Will Bonnet Creek put packages in the room for you?

Discussion in 'Orlando Hotels and Attractions' started by adoptivemomx2, Jul 9, 2012.

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    Jan 27, 2012
    We want to surprise the kids with a package from Mickey. They're 9 and pretty savvy, so we'd love to come in from a day of travel and all walk into the condo together and have them reach their room first and find a package from Mickey on their beds!

    If I mail a box up ahead of time, do you think the staff would open the box and put a package on each of their beds before we arrive? :confused3 Has anyone had them do anything like this before?
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    Don't think it's likely to happen.

    Among the other reasons being that often your room isn't actually locked in until you check in. Prior to your checkin there are a number of factors which could very easily occur that would result in the room they may have planned for you to be in no longer being free. (Such as putting someone else into that room for any number of reasons.... or something happening with the room which requires it be removed from circulation to allow for some repairs.).

    It might be easier to con them by keeping them distracted. Either let them tour the resort while 1 parent "sneaks" into the room to place the packages (maybe during checkin? parent 1 entertains the kids around the resort, parent 2 checks in, runs to the room to place the package, then returns to the lobby and signals parent 1 that it's time to return......) Or possibly arrange something that would give a logical reason to split up during the trip that would give someone time to plant the package in the room? (possibly having 1 parent and kids take the shuttle back while 2nd parent drives back to the resort and places the packages before the rest of the group arrives on the bus.... then leave and make it appear you didn't arrive back until after the bus group arrived.)
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    No they won't...they will put your package in storage and then wait for you to come and pick it up!
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    When you check in, if they stay in the car or away from where they can keep an eye on you, you could take the packages up ahead of time and set them up. And then, you go join your family and say "I've got the key", and let the kids help you find the room where it is as if you don't know.

    Ta da!

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