~~~WISH Transatlantic Chat Thursday 2.30pmESt/7.30pmBST~~~

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    **Wish Transatlantic Chat is on Thursday 2.30pm EST/7.30pm BST**

    Are trying to become more healthy by losing weight or eating a healthier diet? Do you follow a particular nutritional plan like Weight Watchers, Atkins, low fat or diabetic diet? Perhaps you have a workout program that you love or would like to find one? Then drop by Thursday Chat, meet some new friends, ask and answer diet and workout questions and just have a lot of fun in...

    ~W.I.S.H. Chat~

    I hope you can join us tomorrow. We hope to have a mixture of people from all over. We are a friendly bunch. So join all your W.I.S.H. Board friends and find out what our secrets are and/or share your secrets of getting healthy with us. I will be waiting for you in the main lobby of chat, tomorrow (Thursday 6/26/03) at 2.30PM est/7.30pmBST.!! Hope to see you there!!

    Here is a link to the chat room
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    Looking forward to this chat.

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