YES, touring Cinderella’s Dream Suite was Amazing!+14 Other Magical Days* Dismeet & Wrap


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Jan 30, 2010
Look Who's Back......

How do you top staying in the Admiral Suite at the Yacht Club? Well, honestly you don't! But as a consolation prize of sorts we happened to be lucky enough to have a special tour that completely surprised us so I can't wait to share. However... That doesn't happen until day 8 of our trip so you will have to wait until we've completed a Kilimanjaro Sunrise Safari, met up with several wonderful Disers, tested the new Magic Bands with some Fast Pass+ added in for good measure, and been smooched by a Mayor and a Frenchman! :love2:

This was another girl only trip that involved my DD Emmy (JustEmmy) and me. Oh wait....I shouldn't assume that everyone knows who I am so please allow me to make proper introductions. I'm Brenda and I truly believe that if I don't have a Disney trip to plan my life would be empty and meaningless. Ok, perhaps that's somewhat of an exaggeration but who doesn't love to anticipate and plan a Disney trip? (Try planning a trip to Gatorland and see how exciting that is. See what I mean now? :rolleyes:)

I'm still only in the single digits for the number of WDW proper trips that we've taken; however, if I counted the number of times we've played at Disneyland then you'd be astounded and amazed. Perhaps just slightly impressed? Here's where I should admit that we live 20 minutes away from Disneyland so its hardly impressive now isn't it?

I'm all about building lasting memories with my 17 yr old DD so thats really the reason why Disney shareholders everywhere thank me for yet another WDW trip! In all honesty, time is fleeting and I realize that a year or two from now I may not take as many Disney trips so I am cramming them in while time allows and my baby still actually wants to travel with me to such a magical place.

Other trivial facts that really have no bearing on this TR but I'm throwing them out there anyway since, well, I can. My DH (Michael), although he says he tolerates Disney would rather cruise, camp or fish. He's good for Disneyland park visits but he doesnt get the compulsion to return to WDW as often as possible... he simply shakes his head and asks occasionally when are you going again? I will say this though, as much as he misses his girls being away, he's a great guy and sends us off wiping a tear and warning me against unwelcome advances by the Mayor of Main Street.

I mentioned Em is the baby of the family we have 3 adult sons; our youngest currently serving in Afghanistan with the US Army, the middle who moved to Houston this week for a new job, and my oldest who turned 30 this year. Yikes! I'm desperately hanging onto these last years with Em since I'm not ready to be an empty nester.

With that, let's talk about why we are gathered together here and where did we stay and when and what did we actually do??

Who: As with the last 5 out of 6 WDW trips, this was just us girls. Emily (JustEmmy) and me!

When: August 16th through August 30th. 15 days/14 nights of pure Disney BLISS!!! Heck, if we have to fly 2,500 miles to get to Disney World then I'm going to stay awhile.

Where: Our Feb/March trip involved 3 resorts and I seriously wasn't looking to top that. However, when we (meaning I) kept adding nights to our trip I started to justify trying a new resort. Last time we completed our trifecta of staying at all 3 Epcot resorts so why not start knocking out the MK area resorts this time? With that decision made our final resort line up looked like this:

§ 1 night Wilderness Lodge (courtyard view)
§ 3 nights at Animal Kingdom Lodge (Arusha view) club level
§ 4 nights Yacht Club (Deluxe Room) club level
§ 6 nights Bay Lake Tower 1 bedroom (lake view)​

All rooms were booked using the summer room-only discounts. Some had better discounts than others due to the room types booked. In general, the club level rooms had a much lower discount than the regular rooms and for the BLT 1 bedroom I was amazed they offered a discount at all since it wasn't showing on the website the morning the discounts were released. Interestingly, the AP rates consistently mirrored the room only discounts.

Other Details: §
- Our Tables in Wonderland card didn't expire until the end of September so this was our ticket to a 20% discount for most TS dining locations. I successfully squeezed 3 WDW trips out of this puppy!
- Speaking of dining.... We arrived with nearly 40 ADRs for our 15 day trip but we ditched many of them for various reasons not the least of which we weren't that hungry most of the time.
- Premier APs = check! They're still good through mid-October. In fact, we linked our APs to our Magic Bands since 2 of our 4 resorts were testing the bands during our visit. I'll mention this more later in my report but overall I liked the experience.

