Yay, DD's first trip to WDW in October! Need serious planning help!

Discussion in 'Disney for Families' started by melsmom12, Apr 17, 2008.

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    Sep 8, 2005
    Hi, everyone! I am so, so, so excited to be planning my next WDW trip! We are going to be taking my DD-3 to WDW for the first time, and the last time as an only child! Yes, I will be about 6 months pregnant when we go. I can't wait to take her. She has been on the DCL twice and has also been to Universal and DTD on a trip a few years ago, but this will be her first time inside the actual parks.

    I need some serious help planning. This is what I have so far. The trip will be Wednesday, October 1 - Sunday, October 5th. We will be staying off property, either at Bonnet Creek (which is kinda on property) or in Windsor Hills at a condo.

    Wednesday will be used for travel, check in, groceries, swimming, excitement!

    Thursday there is EMH at MK - but I'm not sure if we're allowed in early. I posted about this in the Theme Park forum, because we were allowed in early last time we went, and we weren't staying on property then. Either way, we are going to hit MK early and either do CRT for breakfast or lunch with the princesses. Then leave the park to go back to the condo for naptime/resttime. Then that night we will go back for MNNSHP. We will definitely stay for the first parade, and maybe the fireworks b/c currently DD is not such a fan of loud noises.

    Friday we will probably not go to a park. We will swim, play, maybe DTD, we'll see. Maybe a water park. Not sure.

    Saturday we will go to Hollywood Studios. DD is in love with Playhouse Disney, especially Little Einsteins, and she's seen the segments on Playhouse Disney Live so I know we'll definitely do that. We'll stay at HS until we're ready to leave and then that will be that.

    Sunday I don't know if we'll go to a park or not. We'll leave to go home around 6-7pm and fly home.

    So, for a first time trip for a 3.5 year old, how does that sound? I don't want to overwhelm her? But do you think we should plan more than 2 park days? Do you think that Thursday is too much in one day? Should we do MNNSHP on Friday instead and seperate the MK day from the MNSSHP?

    I would appreciate all and any advice you have for me. Oh, and most likely it will be just me, DH, and DD, possibly my mom, too. I like the 3:1 ratio of adults to kids!
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    The biggest suggestion/travel advice I could make is to stay on a disney property if at all possible...then you are guaranteed an early entry if it's available and it would be much easier to catch a shuttle back to your hotel mid day for naps. MK is where I would probably spend the majority of park time because of the amount of little kid geared rides/fun. I know a lot of people hesitate to stay on property because of the price but if you join AAA there is HUGE discount, we (me, DH, DS7, DS6, DD1) are leaving on 4/30 for 10 days and got a family suite at the All star Music resort (the only budget resort with suites) I believe it sleeps 6 or 7! It cost us $60 to join AAA but we saved almost $300 on our room alone, not to mention all the fun perks likea special story time with a character, and other discounts! If you decide to stay on property and get a park hopper your options really open up as far as times/days to hit the parks, the flexibility would allow you to work around your DD naps or her need for a break from the crowds...Good luck planning and Have fun!:yay:
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    What I am thinking is take things at her pace. make sure bring or rent a stroller. My 5 yr old only likes her which is fine at midnight because she can sleep and hubby and I can sneak in snuggle time watching the fireworks without the struggle of lugging a sleepy/ heavy kids thru the parks wait for 4-5 trams to go by get on the tram then lug to the car and pray you remembers where you park ( i now take pics of where we parked ) only other thing i am thinking is get insurance on your trip because 1-your pregnent and 2 - your comming in the midst of hurricane season. i know the Contemporary is quite pricy but it has some advantages such as taking the monorail to the hotel for a nap or even dinner change of clothes dip in the pool etc. they also have a nice baby care where mom and dad can go eat and child has fun playing for a few hrs. its something to look into anyways :)
    Dont forget sunscreen and a stroller cover for the rains. you can always buy Ponchos there ( ask , there behind the counters ) i always get a water bottle in the Sporting good isle of Walmart and fill it with ice .. nothing like ice cold ice water on a steamy day. i know this isnt all what you ask but you got me started :)
    have a great trip and congrats on the newest "Disney baby "

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