Wonder/AKL trip report - Day 3 (Castaway Cay)

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    In case you missed the planning report...

    Me (36) and mom (72), travelling with my friend from work and his 3 friends. Three night Wonder cruise, then 6 nights at WDW. First Disney cruise for all...

    Saturday, May 5

    Woke up before 7:00 to see the sun shining outside. Ran out onto the verandah and let out a squeal of delight "we're here"! I could see the beautiful blue water and white sand of Castaway Cay! I was so excited...this was the day I was looking forward to the most on the cruise, and after reading so many stories of ships not docking at CC I was nervous. I was just in time to see us pulling slowly sideways to the dock. Thanks Disney Gods!

    Headed to Beach Blanket Buffet for breakfast. Went through the line, to see the boys already eating at a table so we joned them. Satndard breakfast fare...pretty good. Lousy OJ though...

    Mom and I went down to where the gangway would be located (deck 1, rear of the ship today). We waited with about 25 other eager guests to get the all clear. Walked off, got on the first tram to the family beach, then the first tram to the adult beach.

    We (mom and I) were one of the first people on the adult beach, so we staked out a spot right where you walk in. Got a hammock, umbrella, couple of lounge chairs and regular chairs. We were right near the bar, bathroom, and lunch. Plus, the cabana massages were only a few feet away...

    We walked along the beach and got some shells. The water was a bit nippy, but I usually don't go out that far into the ocean anyway...too many things swimming with you that you don't know about! Yuck. Anyhow, I immediately went for what would become my favorite spot for the day...the hammock. Slathered on the sunscreen (the sun was strong already), grabbed my Cosmo magazine, and enjoyed the feeling of being in paradise. A nice breeze blew as I rocked back and forth...

    Around 9:30, the boys showed up. One of them had gotten a haircut after breakfast, and another was going back to the ship at 10:30 to get his hair highlighted (and yesterday he had a massage and a facial...this boy knows how to pamper himself!). Two of the boys laid out and relaxed with us, while the other 2 went back to the ship after about an hour (my friend from work...he does not like the idea of relaxing on a beach all day).

    I rented a raft to lay on (only used it a little in the afternoon) and got a bottle of water at the bar ($2.50). Soon, it was 11:00...time for my massage!

    I decided to do the 25 minute half body one ($59 plus $11 tip). Clare from South Africa was my massaeur. This was the most wonderful feeling ever! I especially enjoyed the foot massage...heavenly. The back and leg parts were great too, and the lotions and oils she used were wonderful. This was a great experience...one I would not hesitate to repeat on future cruises. It was over too soon, and I may my way back to our base camp.

    After being back for about 20 minutes, it started to pour! We threw all our stuff into our bag, and mom, the 2 boys and I ran up to the bar for semi-cover. The other 2 boys were just coming back from the ship, but when they went to get off the tram the other 2 boys jumped on with them and they all headed back to the ship. Mom and I decided to ride it out, and it paid off. After about 20 minutes, the sun came back out and there was not a cloud in the sky (PS...thanks to the nice boy who got soaked trying to help me put the umbrella up...what a sweetie). The beach was now practically deserted...WIMPS!!!

    We dried off and headed to lunch. Had a good steak sandwich, potato salad, chips, friut, and punch. Went back for a hot dog too. Very nice lunch, but I hear the one on the family beach is better. Next time, we'll hop over there and try it.

    Spent the rest of the afternoon floating in the ocean (though the tide was pretty far out) and soaking up the sun. A wonderful, relaxing day. Mom finally dragged me away (she thought I'd had enough sun...NEVER) at 2:30. We got the tram to the family beach, which we decided looked like more fun. Next time, maybe a half day on this beach would be fun. The water looked better too. Stopped in the store and got a nice Castaway Cay t-shirt for me and a key chain. Also got 3 postcards to send to friends (but don't tell them...I actually wrote them out the next day at the Animal Kingdom Lodge pool). Got back on the boat around 3:00.