Is anyone other than me thinking hey, your AP and TiW are still good, why not go back for one more trip and experience Food & Wine?? Yeah, if I hadn't busted my ankle within 48 hours of returning home last week I may try to justify that!

One more thing... I participated in the Live Dining Thread on the dining boards but I will attempt once again to juggle a TR and DR. This may be better in theory than in practice but I've been loyal to the dining boards for so long that I can't quit now! Look for links to indicate a dining review since I don't want to duplicate/bore/annoy anyone with having them in both reports. If Disney dining is not your thing you can skip right past that part.

However, if you want all the details behind where we ate, who we ate with and watch us expand before your eyes - here's the link for you!

Ok, with that, I believe I'm ready to start this adventure with all of you!

Look... we're ready...


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Jan 30, 2010
This one's mine!!!

Chapter Index.
Otherwise Known as How Can I Skip Ahead to the Next Installment without reading everyone's comments. ;)

Preamble Part 1: Seven Self Indulgent Must Dos
Preamble Part 2: 10 MUST Dos at WDW (or I must hang my head in shame!)

Day 1: Friday August 16, 2013
Part 1: The drop off, the pat down, and the rowdy section!
Part 2: Disney snacks for a non-Disney movie! And then we landed!
Part 3: A Fort is NOT a Lodge! Check in for Resort #1.
Part 4: A Stacey finish to our day!

Day 2: Saturday August 17, 2013
Part 1: I'm Melting!! But at least I'm in MK while I'm melting!
Part 2: A Splash of Confusion! "These stupid bands don't work!"
Part 3: The Land of Urinals and Hidden Pascals
Part 4: A Resort change to AKL and a Random Dismeet!
Part 5: Presenting an Arusha View room and Dinner with an African Flair.

Day 3: Sunday August 18, 2013
Part 1: Kilimanjaro Sunrise Safari part 1 - no animals yet!
Part 2: Kilimanjaro Sunrise Safari part 2 - You won't see crocs being fed every day!
Part 3 - Kilimanjaro Sunrise Safari part 3
Part 4: Dino Hurl rides and Yeti Coasters
Part 5: Surveys, Drenchings and More Dismeets!
Brief Intermission: Life post Deployment - not mine, I've always been here!

Day 4: Monday August 19, 2013
Part 1: Safari Donald Welcomes Us to Breakfast and Finally Meeting KatMark!!!
Part 2: The Lost Fishy Show and A Tigger Tango!
Part 3: Afternoon on the Savanna with a Dismeet Dinner at G Flo!
Part 4: Dismeet Playdate for DHS Extra MH
Part 5: And we finally end day 4 with a gangster shoot out

December Pre-Trip Plans and a Disneyland Photo Intermission

Day 5: Tuesday August 20, 2013
Part 1: Feeding time for humans and feeding time for savanna critters
Part 2: Not Sure What We are Testing Track and a KatMark appearance at San Angel Inn
Part 3: YC Room #4201 Reveal....Ok, not an Admiral Suite but we'll take it!
Part 4: A Steak, A Beatles Fan, and another encounter with Kathy (KatMark) - What a great evening!

Day 6: Wednesday August 21, 2013
Part 1: This update isn't about my wardrobe malfunction! Let's have some fun at DHS!
Part 2: Toe eating duckies and a vintage lunch.
Part 3: I may not be artistic but I am rather like the Queen of Hearts!
Part 4: Carrot Cake Cookies and Cookbooks. A Stop at Writers Stop.
Part 5: Prelude to a Castle...culminating in a French experience and the food wasn't bad either.

