Your Favorite Cruise Ships (Top 3) - from any cruise line


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Aug 22, 2013

If you had to make a Top 3 of your favorite cruise ship, on any cruise line... What would it be? (Ties are accepted)


Here is my "current" TOP 3 (if everything goes as planned, I am about to try MSC Divina, Oasis of the Seas and Carnival Mardi Gras within the next six months)

1) Carnival Vista

2) Disney Dream/Mariner of the Seas - it's a tie!

3) Disney Wonder/Carnival Victory (now Radiance) - it's a tie!

What's yours?


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Feb 12, 2009
If you had to make a Top 3 of your favorite cruise ship, on any cruise line... What would it be? (Ties are accepted)
1. Disney Magic (sadly I prefer the "old" decor, but I'll take the Magic as my first choice).
2. Crown Princess/Disney Fantasy/Disney Wonder
3. HAL Zaandam/HAL Zuiderdam


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Apr 21, 2012
1. Disney Dream/Fantasy
2. Royal Symphony of the Seas
3. Tie between Disney Magic and Mariner of the Seas


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Oct 3, 2008
1. Disney Magic
2. Disney Wonder
3. Disney Fantasy or the Dream if the Dream did longer sailings.


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Feb 16, 2012
1 - Disney Dream
2 - Disney Magic
3 - Celebrity Edge


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Oct 14, 2010
Disney Magic
Disney Wonder
SS Constitution (1967- I was a Navy brat moving back home after 3 years in Naples Italy) Loved the Connie!

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  • tvguy

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    Dec 15, 2003
    I have cruised on:
    MS Mermoz
    SS Norway (twice) when it was the largest cruise ship sailing
    RCCL Nordic Prince
    RCCL Sovereign of the Seas (a few months after it went into service as the largest cruise ship sailing)
    HAL Amsterdam
    DISNEY Magic
    NCL AMERICA Pride of America
    HAL Westerdam
    CELEBRITY Eclipse

    I think NCL AMERICA Pride of America was a different experience, not up to par with the other ships, but it really isn't a cruise as much as a floating hotel that takes you around the Hawaiian islands and overnights in several ports. They really expect passengers to eat dinner in port. And it was Freestyle dining which we don't care for.

    Every other ship had it's strengths.

    Mermoz. A gourmet food experience. Wine included with lunch and dinner. Dinner was a 12 course 3 1/2 hour event (only one seating. Active night life, but the night club/disco didn't even open until 1:30 am. Just 4 passengers on board under age 21. Small ship, 600 passengers. 230 crew.

    Norway. Former the SS France Trans Atlantic liner. Luxury cruise, great food, Broadway Show, and celebrity entertainers...folks you would know from the Tonight Show. 2,000 passengers 800 crew.

    Nordic Prince. Younger crowd. Great food and service. 1,100 passengers. 400 crew.

    Sovereign of the Seas. Wow, HUGE ship. Huge shopping mall. Brand new, larger cabins 2,800 passengers 750 crew.

    Amsterdam. Comfortable, top flight service and food. Despite their reputation, more children than I had ever seen on a cruise before (until Disney), but it was an Alaska cruise. Kids clubs. 1,380 passengers 647 crew.

    Magic. Disney. Top flight service and food. Broadway type shows. Kid and Adult areas, but lots of places for us to do things together as a family. More kids than I had ever seen on a cruise. Up to 2,700 passengers 950 crew.

    Westerdam. Comfortable, top flight service and food. Like the Amsterdam, Alaska cruise, lots of kids and kids clubs. 1,900 passengers. 800 crew.

    Eclipse. Well laid out ship with multiple dining options. Top flight service and food. 2,800 passengers, 1,271 crew.
  • gatordoc

    hopelessly addicted...
    Jan 29, 2007
    Disney Magic
    Disney Wonder
    Disney Dream
    For reference, have also sailed on various Celebrity, Royal, Princess, and Carnival ships. Fantasy was our first Disney ship, but our least favorite of the four - go figure.


    These Mickey pretzels are making me thirsty!
    Jul 11, 2010
    I don't think I have a favorite. Whatever one I'm on...that's my favorite at that moment.

    We have done 7 DCL cruises (all 4 ships), 3 RCCL (Freedom x2 & Oasis), 2 NCL (Getaway & Bliss), and 1 Carnival (Horizon).

    If I were to create, what I would think, is the ultimate ship and experience. I would definitely take elements/locations/experiences from all four cruise lines.

    • from DCL: Palo, the service, the characters, the quality of the entertainment, Castaway Cay, the classic exterior look of the ships
    • from RCCL: the Royal Promenade, the activities like the rock wall & flowrider, the layout of the ship - for whatever reason they seem to spread people out better then the others. DCL struggles in this area. They seem to constantly have everyone in the same place, at the same time.
    • from NCL: the freestyle approach dining (oh, the horror for DCL loyalists!!!) and not being tied to a rigid schedule, their Brazilian Steakhouse and Mexican restaurant, the Pub on the Getaway (O'Sheehans) - open 24 hours with free/complimentary food, a pool table, darts, mini-bowling. just a fun space. The version on the Bliss ("The Local" since O'Sheehan was no longer the CEO :laughing:) wasn't as good without the pool table, darts, etc
    • from Carnival: Guy's Burger Joint, their traditional Steakhouse, also, they do something interesting...they took the traditional cruise director position and split it into two positions. There is an "Entertainment Director", who does all the behind-the-scenes stuff like scheduling all the activities, dealing with the performers they bring onboard, etc. The "Cruise Director" - generally a big personality - is then free to basically just be the full-time emcee of the ship, hosting all sorts of events and parties all day, every day. very different from DCL where the CD usually only introduces the main show of the night and not much else. Seems their main focus is more on the behind-the-scenes stuff. I think Carnival's approach creates a more fun environment.


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    Jun 23, 2011
    Disney Magic
    Disney Wonder
    Disney Fantasy

    We have only cruised Disney. Some day I think I want to try Viking.



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