WL or CBR . . . Help me decide!!!

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by MinnieMom, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. MinnieMom

    MinnieMom Because everyone needs a little magic in their lif

    Mar 9, 2003
    I know they are so different, but I am really having a difficult time choosing between CBR and WL. I need to hear the good and bad about both . . . especially since they are so different.

    From what I can see, the pools seem much nicer at CBR . . . but, Wl seems a bit more relaxing and quiet and they have activities for the kids, right? Arts and crafts and games? CBR doesn't do anything like that, do they?!?!

    There is just too much to consider! I'd love to hear experiences with both of these wonderful resorts. Thanks!!

    If it helps, we're taking our two children - DS4 and DD8. Thanks!!
  2. Atchley

    Atchley "Bedsheets? Who invited that kid?"

    Mar 12, 2006
    The main pool will be closed at CBR through September. They have the quiet pools in the villages. They did offer a pirate expedition one day a week, and have mentioned adding on other kids activities, but I haven't heard what they are going have.
    I have CBR pictures below if you are interested.
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  4. MinnieMom

    MinnieMom Because everyone needs a little magic in their lif

    Mar 9, 2003
    Your pictures are beautiful. I do think CBR is an amazing resort, which is why I'm having such a tough time deciding! It would actually be $650 cheaper than Wl, but I keep thinking it would be so nice to have activities for the kids.

    Anyone else know if CBR has added kids activities? The pirate expedition sounds really neat.

    We're going in October, so the main pool should be open by then, I would hope!

    KIRSTIN'S MOMMY <font color=0099FF>Creates edible masterpieces<br>

    Apr 27, 2003
    I've stayed at both, and we prefer the WL, we're actually headed back there for our 5th stay in May. CBR was just a little too large for us, though it's a gorgeous resort. The pool area looks much smaller in person than it does in photos, but the pool slide was pretty neat. We like the WL because our kids are smaller (8 and 6 mos.) and it's close to the MK, plus the fact that everything is under one roof makes it so easy to just ride the elevator down to the lobby for a cup of coffee in the morning instead of walking across a large resort to a food court ( I know there are coffee makers in the rooms, but my dh is the only one who drinks it, the rest of us don't so we had to walk). Plus the relaxed homey feeling of the WL is a welcome respite after a long, tiring day in the parks. Good luck with your decision, it's a tough one!
  6. mom2taylorandemily

    mom2taylorandemily Not so patiently waiting our next trip to Disney..

    Jun 14, 2006
    We have stayed at both as well. We also prefer the WL. The rooms are essentially the same size, but we like that the CS restaurant is in the same building, as is the arcade and laundry. It's not over in another building across the parking lot. It makes it a lot easier if it is raining or in the evening. Also, the WL offers Queen size beds and the all desireable Bunk Beds (at least for my kids). We just are used to sleeping in Queen size beds and the doubles are just too uncomfortable for us, and if I'm on vacation, I want to be comfortable.
  7. SorcererDonald16

    SorcererDonald16 DIS Veteran

    Mar 19, 2005
    I've stayed at CBR 3 times and WL 1 time. Will stay at WL again this May. CBR is my favorite moderate resort, hands down. But WL is my favorite overall (can't say favorite Deluxe, since that's the only one I've ever stayed at! :rotfl2: ). Here are my comparisons on everything I can think of, except the pools (I don't swim, so can't say):

    CBR: Carribbean theme, although not overly so. Fridge (no additional cost), TV, phone, 2 sinks, double beds in most rooms. If you book waterview, I think you could end up seeing a pool as your water, unless they have since changed this. Maybe someone else will know; I can't remember. No balcony, but a pathway outside your door with a railway in front of it. Some people do take lawn/beach chairs and sit outside their rooms, especially if they have a water view.
    WL: Rooms are larger than CBR, but not by a humungous amount. I believe fridges have been added here. Flat screen TVs now, and fairly recently refurbed rooms (although CBR was also refurbed in 2006, I believe it was). Queen sized beds in most rooms; bunk beds are an option. Most rooms have a balcony.

    Food Options
    CBR: 1 restaurant, Shutters. Nothing out of the ordinary there, really. Then sort of what I'd call a food court. It's good food.
    WL: 2 restaurants, both very different than your normal restaurant. Artist Point (different in terms of food, like buffalo meat) and Whispering Canyon (different in terms of atmosphere). Roaring Forks is the CS place; not very big and not many options compared to CBR's food stations, sad to say.

    CBR: There is bus transportation from every "island" to various WDW location.
    WL: Boat transportation from WL to Magic Kingdom; also a boat to the Contemporary and Fort Wilderness. Buses to everywhere else.

    CBR: Admittedly I'm not familiar with any at CBR.
    WL: The Lodge tour given most mornings by a CM. The Flag Family tradition (each morning, one guest family gets to raise the flags on top of WL; best to ask when you check in if you can be one during one day of your stay, but it's not always easy to get a slot). Electrical Water Parade comes by once per night usually; can see it from some rooms or from the beach. WL marina also is a plus. Campfire, sing-a-long, and Disney movies are all over at Fort Wilderness (a boat ride away).

    Other info
    CBR: Can be quite the hike from your room to the food area, shop, and arcade. Check-in and the front desk are in an entirely different building (the only mod that's like this).
    WL: Can be a decent walk from your room to the parking lot/buses, but I'd say no more than 10 minutes, and that's if you walk fairly slowly. Or maybe I'm just a speedy walker. :lmao:

    In the end, I love both places for very different reasons. If you love the beachy feel, go the CBR route. If you think you'd like the wilderness theme, go the WL route. I don't think you could go wrong either way. But for me personally, if I had the money I'd stay at WL every time I go to WDW. I love it that much. Best of luck deciding! Send me a PM if you have more questions I didn't answer.
  8. boomhauer

    boomhauer When the world gets in my face, I say - Have A Nic

    Aug 17, 2005
    Stayed at both and would choose WL hands down. CBR is nice, but having a car is almost a necessity there. Transportation is painfully long and slow. WL, no matter what room you're in, you're just a 2 minute walk to everything the resort has to offer.

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