Windsor Hills or Storey Lake?


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Oct 17, 2004
Since there are zero Disney onsite specials and rates are insane, and because Wyndham Bonnet Creek reservations seem to be blocked every weekend, I'm looking at house rentals for our upcoming trip.

I've found some great houses at both Windsor Hills and Storey Lake, but was wondering if one location is better than the other in terms of location, distance to Disney parks, ease of getting in/out of the community using Uber, and community amenities?

If it makes a difference, we are a group of 5 adults. (My husband, myself, our two grown sons, 22 & 18, and our son's girlfriend. It will be her first trip to WDW.)

Any advice from fellow Disney friends would be greatly appreciated. ❤


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Apr 13, 2010
Windsor Hills is MUCH closer than Story Lake to Disney parks. You are not going to find rental homes much closer than this. We once timed it from our car at TTC lot to our driveway back at Windsor Hills and it was 13 minutes. We have never stayed at Story Lake but my understanding its about 25-30 minutes to Disney parks.

John and Theresa

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Jun 16, 2020
Take a look at Formosa Gardens. Even closer to parks than Windsor Hills and bigger properties with more space between. We have been to WH which was OK, but find Formosa Gardens much nicer and more like a place you'd want to live. Less than 10 minutes to Animal Kingdom when using the Sherberth Road short cut.