WWoS All Star Cafe vs ESPN Club(long)

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by A Mickeyfan, Aug 8, 2002.

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    May 31, 2000
    I will not go back to the All Star Cafe again. I have gone 2 times & each time was terrible. After my son's baseball game, the team went into eat. They counted us as one party of 19.....therefore over 8 people so the 15% grat is added onto the bill. However, they refused to seat us all together. We were at seperate tables and each TABLE not family recieved a check. My son was not at my table and I am a Disney Dining Club Card holder. They did allow me to use the discount on him only after an argument. They also tried not giving me the discount on beer (telling me it is food only), I had to point out to them that is not so. I was upset that they wouldn't allow us to keep our family checks together, then scatter us all over the place then add the 15% to the bill to boot! I know I sound petty, but if you are counted as a "group of 8 or more" you should be seated as that.....not 4 at one table 6 at another, 8 elsewhere & so on..... There were a total of 19 of us....all over the place. Some of the tables were just the kids.....then to give seperate checks PER TABLE was a nightmare...we had parents trying to figure out the checks of 2 tables.... On the other hand I would like to compliment the ESPN Club on how they handled us....... they gave us our choice of seating....they allowed our children's meals to be on our checks (extra work for them but they did it with a smile), didn't count us as a group therefore NOT adding the grat's to the bill and did not mess up on the Disney Dining Card discount.....They deserved a 20% grat for their efforts....and the AS-Cafe shouldn't have gotten anything.... even after speaking to a manager...they wouldn't take off the 15%....but the did give in and give me discount off the beer!!

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