning At/On The Wave(s)
    Chapter 76: Our Fishing Excursion and Back to The Wave!
    Chapter 77: Teppan Edo
    Chapter 78: Candlelight Processional & Holiday IllumiNations

    Day 8: December 28th, 2011
    Chapter 79: World Showcase Storytellers..... GO!
    Chapter 80: The Crowds Keep Growing...
    Chapter 81: The Maelstrom is the Most Popular Ride in Disney!!!
    Chapter 82: Yak and Yeti

    Day 9: December 29th, 2011
    Chapter 83: Some Early Morning Mania and SHOPPING!
    Chapter 84: Whispering Canyon Café
    Chapter 85: Carriage Ride and BREAKING THE RECORD!!!!

    Day 10: December 30th, 2011
    Chapter 86: Our VIP Jungle Cruise Expedition
    Chapter 87: Cram, Cram, Cram! So Much to See, So Little Time.
    Chapter 88: I'm on a Mission to See it All!
    Chapter 89: Castle Lighting and Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater!

    Day 11: December 31st, 2011
    Chapter 90: Our Last Morning of 2011
    Chapter 91: Bay Lake Tower's Pool
    Chapter 92: The Best Night of My Life
    Chapter 94: Our First Ride of the Year!

    Day 12: January 1st, 2012
    Chapter 95: Le Cellier and Pick A Pearl
    Chapter 96: Back at the Frump Homeland
    Chapter 97: Visiting the Boardwalk and Winding Things Down
    Chapter 98: My Magic Kingdom Tour From a Jungle Cruise Skipper (Part 1)
    Chapter 99: My Magic Kingdom Tour From a Jungle Cruise Skipper (Part 2)
    Chapter 100: Wrapping Up My Personal Tour and a Dis-Meet!

    Day 13: January 2nd, 2012
    Chapter 101: Chef Mickey's and Going Home

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    Jun 10, 2008
    Christmas Tips!
    January 12th, 2012

    Since this is your ULTIMATE SURVIVAL GUIDE, I thought I could point out some very helpful tips that I learned from my experiences. This could be very useful for planning purposes. Anytime you see a new tip, it will be in this green font. And I will add them to this post so you can find the tips all in one place! This can serve as your Christmas Tips Key! I hope this will be helpful!


    (As of each most recent update)

    Christmas Tip #1: If you're renting a car, think about joining National's Emerald Club. This is the EASIEST way to rent a car. By joining, you don’t have to wait in line at the rental car check-in desk. You go to the garage, pick your car, go through the little gate, and leave! Very convenient if the airport is crowded with fellow Christmastime travelers!

    Christmas Tip #2: If you are like me and usually avoid taking pictures with certain statues because the areas are too congested, the early December crowds are light enough where statues/major Disney icons/photo ops won't be surrounded by swarms of people!

    Christmas Tip #3: Pay attention to the decorations in the stores in Downtown Disney. Oftentimes they are overlooked because everyone is distracted by the merchandise. But they really are beautiful!

    Christmas Tip #4: For Annual Passholders and Florida Residents, Tables in Wonderland is a great way to save money on Disney Dining. What the card does is that it takes off 20% of your bill, and then adds back on 18% gratuity. So basically, you're saving the tip. It really adds up and my parents are VERY happy we got it - they like this even better than the dining plan!

    Christmas Tip #5: Make sure you use the exfoliators at the hand scrub tables at Basin! They work so well and they smell fantastic! Plus, it's a free trial! It's awesome.

    Christmas Tip #6: If you want to see the animals out the windows at Sanaa, make sure you go during daylight! And during the Christmas season, that would translate as a lunch or an early dinner!

    Christmas Tip #7: If you're going to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, look up the characters and locations BEFORE you get to the party. The map tells you where everyone is, but they don't say who is at each specific location.

    Christmas Tip #8: If you get to meet Flynn Rider at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, ask what is in his satchel!

    Christmas Tip #9: If you want to meet the Seven Dwarves at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, line up RIGHT at the very beginning of the party! The line gets SUPER long and the wait would basically take up your whole night.

    Christmas Tip #10: If you drive a car to the parks, MAKE NOTE OF WHERE YOU PARKED!

    Christmas Tip #11: Starring Rolls Cafe is only open from 9 am - 4 pm. So don't miss out on your opportunity to get a DELICIOUS [RED VELVET] CUPCAKE and other delectable baked goods by showing up too late in the day!

    Christmas Tip #12: Always make your dining reservations a little later than you expect to arrive. If you check in early, they usually take you right in and seat you fairly quickly!

    Christmas Tip #13: La Hacienda ONLY serves dinner!

    Christmas Tip #14: At T-Rex Cafe, if you're using an Annual Pass discount, the discount is only taken off of the entrees. So if you get an appetizer, (such as the T-Rexadillas) that item is not discounted.

