Earning My Ears
Feb 16, 2002
Has anyone ever made the drive from Winnipeg to WDW in Orlando? How many days did it take and where did you stop, any information would be appreciated! We are planning to drive down March '03 for two weeks versus fly since we no longer have charter flights out of Winnipeg (due to the Canada 3000 issue).

Welcome to the board, I see that this is your first post!! It is also nice to see a fellow Winnipeger on the board! I have also contemplated doing the drive to from here to WDW, it would definately be cheaper but I am not one who "enjoys the journey" I just want to get there and start my holiday!! My father is a long haul truck driver and has told me that if we left on friday after work we would be there sunday afternoon, I think that you are looking at about 30 hours of driving! Check out the mapquest website and it will give you a detailed map/route to take from here and the time as well! Our last trip we used airmiles (thanks dad) so we will probably be paying an obscene airfare for our next trip. We are planning our next trip for March or April of next year. If we can get a very good price on tickets out of Minneapolis/St.Paul then I think we will drive and fly from there, that way I am only looking at a 8 hour drive!! Unlike the rest of my family I did not get ther "trucker" blood!!

Grover in Winnipeg
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Hello FRIENDLY MANITOBA! I lived in St. James area about 20 years ago!

30 hours in a car vs. flying? HUUUMMMMM. We are near Toronto and driving would be 24 hours, not ready for that now.


1) Do a REAL comparision of driving vs. flying.

How many nights stop over on the way to and from? I'd say two night each way, wouldn't you? So add four hotel nights to your budget. I don't add food to the budget because you'd be eating anyway, so that cost would be even. What about time off of work? Three days each way is 6 extra vacation days! dh and I get lots of vacation, but I still count loss of wages in the driving budget. Six days off work to drive for us is about $1800! Funny, that's more than our airfare for 4 in April 2002! Add three nights hotels about $100 CDN x 6 = $600. Wear and tear on the car $$$$$. $2400 is the total cost if we drove your drive. For us to fly, limo to and from airport and car rental is $2400 and we are renting a VAN!

2) Check out the low season flights and seat sales.

We priced Air Canada and Air Transat in December 2001 for April 2002 and the flights were very expensive. BUT! January 2002 had seat sales! Air Canada and Air Transat were the same price but Air Canada had WAY BETTER flight times! So we booked Air Canada!
Hello from River Heights, Winnipeg

Also want to drive to Orlando and camp at the campground in the near future, Have heard any reviews of campground? Been to WDW 7 times but this time I want a new experience rather than the hotel.

I don't have any camping experience at Disney but welcome to the DIS!

Grover in Winnipeg
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My friends rented a big RV with another family and drove down staying at FW for a week. They loved it! They would do it again in a minute!
Thank-you for all the helpful tips!! I just took my 10 year old daughter this morning to see the Crossroads mivue with Britney Spears - now she's pumped to drive!! We'll see how I feel next year :)))

We stayed at Fort Wilderness 2 years ago, and absolutely LOVED it! It is the most beautiful, clean campground we've ever stayed in. There are an amazing number of things to do there on any days that you don't want to go to the parks. I suggest that you check out the camping at Disney board here on the DIS. It's a very informative place to get ideas about camping there.
I've heard from a couple of people that it's a 36 hr drive.

We were going to drive to WDW in early Feb. In Jan we found tickets for around $1000 (flying AC thru Toronto). We flew.
Hello fellow Dis'ers
I love this board. It keeps me going when I'm not at WDW. Just got back 3 days ago.
In response to the driving question. We drove in 1992 and it took about 40 hours over 3 days. It should be a little faster now as the speed limits are higher now in some states.
We've flown 3 times since then.;) ;)
bgart, Welcome back from your trip! Care to fill us all in on it or will you be doing a trip report?
Grover in Winnipeg
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Hi Grover
I've seen your posts for some time now and I agree with you that it's nice to see other Disney nuts in Wpg.
I'm not one for trip reports but my wife, son and I were at CBR for 10 days. It's our 4th stay at CBR and we make each one longer than the last. We stayed off site in 79 and 80 but once we stayed on site we couldn't go back.
I'm the Disney nut in this house and my son and wife enjoy it but not as much as me. My wife is originally from Tennessee and she'll never get used to our weather here so she likes going south.
Our last trip was in 98 before AK was finished and we really liked it this trip.
My son really enjoyed the thrill rides and did them all many times.
I like everything, the cast members, the atmosphere, live shows, parades, fireworks, the attractions, the Magic. Did I leave anything out?
I wish we could go every year but the cost is too great and we take vacations elsewhere as well. I think if I insisted on WDW for ever vacation there would be a rebellion here.
How often have you gone?
I also agree it is great to see some disney addicts such as myself! I have been to Disneyland many times (and am going this summer) but have never been to Disney World. We have plans for March 2003 and can't wait!!!
Howdy folks.... just thought I'd say hi to my fellow 'peggers ...

Drove with my family to WDW in a motorhome when I was a teenager ... would I do it now, having to share the driving, and dealing with the kids, etc. ... NO WAY!

If you've got an extra three days before and after your actual visit at WDW, and have the energy and stamina to do all that driving, then go for it. looks like we are definately going March 2003...woohoo! I just confirmed an exchange for a 2 bedroom at the Vistana Villages the week of March 22nd. Now just working on the second week....
congrats respanueva on your upcoming trip to WDW
We just got back on Feb 20 ourselves and I am ready to go again
I was reading about a DISmeet in Mississuaga. I wonder if something like that would work here in Wpg?:rolleyes:
why not?? I read the thread on the Mississauga thread about their meet. I think it's nice that people on this board can get together and share pictures tips etc. Unfortunately, I've never been to the WDW so don't know how much value I can add :(( I would love to see others pictures though...I suppose I could bring my Disneyland pictures :))

How does one go about getting a DISmeet started??
I asked that question of SandraC in Mississauga and I guess we can just start a new thread and see what kind of response there is.
By the way, I've been to Disneyland once, in 1973 and the rest of my trips have been to WDW. I don't have much in pictures though since I took videos on the last 4 trips.
Well after reading some of your posts I'm getting a little nervous.We are leaving in two days for wdw!!I figure it will be a 32 hour drive give or take a couple depending on the weather.I love driving its just keeping the kids happy.We do have an entertainment center for movies ect.,so that should help.Let you know how things go ,two more sleeps can't wait!
Welcome to the boards Roadie, wow only two days to go-I would be so excited!! I will be very interested to hear how your trip goes, please post once you return as we have considered driving down but have yet to do so. Where will you be staying while in Orlando? Hope the weather is great, it will be a nice break from the cold we have had.
Grover in Winnipeg


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