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    Apr 18, 2009
    I highly recommend Romancing the Mouse.

    We've stayed in their 5bd/5bath house (and their 6 bedroom which they've unfortunately sold) with my inlaws. It was great. They gave such personalized service. They were at the house to meet us (no stopping anywhere else for keys!) with muffins & juice, fresh baked cookies and flowers! They also stopped by at the end of the week with chocolate covered strawberries. They gave us a tour of the house showing us how everything worked and were willing to stay as long/short as we liked giving us tips on which grocery stores to go to, shortcuts to Disney, etc. They even left us their cell phone number and encouraged us to call whenever we needed anything (they live in the same development - so fast customer service!). Simply fabulous - cannot recommend them more highly!

    If you decide to go with them - pm me for my email address - you'll get the referral discount and we'll get a 5% discount towards our next stay, which we already have booked! Can't wait to go again!

    They have 2 houses in Windsor Hills and 1 in Windsor Palms. They range between 4 and 5 bedrooms.

    We have 4 children and have gone twice now - the first time the kids were 7, 5, almost 3, and 3 months. The second time they were 9, 7, almost 5 and 2. Both times, I can say that we had a relaxing Disney vacation, and that's because we rented a private home with our own pool. Staying in a 2000 sq ft house instead of hotel room? Priceless! ;)

    We loved the 5bed 5 bath because every room has it's own bath! It had a pool table as well (not sure if the 4 bedroom ones do or not).

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