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    Mar 9, 2002
    Come join the fun in WISH Chat tonight!

    WISH (<b>W</b>e're <b>I</b>nspired to <b>S</b>tay <b>H</b>ealthy) is the healthiest board on the DIS, filled with the most determined, helpful and FRIENDLY folks you'll find anywhere. In 2003, WISHers lost more than a ton. Ever notice those little WISH cliparts in our signatures? They don't mean we *wish* we could lose that many pounds- they mean we haved worked and WISHed away that many pounds since taking the WISH challenge!

    We'll talk about eating right, exercise, traveling, Disney, life...

    Come join us in WISH chat tonight at 9pm eastern time, and spend some time with old and new friends. Everyone's welcome- we'd love to meet you!

    <b>Click here to enter Chat.</b>

    If you've never tried chat before, this is a great time to give it a go. When you go to the Chat page, download the iChat plugin, and come on in!

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