Day 7: Thursday August 22, 2013
Part 1: So much fun in Epcot that you want to be us!
Part 2: The dry part of our Epcot adventures - with another KatMark appearance!
Part 3: Magic Band failure aside we enjoyed our view of Illuminations at dinner and Enchanted on the beach after

Day 8: Friday August 23, 2013
Part 1: Prelude to a Castle.... A glorious sunrise, a lazy breakfast, a crowded bus and a friendly Mayor
Part 2: Meeting up with the Author! And some pre-lunch fun still unaware what lies ahead.
Part 3: The SURPRISE revealed...the Mayor had his own way of helping us celebrate!
Part 4: Dream Suite Tour - Part 1
Part 5: Dream Suite Tour - Part 2 (Breezeway and Elevator)
Part 6: Dream Suite Tour - Part 3 (Foyer and Bed Chamber)
Part 7: Dream Suite Tour - Part 4 (Sitting Room/Salon)
Happy 18th Birthday Emily - A prelude to a Disney birthday weekend celebration!
Part 8: Dream Suite tour Part 5 (Bathroom)
Part 9: Dream Suite Tour - Part 6 Wrap up and Key to the Castle
DL Resort Intermission - Grand Californian Hotel Birthday Weekend Part 1
DL Resort Intermission - Grand Californian Hotel Birthday Weekend Part 2
DL Resort Intermission - Grand Californian Hotel Birthday Weekend Part 3 - The End
Part 10: We're not drunk we just can't walk in heels on the Boardwalk! And the BEST dinning experience of the Trip!

Day 9: Saturday August 24, 2013
Part 1: Solo EMH at Hollywood Studios and boy is it HOT out!
Part 2: We finally don our bikinis and take a dip in Storm Along Bay!
Part 3: Checking into our new "home" - our 4th and final resort
Part 4: It's harder than it looks to dine in a castle - getting there's most of the work!
Part 5: Dining inside the castle followed by a quest!

Day 10: Sunday August 25, 2013
Part 1: Always the Engineer and Never the Commander! What's up with that? Then there's that little embarrassing moment at lunch.
Life Update: Somebody is Engaged
Part 2: Here's where rain is coming so we hasten our exit..hey, where's "Joe"??
Part 3: Check viewing Wishes from the Poly beach off the list even if the finale was on the boat!
Part 4: Hitting up Tomorrowland for some late night fun!
Part 5: A redhead type of night with an Ariel encore!
Part 6: Finishing off EMH with a non-magical portal

Day 11: Monday August 26, 2013
Part 1: Starting the day with a breakfast of epic Disney proportions.... and a little love from Mickey!
Part 2: The attraction where they make the kids sing and dance. If that's not thrilling enough we have a hatchet murderess on the lose!
Part 3: Marking another Must-Do off the list and it's not the Belle that you are thinking!
Part 4: A little rain can't stop our fun... as long as we don't get wet.
Part 5: We are NOT survey cursed so let's celebrate by crossing the Ferryboat off our Must Do List!

Day 12: Tuesday August 27, 2013
Part 1: Keys to the Kingdom Tour Part 1
Part 2: Keys to the Kingdom Tour Part 2
Part 3: Conclusion of Keys to the Kingdom Tour AND... Lifting a Pinkie for Afternoon Tea at the Grand

Day 13: Wednesday August 28, 2013
Part 1: A Blizzard Beach morning
Part 2: Trolls, School Bread and Margaritas - Some favorites and some firsts!
Part 3: The Cretaceous Period Ellen style! Wrapping up Day 13 with a Castle Kiss Good-night!

Rock Your Disney Side - 24 Hour Party Intermission - May 23-24, 2014
Part 1: Disneyland side
Part 2: Disney's California Adventure side

Day 14: Thursday August 29, 2013
Part 1: A New Dawn and a Main Street Barb Sighting!
Part 2: Bowing down to "greatness" followed by a Break Up Moment
Part 3: A Chipmunk "Sandwich" interrupts a quest for a healthy breakfast!
Part 4: Kidnapped in broad daylight!! Those moguls think they can do anything!
Part5: A final farewell to DHS and Epcot - while being shark bait!
Part 6: Dinner and Reflections of Earth from a Boat - Illuminations Cruise.
Part 7: If Wishes do come true then how come this is our last night?