    Christmas Tip #15: Whether or not you're taking Magical Express, take advantage of being able to check your bags right at the resort! That way you have more time to enjoy your day and you don't have to wait in that line at the airport later!

    Christmas Tip #16: If you want a quiet place to enjoy your Main Street Bakery breakfast, grab a table over near Casey's Corner, which is right across the street. Casey's doesn't open until lunch so the area is empty this early in the morning!

    Christmas Tip #17 - If you really want to eat at T-Rex but can't get a reservation, get there right at 11:30 am for an early lunch! The restaurant doesn't start filling up until 12 so you will more than likely get seated!

    Christmas Tip #18: Make sure you check out "Joyful" at Epcot, especially if you're into Gospel music. This show will definitely get you into the Christmas spirit!

    Christmas Tip #19: The Deluxe Resorts have AMAZING Christmas Decorations! Make sure you add the Polynesian to your list! Stop by when passing through on the monorail or make a dining reservation there so you don't miss out! It's so pretty!

    Christmas Tip #20: Make sure you check out the Gingerbread Carousel at the Beach Club! You're not going to want to miss it - it's so beautiful!

    Christmas Tip #21: If you have the time, I would definitely recommend taking the walk from Hollywood Studios to Epcot/vice versa. I think the friendship boat might even take longer, so you might as well get the exercise! Plus, it's a great way to escape the crowds and relax a little bit during your day.

    Christmas Tip #22: If you say you have a party of two at Toy Story Mania, they will send you through the right gate. That way you get to skip the entire line that goes up and down the stairs!

    Christmas Tip #23: If you're into pin trading, there is an awesome pin board that is always up in Port Orleans French Quarter's gift shop. Actually, at most of the resort gift shops/main desks there are pins boards or books. Make sure you ask the cast members to see them!

    Christmas Tip #24: They opened Hollywood Studios EARLY every day that we were there. I think it's a crowd control thing. So make sure you get there at least 20-30 minutes before park opening if you wanna do you Toy Story Mania FP/Standby trick during Christmas Week!

    Christmas Tip #25: This may be an obvious tip, but GO SEE THE OSBORNE SPECTACLE OF LIGHTS IN DISNEY'S HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS. Once you see it, you will completely understand why. No explanation needed.

    Christmas Tip #26: Tables in Wonderland has block out days, particularly Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and New Years Day. Remember that, because I made the mistake of booking my most expensive restaurants on these days.

    Christmas Tip #27: They have a Christmas day mass RIGHT AT the Contemporary Resort! You don't even have to leave Disney property! Just make sure you take Disney transportation there. (Use the monorail! Just don't drive a car.) They have Catholic and Protestant services on this special day!

    Christmas Tip #28: If you really want to avoid crowds, spend Christmas Day at the Disney resorts! There are tons of things to see and do while everyone else is invading the parks! See all of the monorail resorts' decorations, all of the Epcot resorts' decorations, eat at a resort restaurant, and spend time at the pool! It's so much more relaxing and very enjoyable!

    Christmas Tip #29: Be cautious of buying the gingerbread cookies from the Gingerbread House at the Grand Floridian. Mine was really dry and flavorless. There were many other treats for sale that looked a lot better!

    Christmas Tip #30: It is worth taking a special trip to the Grand Floridian to see the giant Gingerbread House. DON'T MISS IT! It's made out of real gingerbread and there's a little store inside! Too cute!

    Christmas Tip #31: If you want a relaxing Christmas Day, AVOID THE MAGIC KINGDOM AT ALL COSTS.

    Christmas Tip #32: To get the best picture of the Grand Floridian Christmas tree, you have to lay down on the pink circle in the rug and take the picture.

    Christmas Tip #33: If you are looking for a unique holiday experience, book the Yuletide Fantasy Tour! It gives you a look at Disney Christmas decorations and Christmas stories that you cannot see from merely touring the parks.

    Christmas Tip #34: The Tomorrowland Terrace restaurant is actually OPEN during Christmas week! If you usually pass by it and wish it was open during the regular year, you may want to factor a little quick service lunch into your schedule.

    Christmas Tip #35: Whether you are staying at the Contemporary or you have a dining reservation at that resort, remember that you can WALK THERE from the Magic Kingdom!

    Christmas Tip #36: The Diamond Horseshoe is another restaurant open during Christmas week that is closed during the rest of the year. If you enjoy Liberty Tree Tavern's thanksgiving feast, then you'll love this!

    Christmas Tip #37: Fishing Excursions get 15% discounts for DVC members! If you are a DVC Member or an Annual Passholder, make sure you ALWAYS ask if there is a discount available whenever you buy something!

    Christmas Tip #38: Try to get a little higher up and in the center when you are getting seated for Candlelight Processional. You don't get to pre-choose your seats, but try to make your way there when you load into the theatre.

