Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend 2022 (Nov. 3-6, 2022)


Jun 23, 2019
Doesn’t look like there’s any products for pre-order 😭😭
Rats. I missed out on some stuff last year because I forgot to pre-order things I wanted (like the jacket). I wonder why there's nothing available.


May 7, 2020
Thank you! Worked great. My sister wanted to do the 5K so I had to get us both signed up. Signed up for the challenge last week and thought my days of stressing about registration was over - UGH!
Yay! Glad it worked. I decided last minute to do the challenge and then decided last minute to skip the weekend. So we will see if I have any regrets in a few months. 😂


DIS Veteran
Apr 24, 2010
I have a feeling they are going to use supply chain issues or something else to end preorders (there were none for springtime surprise either) I really don't want to play beat the ebay flippers for things

They should open it up to runners 2-3 weeks before and limit it to one of each item per runner. Stop the flippers and make it quick and easy on the workers.


DIS Veteran
Jan 11, 2011
I believe 45 minutes or so was when the first race sold out in the past. Will be interesting to see how it does. I don't know if the challenge sold out at all last year.
Considering how quickly Spring Surprise sold out, I was nervous about this one. Well more nervous about this one. Every time I register I get so nervous it's going to sell out while I'm entering info:scared:


DIS Veteran
Apr 7, 2016
here are my stats from this AM

941- chrome incognito window (laptop) 20 min queue used this to get into 10K
947- chrome window (laptop) more than an hour queue + chrome incognito window (tablet) 30 min queue used this one to get into 5K
953-chrome window (tablet) 49 min queue
10-safari (IPhone) more than an hour queue (accidently clicked out of this one)


DIS Veteran
Apr 19, 2016
Well, I got the Disney tech fail for the day.

So I was trying to use a Disney gift card to pay for my race registration. When I couldn't get the race shirt drop down to work, I bypassed it (and the system let me) to go on to payment. I put the gift card number in and THEN it told me I couldn't do it because I didn't have a shirt size. Went back in, filled out the the registration again (this time it had the shirt size drop down), but couldn't use the gift card. Checked the balance. Even through the registration didn't go through, they took the money off the gift card. Ugh! I just wanted it DONE so I pulled out my credit card. Thankfully, I'm going to need the gift card for Marathon Weekend. Off to write a "your IT sucks and fix this!" email to runDisney.

But I'm in for the challenge.


RunDisney and spaghetti enthusiast
Jan 7, 2021
Got into the Half without an issue! Really contemplated doing the challenge, but saving my $$ to do all three races during Princess weekend.
Now to decide on a costume...I'm torn between Louisa (Encanto definitely ties with the "music" theme), Kim Possible, or Daisy Duck. I don't really love Daisy, but it would make a simple costume with clothes I pretty much have already.


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