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    Iced Cappuccino Smoothie
    8 servings

    Smoothie Mix
    ½ c fat-free vanilla flavored coffee creamer
    1/3 c instant regular or decaf coffee
    1/3 c instant fat-free milk powder
    ¼ c sugar
    2 TBSP cocoa

    To prepare the smoothie mix, combine the coffee creamer, coffee granules, milk powder, sugar and cocoa in a blender and pulse several times until finely powdered and well blended.

    Single smoothie

    ½ c fat-free milk
    2 TBSP smoothie mix
    6-8 ice cubes

    To prepare a smoothie, combine the milk and smoothie mix in blender; whirl until smooth. Add the ice cubes and pulse until thick and creamy

    Serving – 1 smoothie – 114 cal, 0 g fat, 20 g carb, 1 g fiber, 9 g protein – PTS 2

    Best of WW Magazine cookbook
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    Ooh, this one sounds good! Thank you for posting this recipe. :D

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