    Showered and relaxed in the room. I discovered the free movie channel (of course, on the last day), and watched some of "Family Man' and some of the Penguins in the Stanley Cup playoffs (just for a taste of home I guess). For some reason (maybe from the sun?), mom and I were hungry, so we decided to try room service (as it was still almost 5 hours until dinner). I had chicken tenders, chips, and a cookie (saved the other one for later), mom had tuna and chips. I got a Diet Coke, so the bill was $1.73. Added a $2.00 tip.

    We left the island at 5:00. I got to hear the horn ("When You Wish Upon A Star") 3 times. We were also on the side where the guys put the Mickey hands on and wave goodbye, so I stood on the verandah and waved. Sad to leave the beautiful island. They give a debarkation talk in the theater, but the same exact thing is braodcast on your stateroom tv many times over. So, get a snack and relax in the room! Much better...

    By the way, we heard that they are putting a golf course on Castaway Cay. That should make the island an even bigger hit than it is already!

    Met the boys for the "Disney Dreams" show. Excellent show! All the classic Disney characters and songs. The lady who sang "Circle of Life" was awesome! So many talented people work for Disney, I'm always amazed.

    Went to do my shopping. Got a nice cruise line sort-of sweatshirt (but nicer), and a cruise line snow globe and key chain. Got a little Chip and Dale in their sailor suits for my best friend's kids.

    Went to the Cadillac Lounge for our pre-dinner drinks. Another very nice club for the adults. A mom and her 2 little girls came in to meet someone, and I saw the waitress watching them. She gave them a minute or two, then went over to tell them this was an adults only lounge. I'm glad Disney tries to enforce this (though there were a few children at the adult beach today and no one said anything...no big deal though).

    Ran my bag to the room (and had another towel animal from Alex) and headed up to Palo. What a great restaurant! Our server (Dunbar or something like that from Croatia) was so great! Funny and VERY cute! Okay, I was crushing a little, but what can you do? His personality was just so exuberant! Granted, it was his last night before his time off (he was going to visit friends in Dallas and then home to Croatia), so that probably had something to do with it, but whatever. I wanted to take him home! Oh yeah, I think we ate too. Just kidding. Had a Bellini, delicious portabello mushroom appetizer, seafood stuffed tortellini, and warm chocolate souffle for dessert. Dunbar kept wanting to bring us extra food and desserts. A great meal. We took a picture with Dunbar, but he didn't want to let us go! He and one of the boys were especially funny...they could have done a comedy act together. We were there from 8:30 till 10:50. If you were there that night, yes, we were the loud, rowdy table hogging the server all night. We finally had to make him bring us the checks (and both parties added extra tips for him), as we still all had to pack and get our bags out by 11:00! Dunbar shook our hands as we left, but mom said "I have to give you a hug" (why didn't I think of that). She wanted to adopt him...OKAY BY ME!

    Anyway, we practically threw our stuff into our suitcases, and had them out a little after 11:00. This is the one thing I don't like about cruising. I would have liked to go to the clubs or hang out on deck or something, but didn't want ot leave more clothes out than neccesary (and I had a long ball skirt on, so that had to be packed). I guess we could have put on the shorts we had out for tomorrow, but we were tired anyway.

    Showered, wrote trip notes, and watched more movies. We were once again moving pretty fast, so another note of rockin'n'rollin was in order (and lots more creaking). I could see a ships lights in front of us, and behind us. I'm guessing this was our Carnival and RC buddies. Where do they go on their other day ? Do they have private islands too? Just wondering...

    Tomorrow...off the Wonder and on to Disney World!

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    I really enjoyed your trip report. I like the idea of a golf course on Castaway Cay. You know Disney will do it with respect to the environment.

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    Jan 26, 2000
    Royal Carribbean has 2 private islands, cocoa cay in the bahamas, nice beach-great BBQ and Labadee off the tip of hati, really nice beaches very tropical. We have enjoyed both of these islands and lookforward to castaway cay in October.
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    Sounds like a *perfect* day!! The massage sounded heavenly! That is something I know I have to do if I ever book a Disney cruise!!

    Beth :D

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