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Oct 13, 2000
My Dw needs a vacation. We spent all of our current DVC points already on our next 2 vacations this year BWV in Dec. 2001 and the New Years Cruise. My Dw wants me to buy more VWL points and go there to relax for a six day jaunt with no parks. Do you think that it is possible to go to stay at the WL for 5 or six days with no parks for under $1000 with food included. Not including travel. I don't know if I want to buy more points or not. Spending the money sounds better to me.

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there is so many other wonderful things to do at WDW, besides the parks! You can bike ride, take a boat down to DTD, and play miniature golf at one of two great Disney sites.
In terms of food, there are great places to eat that do not break your budget. Offsite is great for low cost meals.
If the WL is not your only choice for lodging, try one of the moderate resorts. DxL is great, as is CBR and PO.
Whatever you decide, I am sure she will be happy just to get away with you. :)

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