    Christmas Tip #39: Do NOT miss the Candlelight Processional! It is heartwarming and beautifully put together. It really captures the true meaning of Christmas!

    Christmas Tip #40: As far as the Candlelight Processional Dining Package, I recommend it if you are going during Christmas week. (December 24th – December 31st) However, if you are going at the beginning of December, I would just skip the package. It’s overpriced for when the early December crowds are so low. Just make sure you line up about an hour ahead of time and you should be all set!

    Christmas Tip #41: One of my favorite viewing locations for IllumiNations is on the bridge in between France and the United Kingdom. You get the COMPLETE view!

    Christmas Tip #42: Whether or not it is the Christmas season, YOU NEED TO SEE THE VOICES OF LIBERTY. They are an extremely talented and beautiful group that deserves 10 minutes of your time. You will fall in love.

    Christmas Tip #43: If the parks ever get really crowded but you still want to sightsee, go to Epcot and watch the storytellers. You don’t have to wait in line for them and they will keep you entertained even if the crowds are brutal!

    Christmas Tip #44: If you can only do a couple of the Epcot Holiday Storytellers, my personal favorites were: Norway, Italy, The United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico, France, China, Canada, and Germany. In that order.

    Christmas Tip #45: The best kept Downtown Disney secret is the cookies from Ghiradelli’s. They are better than any other cookies you have ever tasted! Make sure you get them warmed up – that makes them even better!

    Christmas Tip #46: Make dining reservations at the Deluxe Resorts during Christmas week so you have an excuse to go over and see the decorations! Plus, these restaurants are much less hectic than the ones in the parks!

    Christmas Tip #47: If you want a unique experience for a relaxing night, book a carriage ride at the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds! The grounds are all decorated for the holidays and it will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit!

    Christmas Tip #48: Whether it is Christmas season or regular season, MAKE SURE YOU SEE THE DAPPER DANS! They are phenomenal and their angelic barber shop quartet singing and funny jokes will immediately put you in a great mood!

    Christmas Tip #49: Don’t forget to see Mickey’s Jingle Jungle parade at Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Disney gives the regular season parade a holiday twist!

    Christmas Tip #50: If you’re in the area, check out the Disney character inspired Christmas trees in Camp Minnie-Mickey!

    Christmas Tip #51: DO NOT miss the castle lighting ceremony at Magic Kingdom! It happens every night at dusk – the exact time will be on your Times Guide. It is absolutely magical beyond words.

    Christmas Tip #52: They perform the Magic Kingdom New Year's Eve fireworks on December 30th as well. So if you want to see the preview show, they will be set off on this night!

    Christmas Tip #53: If you can't handle the crowds at Christmas time, a very good week to go to Disney is the first week of January. Starting January 1st, the parks are EMPTY.

    Christmas Tip #54: If you're looking for a fun experience, do Pick-A-Pearl at Mitsukoshi in the Japan Pavilion. The pearls cost $15 each, and they are a great thing to take home! You can either buy jewelry there, or if you search "pick-a-pearl Cinderella carriage necklace" on ebay, you can order a very affordable necklace ahead of time to bring to the park.


    Other Trip Reports
    January-August 2011

    Also, I always like to include links to my old trip reports in my most recent one, in case you haven't read them and would like to do so! Each trip has its own story. So if you enjoy this one, you may like the others as well!

    My first trip report is about my trip in January, and that featured Kristen, Vickie, My Mom, and me! That was a girls trip that we took in honor of my high school graduation. We stayed at the Yacht Club and had an AMAZING time. This is where my Disney Trip Report Collection began.. as well as the frump phenomenon.

    The Port Report: Frumpin Around the World with the Bathrobe Princesses :-)

    My second trip report took place in February and it was a Family Vacation. We stayed at Old Key West and it was an extremely relaxing trip to the World. That trip included my Mom, Dad, Brother, and Me.

    "She's Looking at Food Pictures Again!" ★ A February Family Vacation!

    My third trip report was during April and it was a Mother Daughter trip! My mom and I stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge and spent a lot of time at the Flower and Garden Festival.

    “IT’S OUR MOTHER DAUGHTER TRIP!” Our Spontaneous Getaway - April 2011

    My fourth and most recent trip report took place this past August. I went down to Disney with my best friend, Nat. We surprised our other best friend, Kristen, who was on her family vacation. She had NO IDEA we were coming! This trip report tells about all of our frumpy adventures and has a video documentary of the whole thing! It was SUCH a fun trip! We stayed at Coronado Springs for this one!

    "There's NO Sleeping in Disney!" SURPRISE - The Frumps Are Back Again!

    This post is basically for organizational and reference purposes. Everyone who has been reading my TR's for a while probably knows how this goes by now :p

    So if you are interested, please feel free to read these! I love sharing my stories with people even when the reports are completed!

