Yacht Club rates in January?


Earning My Ears
Sep 13, 2000
I am planning a special trip for me, my sister, and my mother late January and have finally narrowed it down to the Yacht club. I have never stayed there but hear that it is wonderful.

I am an annual passholder and was wondering what dicounted rates you have gotten for January at this resort for concierge or just regular room. The codes aren't out yet but I wanted to get an idea about how much difference there is between the two.

I really want this to be a special trip and I have never done concierge before and was wondering if it is worth it? I want to spend my b-day the disney way!

Any tips for me?

Please help and all responses appreciated!
We are staying YC conceirge at the end of Sept. You might want to check rates on Expedia. We got our room at a really good rate so we decided to splurge. We are a family of 6 so I think the boys will really enjoy the lounge for breakfast and snacks. Plus with 2 babies I wont have to pack up everyone for every meal and snack. I will post about the hotel and trip when I return. You might want to check out the Travel channel they have the YC coming up Mon 8/26 3pm and Wed 8/28 11:30 am--eastern time.


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