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Aug 22, 2018
I booked a Wild Africa tour for my husband and our two older kids. We used the passholder discount so their time is 11:45. If we book any earlier we lose the discount ($150ish). My husband thinks they won't see as many animals if they go at that time and wants to re-book to the earliest possible time slot. I am looking at the fact that we are at the tail end of a 2-week long trip and that getting those boys up and out in time to make a 7:45 arrival all the way over at AK is going to be miserable, plus the $150 extra.

I guess my question is has anyone done a later tour like this? Are they really going to see far fewer animals if they aren't on an early morning tour? I was kind of assuming that since it is backstage and so much closer than Kilimanjaro (or a different kind of view) that the time wouldn't be that much of an issue. Any experience you have to share is much appreciated.



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Jul 7, 2008
It is totally random which animals will be active on each safari or Wild Africa Trek. You will definitely get a good close view of the hippos and the crocodiles during the first part of the trip, and those are the most spectacular. If you have favorite animals, be sure to mention it to your driver as he/she may be able to pause longer in those areas or point out more since it's less timed/scripted than a regular safari. Your kids will love it!



Apr 15, 2002
We did the mid day too about 4 or 5 years ago. We saw plenty of animals. It was summer so it was a hot but the heat didn’t bother us and did not seem to impact the animals. Enjoy! Great experience!
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Apr 5, 2016
We did the midday a couple years ago and didn't feel like we missed out because of our time frame. Enjoy your trek and your savings!


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