Day 15: Friday August 30, 2013
Part 1: Finally.... our last morning in WDW. Who needs Magic Shots when you have Alex?!
Part 2: Cindy admits that it is hard to dance in glass slippers!
Part 3: See Ya Real Soon!

The Wrap Up:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

DLR Dismeets:
Dismeet Intermission with Smile4Stamps (Paula) at DLR - October 2, 2013
Dismeet Intermission with Vettegirl (Lori) at DLR - October 19, 2013
Dismeet Intermission with Eandesmom (Cynthia) at DTD Disneyland - Saturday April 19, 2014
Dismeet Intermission x2 - Paula (Smile4stamps) and Rachel (Rachel09985) - July 2014
TWO Disneyland DISmeets! Dee (Natebenma) and Alicia (Leshaface) - July 2014
Dismeet with DaveinFallsChurch - August 2014

A Top Thread Honor: #2 Thread September 2013! You guys are the star of this update! -
#10 for 2013 - Thank you to all the lurkers, peekers, subscribers, and other Dis pals!



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Jan 30, 2010
And this one too since I'm a post hog.. I have plans...

10 Must Dos at WDW

My final results were 8 of my 10 items were crossed off our list. There's always next time to see YeeHaw Bob and make a rope drop for DHS! At least I can now render my opinion regarding the school bread and the avocado margaritas!

1. Sail on the Liberty Belle at MK! CHECK!! See Post # 2110
2. Take the ferry boat to MK from the TTC CHECK!! See Post # 2195
3. Ride any Dino-land rides at AK - CHECK!! See Post # 501
4. Hop on a truck and see some lions and tigers during the Safari - CHECK! See posts # 408, 449, and 455
5. Lift a pinkie and have afternoon tea at the GF. CHECK!! See Post # 2198
6. View WISHES from the Poly Beach - CHECK!! See Post # 2025
7. Indulge in an avocado margarita at Epcot - CHECK!! See Post # 2260
8. See the Yehaa Bob show at POR - Still on my to-do list!
9. Attend DHS park open and try to score some TSM fast passes!! - Yeah.... didn't accomplish this one yet but maybe we'll wake up early next trip!
10. Leave room for some school bread from Norway to try for the first time.- CHECK!! See Post # 2260


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Sep 28, 2008
I'm in. I enjoyed your trip reports and your dining reports. Your room at Yacht club was amazing and can't wait to see the suite at Cinderellas castle.


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Aug 5, 2007
I'm here. Be back to read later...on way to dinner with oldest son and friends.

*****Okay....back from our yummy dinner. I'm glad I found you (no heads up :confused3).

Love your intros, and can't wait to read all about it.
  • natebenma

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    Jul 19, 2008
    Awesome introduction and photos!!! We are starting to have those same thoughts about the time to enjoy family vacations becoming limited and making the most of trips we take.

    I'm sooooooo in!

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    Feb 5, 2011
    Hi Brenda! Here and ready for another trip report! Forget the Cinderella Suite, I'm DYING to find out about the story involving the Frenchmen. popcorn:: :rotfl:

    Ok ok. I really do want to hear about the suite as well. Seriously, next time I go to Disney World I'm just going to start dropping your name to every CM I meet and see if I can ride your coat tails and get some major pixie dust! :lmao:

    Can't wait to hear all about your trip!!


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    Nov 6, 2012
    Joining this TR since I so enjoyed your last one. I tend to lurk and not comment but I am a loyal lurker none the less. As a life long Houstonian I welcome your son to town!

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    Sep 19, 2012
    I love your pink bag. :lovestruc

    I can't wait to hear how you managed to get a tour of Cinderella's Dream Suite.

    You are smart to get your time with Emmy while you can. But someday you may be able to take a little prince or princess to Disney and the fun will continue in a new way. :goodvibes


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    Jan 28, 2010
    Can't wait to hear all about your trip. I'll be taking notes this time in case you do another quiz at the end. I have to get a better grade next time! :-)

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    Aug 6, 2013
    I'm in! I don't post much but lurk lots and adore your trip and dinning reports! Can't wait to hear all about your trip while passing the time until our next one!