Wonder work museum in Orlando


Apr 1, 2008
I have done another Wonder Works (Pigeon Forge, TN) and it was ok. My kids were about 6ywhen we took them and they liked it well enough, but I am not sure I would take a day out of a vacation to do it when there is a lot of other stuff to do. It is kind of like a mini kids-museum with hands on activities. If you have a good kids museum near where you live, it may not be worth it. We did it because we it was raining and most of stuff in that area is outside and we needed something to do with the kids.


DIS Veteran
Sep 23, 2014
We enjoy it. We always get the package deal with the dinner comedy/magic show. It is a fun time! The fare is very basic--salad, pizza, popcorn, some dessert, and all you can drink soda/beer/wine--but the two performers we saw were both excellent.


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