Wooden Mickey - Any ideas?

Discussion in 'Disney Collectors Board' started by BONZO, Sep 20, 2001.

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    Feb 16, 2001
    A message from a UK DISer

    Anyone Help?

    We picked up a wonderful wooden Mickey Mouse at the weekend and wondered if anyone could help in tracking down any info on him.

    He's about 3 foot tall of what we believe to be pine. There a are no markings whatsoever but he has a round hole running up the middle of him but we don't know how far up it goes. The seller thought he was used as a shop display or a fairground sideshow game, & is unpainted with a dark waxed polish finish but not very shiny. But he only bought it recently with little to no information. He's obviously of some vintage as there's been a few repairs to him, there are a few cracks and a small amount of wordworm.

    We've started stripping back the wax planning to rewax him in a slightly lighter colour and putting him our hall way as he makes everyone who sees him break out in a wide smile.

    Any ideas?

    Mickey 1

    Mickey 2

    Mickey 3

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    Dec 16, 1999
    I would love information too! I don't know anything about the piece, but I have one just like it only mine is actually painted like Mickey Mouse with red pants, white gloves, etc. My parents picked it up for me at a flea market this year. He was on display at my Pin Parties this year so I am sure lots of people saw him. I will have to see if I can take a picture of mine so you can see. They are very similar.

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