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    Jun 29, 2018
    Hello everyone

    My family is staying at the Wilderness Lodge for the first time on our next trip in a deluxe room. Is there any certain area we should request during online check in? Or is there a certain room number you recommend if it is available?
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    There are only ten deluxe rooms and all of them are located at the end of the resort, closest to the boat dock. We were in room 4003 last September and really liked that room. But we couldn't see fireworks from the room. If you want to be able to see an obstructed fire of fireworks from MK then you would want to request that. But I think that any room except a room on the ground floor would be fine. The ground floor rooms have very small patios.
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    To add a (crude) visual to @Wood Nymph's excellent info, here's a floor plan of the resort below.

    The 10 deluxe rooms are located at #1 & #2 on floors 1-5. #3 is an elevator. #4 is the location of the CL lounge, which is located on the 7th floor.

    #1 rooms are xx03 (eg, the first floor room is 1003, second floor room is 2003, etc). #2 rooms are xx00 (eg, the first floor room is 1000, second floor room is 2000, etc).

    For me, I'd request an upper floor. The trees are very dense and tall between the building and water, but being higher up helps just a bit in seeing out towards the lake. I also like the #2 room position better than #1, but not sure if enough to use a request.

    You may know this, but this room location means a decent walk to the lounge.

    Deluxe Room Locations.jpeg

    Hope that helps!
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