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    My DH and I are considering heading over to the Trail's End Buffet one night with our DD (2). We'll be staying at the WL and are wondering how to get over to the campground. We'll need to be back at our room by 7:30 (bed time!) and I don't want to waste time running around. But I think my daughter would get a kick out of seeing the campfire and Chip and Dale.

    What do you think? Is it worth it? What's the best way to get there??

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    Aug 5, 2004
    I posted a similar question recently, and boat seemed to be the consensus. Note, though, that the campfire site apparently is not sufficiently close to either the boat entrance or the main entrance for walking, so you'll have to take a bus. (I think that's right, right? Pioneer Hall is over by the boat launch, but not the chip and dale sing along.) In short, I think 7:30 is going to be a stretch, depending on the time of the sing-along.
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    Trails End buffet is in the Pioneer Hall close to the boat ramp. It's an easy walk, although you may tire out if carrying a little one. Don't know where the campfire is
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    Eating at Trail's End will be no problem. Take the boat from the Lodge over to FTW. As for the sing-a-long, if you have to be back in the room at 7:30 you probably won't have time for it. You do need to take a bus from the Settlement (Trail's End area) to the Meadows for the campfire. The start of the sing-a-long will depend on the time of year you are going. You "might" have time for a just a little of the sing-a-long and maybe roasting marshmallows. Just remember you have to take a bus back to the Settlement and then a boat back to the Lodge. I think you would be cutting it close to bedtime.

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