    Thank you again for being here! I hope you enjoy the upcoming trip report!

    Continued in Next Post
  5. arbolita

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    Sep 17, 2008
    This is going to be the best trip report ever, I can already tell. At least, until July. :banana::banana::banana:

    Also, you little sneak, I can't believe you kept it a secret that you were there earlier in December! I didn't think it was possible to get even more excited to read this TR, but you've managed to find a way =)
  6. ChattaAlley

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    Mar 2, 2011
    Jumping on board for another fun filled trip by Ms. Jess. YAY. :banana:
  7. Disneymad1993

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    Apr 24, 2011
    Hey :) Normally I'm a lurker on trip reports but decided to say hi! Im Rachel and im also the same age as you! In my first year of university as we call it over in northern ireland :thumbsup2
    Looking forward to reading this trip report! I've only been to WDW 3 times so it would be great to see how it is at Christmas!!
  8. wdw nut

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    Apr 4, 2011
    Cant wait to hear!!! My wife and I are Disney nuts too!!! No one in our family gets it so we are glad to hear there are more of us out there :banana:
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    Feb 16, 2011
    Awesome you got to go 2 disney twice in december! I love christmas in Disney :)

    Also, your hair looks so cute in the picture you posted.

    Hope that both of your trips were amazing :)

    I can't wait for more :)
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    Jan 10, 2008
    MY 8 year old daughter just loves all your trip reports and even though the last one is not done she put this one in fav folder so i guss we will read more of what you have to say. Thanks for being silly i think that is what she loves.
  11. Cllong75

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    Aug 4, 2005
    I found one of your reports awhile back and i've read each one now, I'm so addicted. You girls crack me up and remind me of myself when I was your age, so fun. I'm very excited for your next trip report so I'm subbing early. Your pictures are amazing and I love hearing about your "frumpy adventures", makes me long for my next trip. :dance3:
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    Sep 3, 2011

  13. arbolita

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    Sep 17, 2008
    ::snort:: I <3 you.
  14. mommytominnie

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    May 12, 2011
    I'm in!! oohh, I love your reports. Your disney excitement comes through them and they are contagious!!! Can't wait to read more
  15. hotmamac

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    Sep 4, 2007
    I came on the Dis today because I knew you were going for Christmas and wanted to see if you started your report and :pixiedust: there it was!! I've read the rest of your reports and can't wait to read this one!
  16. aspiringprincess1

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    Mar 14, 2011
    subbing! i was there at the same time (well, a little before) but IT WAS WONDERFUL! can't wait to read more!!
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    And so it begins....
  18. mermaid764

    mermaid764 DIS Veteran

    Jan 19, 2010
    Hey Jess! I am so sorry that I have been totally awol from your TR lately but unforunately this last semester was so demanding I had practically no free time.

    I was finally able to get caught up on your other one last night, and just wanted you to know that I am definitely going to try and follow this one as well.

    Can't wait to hear all about your two Christmas vacations:goodvibes
  19. katt789

    katt789 DIS Veteran

    Mar 14, 2010
    Yay! Yet another TR I opened thinking I'd try it out & then realizing it was one I was keeping an eye out for!

    So jealous you were there twice in a month! I also did an audition trip in Dec (for character performers, look alikes and show/parade performers). I'm definitely on the fence about getting an annual pass, mainly as flight prices have increased so much for me recently. Also when I talked to a cm last trip, they said that you couldn't get the dining plan with the annual pass, and I was confused on how I would go abouts booking a package trip for me & friends if I had an annual pass already :confused3

    Excited to hear about your double trip!!
  20. PlutosRHM55

    PlutosRHM55 Pluto's Prince (Haters back off!)

    Sep 14, 2010
    You know the party don't start 'till I walk in...

    Yeah, you know I'm here! Totally in! Can't wait to read all about it, Jess! :mickeyjum

    And wow, I was wrong about the surprise... I thought it was that you are going to the DCP soon, but I was close since you did say "Character Look-A-Like Audition", but that's awesome we get two TRs in one :thumbsup2 And I'm just loving how your list of favorite characters includes PLUTO now, pretty awesome ::yes:: ;)
  21. __disneygirl

    __disneygirl well, all that's left now is the happy ending.

    Aug 4, 2005
    party: YAY!!!! So excited for this one! I can't wait to read every detail!!!

    I'm so sad our trips are over though. How badly do you wish you could go back one month in time? Oh man. This time last month I was about to go to 'Ohana!!!!!!!! CRY. Flower gleam and glow... let your power shine... make the clock reverse... PLEASE!!! Sheesh, why don't I have magic hair that glows when I sing?!?!

    P.S. You have to send me that pic your mom took of us! That was so much fun!!!

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