Woo Hoo!! Just booked airfare for our trip!!


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May 31, 2005
Hi everyone. I just found this site yesterday, and have been having a great time reading through it.

To introduce myself... I'm a 40yo mom of 2 girls (7 and 2), hubby is also 40. I grew up in So. Cal. (born in Anaheim, hence the username), so I've been to DL countless times. I've only been to DW twice. One quick trip -- conference for work at the Dolphin, one evening in Epcot and one half day at AK.

3 years ago, week-long family trip, we stayed at WL, and had a blast! I tend to get very Disney-obsessed when I'm planning a trip, but not so much so when I'm not. Anyway, I'm thrilled now to be going in 4 months!!! And we'll be there on my dd's 8th birthday, too! I want to shout it from the rooftops, but we're going to try to keep it a surprise for dd for as long as possible.

Anyway, that's my intro. Glad to be here. Hope you don't mind me picking your brains, I have lots of questions.


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Nov 16, 2003
Congrats! I just booked a week in October (2nd-8th) and am doing a happy little jig myself :banana: :banana: :banana:

I lived in Brea for a decade and Huntington Beach for about 4 years, had the $99 DL passes the whole time.

I have also been to WDW 4 times now, going on 5 :earboy2: and just love it there.

Make sure to book a special birthday meal at Cinderella's Royal Table (CRT), it is so worth the $$ to dine in a castle (oh and it is yummy too). You have to book it 90 days in advance, it fills up fast so you have to get up darn early in the morning to do it. You can read all about the how to's on the Cindy's advice thread http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=195400

Also your daughter can get a birthday button to wear so everyone makes a fuss over her :flower:

Welcome to the DIS :wizard:


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May 31, 2005
(after spending the first two years of my life in Anaheim and Santa Ana). HBGirl just didn't fit the board as much as AnaheimGirl, lol!

How funny! It really is a Small World After All, isn't it? (groan!)

Anyway, thanks for the info. I will definitely try to get CRT reservations. What a great place to celebrate a birthday!


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