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    Nov 5, 2000
    I'm confused... I know about the Yachtsman Steakhouse restaurant, but I also just saw a seperate menu for the Yachtsman Steakhouse Lounge. Can someone tell me if there is a lounge menu still.

    Scroll about halfway down the page to see the "Yachtsman Steakhouse Lounge Dinner Menu"
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    Yes, there is a lounge next door. It's called the Crew Cup Lounge. I ate there in Oct. Looking at the menu on the link you provided I'm not sure that is still accurate. They did have some of those things but I don't remember seeing Lobster Sliders or a Chicken. I do remember seeing the steak. You can check for their menu. I'm not sure how often they update it though.
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    No steak on the allears menu...has anyone been recently? I would be interested in Crews Cup if I could get a steak here...well, not for me but my DH is a steak lover and I love their bisque!!!

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