Wonder/AKL trip report - Day 1 (cruise day)

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    In case you missed the planning report...

    Me (36) and mom (72), travelling with my friend from work and his 3 friends. Three night Wonder cruise, then 6 nights at WDW. First Disney cruise for all...

    Thursday, May 3

    Got up at 5am after a few hours of sleep. Missed my Belle a litlle, but did okay. Left the house by 6:30, and even though we hit some traffic we were at the offsite parking place at Pittsburgh airport by 7:30. Got the shuttle, then stood in the always long US Airways line. Rode the tram to the main terminal, and ended up with a major headache trying to get something to eat at McDonalds (long story), but managed to wolf down our breakfast and board the plane. Took off on schedule at 9:05. Uneventful flight. Landed at MCO a few minutes early (11:10).

    We were met by DCL reps, but because we did not put our DCL tags on before leavung home (I thought they would fall off), we had to go down, retrieve our luggage, tag it, and throw it back on the carousel. Then had to run all over the airpost from DCL rep to DCL rep. We learned our lesson...next time we'll put the tags on at home. Who knew?

    Got on the bus to Port Canaveral around noon, pulled out about 12:10. It rained pretty hard the whole trip, but the video was interesting, and the rain stopped right as we saw the ship across the bay...First impression was that it was a beautiful ship, fairly big (I think the RCL one was bigger), and colorful.

    Check in took about 5 minutes, and we were boarding at 1:15. We were not announced though. Maybe it was too busy...

    We went right to our stateroom...6066. Very nice stateroom, and the verandah was the best! We would spend tons of time out on it. Bathrooms were a bit tight though...

    I grabbed my dinner ticket (totally forgetting that the rotation is already on your Key To The World card-we had Tritons, Animators, Parrot), and headed to Wave Bands for Palo ressies. I got number 13 for Saturday, so I knew we'd get in. At this time, the boys came in. They had been onboard awhile, and already eaten lunch (they had earlier flights). Gave 2 of them the number, the other 2 went to do shore excursions, and I went to the spa (mom stayed in the room during the ressie scramble). I was the first person to book a cabana massage...went for 11am, half body (back). We all met up at Wave Bands, and by 1:45 we had gotten everything we wanted. Piece of cake...and I was worried!

    Mom and I went to Parrot Cay for lunch. Very nice buffet. They sat us with a nice couple from Boston (whose kids were already off on their own). We chatted the whole meal. The buffet was very good...jumbo shrimp (mom and I could live on these alone), salads, great pork (I don't eat pork...not until this trip anyway as you'll see), and great desserts.

    On the way back to the stateroom, we ran into the boys in the Promanade Lounge (this would become one of our fav hangouts) and mom got to say hello. Back to the room...no luggage yet, so we unpacked our carryons. Went to the lifeboat drill. It was windy and chilly.

    Our luggage came around 4:30 (we were a bit nervous because of the whole airport thing). We left it and went to the sail away party, which due to rain was indoors. Bummer. I wanted to see the ship pull out, so we grabbed a drink of the day (pina colada/strawberry daquiri thing) and stood out in the cold for a bit. Didn't get to hear the horn either :( The Carnival ship pulled out, then us, then the RC ship. We would see these 2 ships many times in the next few days...

    Showered and dressed for show/dinner. I had bought a new fancy dress, and enjoyed dressing up. However, my heels were higher than I normally wear. Add this to the ship moving around A LOT and you get a dangerous situation. Made it through the night without killing myself though. This is probably a good time to mention the rocking of the ship. We were moving around quite a bit. I'm not sure if it was the weather or what, but we had a very rough first night out. The show was "Hercules The Muse-ical". It was cute, and the theater moving around like that was a nice touch :)

    Hit the Promanade for before dinner cocktails (oh yeah...heels, a rocking boat, and alcohol). Went to Tritons at 8:30. We had a table for 6 (number 46). Ronald and John were our servers. They were nice, but seemed slower and not as attentive as some of the others. Had a great meal...shrimp medely salad, escargot (got this for the entire table, but only 2 of us had the guts to try it...I liked it), and sea bass. I love fish, but not a fishy fish, and the sea bass was wonderful...not fishy at all! The best meal of the cruise (and maybe the whole trip). Had a few bottles of wine ($45 each...ouch) for the table. Grand Mariner souffle for dessert...wonderful. Most of us were tired, so we headed up to the staterooms. It was 10:10, so we turned on the "Survivor' reunion show to see Tina had won. I was happy that DCL carried CBS on this cruise...

    Showered and sat out on the verandah and watched the waves RUSHING by in the moonlight. A little scary, but cool none the less. Bed by midnight (and it's hard to write trip notes when you're moving around so much)...

    Tomorrow...Day 2...Nassau...

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    Thanks for the report. I took my mom to Disney World (I married with no children, but left hubby behind) and it's one of the best memories I'll aways cherish.

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    Thanks for posting! Sounds like a great way to start your cruise!

    Beth :D

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