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  1. figment814

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    May 9, 2008
    We are owners at BWV, and have stayed at SSR, but are staying at Wilderness Lodge for the first time and am so excited! I have seen in the resorts thread for recommended room locations, but can't seem to find recommendations for the villas. I know that they aren't guaranteed, but we have asked at BWV and usually get what we want.

    We will be staying in a one bedroom.

    We plan on dining at all three locations, spending some time by the pool.

    Anything I should know? Thanks in Advance!!!!
  2. Mini Sorcerer's Mom

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    Mar 2, 2005
    We just returned from our first stay at VWL and LOVED it!!! We stayed in a fabulous one-bedroom that we will certainly request again!! :goodvibes It was room 3511. I requested a room on the third or fourth floor, facing the pool and the lake. While the lake is hidden behind trees, you could see patches of it and we had a great view of the pool with the woods as a backdrop. It was close to the elevator but not too close so we could not hear a thing. This 'wing' does not have many rooms so there is minimal traffic. I would highly reccomend this room.:thumbsup2
    If you have children a great activity is to rent bikes and ride over to the campground to see the horses and ponies. It was a wonderful afternoon!!

    Five years ago to the date of our last trip was my families first trip to Disney and we stayed at the Wilderness Lodge. That is where we were overcome by the magic and fell in love with Disney. Five years, 11 trips and 400 DVC points later we have done a full circle staying at all the DVC, deluxe and moderate resorts. It was only fitting that we returned to Wilderness. It is such a wonderful resort! :love:
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    Oct 24, 2003
    VWL views are pretty nondescript overall. If you like looking at pools, (I don't) you can request that, but generally the lake (back) side of the villas is slightly more interesting than the front.

    If Ranger Stan is still giving tours at the WL, I would definitely recommend doing that. You can inquire at the front desk. Stan has a world of fascinating information about the WL and Disney in general and loves to talk about it.

    Good luck!
  4. Buckeye Fan

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    Jan 15, 2007
    I fell in love with this resort. It is absolutely beautiful, and I know why the owners absolutely love it. We had a room on the "Magic Kingdom" side of the resort, but couldn't see fireworks or anything. We faced a bunch of trees, which was really pretty. I had no complaints about our view.

    Other than what's been mentioned, we took the boat over to MK. It's really pretty, and if you take it back in the evening, you can see the fireworks from the lake. It wasn't something we had planned, but was absolutely beautiful!!! You can also take the boat over to Fort Wilderness, and there's a bunch to do over there. Lastly, if you enjoy walking or running, there's a nice work out facility (braches) in the DVC portion, and the grounds are simply beautiful.

    Hope you have a wonderful time! I think you'll love the resort! :thumbsup2 Here are some pics I took when we stayed in a 1-BR last Aug if you're interested! There are some balcony shots to give you an idea of what our view was like.

    http://s307.photobucket.com/albums/nn320/simmerb/Wilderness Lodge/?albumview=slideshow

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