Your mugshot on the ship?

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Dec 15, 2001
A previous post mentioned that in addition to you KTTW card you needed to take your photo ID card off the ship (drivers license etc.) when you stop at various ports. On a recent Princess Cruise each guest was photographed as they boarded the ship (not souvenier photos). These photos were then matched up with your cruise ID card and stored in a database. Each time you departed and got back on board you swiped the card and your picture instantly popped up on the computer terminal in front of the CM checking IDs. Does disney do this as well? Thought this was pretty standard security stuff, and the system seemed to work great. A couple did get the cards mixed up and the guard would not let the guy on the ship till he wore his wifes' dress. Really he made them switch places in line to match up with the photos. Pretty funny but it happens..

Princess does have a neat system, don't they? Disney does not take the photo IDs for your Key to the World card.
On our cruise with Carnival last April they also had this photo system in place. Not the most flattering pics in the world. LOL
Surely you jest:jester: How could you not have a wonderful picture taken after a long day to the ship, getting signed in, completion of form upon form and struggle up the gangway with all that licquor? :D


I wish Disney made their Key to the World Cards with photo. This way, all you would need to carry is one card and it's much easier to find one card in a bunch a stuff in your bag.

Magic (Western) 1/18/03:bounce:
I think Disney should add this to the KTTW card. It would make life a lot simpler for everyone.

Our Carnival cruise 2 weeks ago we all had mug shots taken before we boarded the ship. Then when we were in port we were told to take a photo ID and our Sail and Sign card. All they did was swipe our Sail and Sign card and checked our mug shot (stored in their computer). Everything went smooth. I assume the photo ID was incase you missed the ship? Kathy
Our NJ driver's licenses do not have a picture. does this mean I need to carry around my passport? that's scary!



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