Wine and Dine Half Marathon VS Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5K Characters

Discussion in 'W.I.S.H' started by Disney_Princess83, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Disney_Princess83

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    Feb 11, 2007
    Hi everyone!

    We will be at Disney World over the Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend. I know the official date isn't available yet but given our dates, I'm almost certain we will be there for it. We are considering doing one of the races. We are really only doing the run for the characters. We are both quite fit so neither distance would be a problem for us. However, with our weekend plans and the times of the marathon, we could only attend one race, the Half Marathon or the Jingle Jungle 5K

    Obviously no characters are guaranteed, however knowing that our main priority if meeting characters along the route, which generally has the better selection? We are guessing the Wine & Dine Half Marathon, simply due to the length of the marathon? Any information you could give such as past experiences would be great!

  2. BernardandMissBianca

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    Feb 18, 2005
    Not sure about characters but I wanted to tell you the unofficial race dates are the weekend of the 9th.

    We are thinking about going down with friends for food and wine but they are non runners so I'm leaning towards the 5K just so we don't take a huge chunk of time away from friends.
  3. WeRunDisney

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    Hey Princess! :) We ran the Wine and Dine half marathon last year and the on course entertainment is great. One thing to consider is given it's a night race, the type of photos you'll get will be a little different. They had a lot of floats from the Main Street Electrical Parade and I remember seeing Buzz and Woody, Wreck it Ralph, Goofy, Chip 'n Dale and a few others. I didn't stop to take photos so I don't have all the characters in my mind. What I will tell you is that you don't get to run through the Osbourne lights in the 5k, which is simply incredible!! You will have a blast whatever you choose. :)
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    Jan 31, 2013
    ran the 1/2 last year...awesome. characters on the route floats etc like previously stated. 10pm race time with after party until 4 am at food and wine!! it was an amazing event that I don't think you'd get with a 5k (but I didn't do jingle jungle) I've run a lot of 1/2 marathons and races in general..this was the most entertaining. Didn't even feel like 13.1. Can't wait until this years. Hope this helps

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