Wicked Queen and her Entourage do Disney and BEYOND!!! Day 7 and 8


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Aug 30, 2000
Trip Dates: Jan 30-Feb 10, 2001
The Players:

Wicked Queen-Me 31 aka "Mommy"
Scrooge-DH 37 aka Daddy
Princess Preteen-DD 12 aka Shyelynn
Prince not so Charming-3 aka Nicholas (Nickie)

I just realized that I had not posted the Universal portion of our trip report and I actually felt guilty! My family enjoys US and IOA just as much if not more than Disney. IOA is our fave park. Well anyway, here is the USF portion of the report. If some of it does not make sense, it is because the portions below flow with the rest of my Disney Trip report posted on the other board. Hope you enjoy!

Day 7: Universal Studios-Warm and Sunny Mid 70's

Monday. As usual we are the first at the turnstiles. I love listening the to movie theme music while waiting for the park to open. We are through the gates and we head stright to Back to the Future. "Want ride that one Mommy. Want ride that one." Oh oh. We better find some Nickie rides soon. After riding BTTF we went straight to MIB. What a fun ride! I can't wait until Nickie is tall enough to ride. How much will he grow in a year? After seeing T2 (this is my second fave 3D) We then hit Twister, Konfrontation, Earthquake and Jaws. The last being a 15 minute wait. After Jaws we have a yummy fish and chips lunch at Boardwalk Snacks and Scrooge heads to the van for a nap. BORING! The rest of the crew heads off on their own and Nickie and I go to Woody's Kidzone. "Want see E.T. Mommy! Want see E.T.!" We manage to get E.T. safely home then head for Woody's Nuthouse Coaster. I ride this with him 3 times in a row without getting off. OK, I'm a good Mommy! We then head over to Barney and as soon at PNSC see's him he yells "BARNEEEYYY!" He clapped and danced through the whole show. How cute. We saved E.T. again and Nickie wanted to take E.T. home so I bought him an E.T. and he got a picture on the bike with E.T. in the basket. I couln't resist! We then hit Curious George and I let him blow off some steam for a while and on the way out the character bus drives up. We got autographs and pics with Woody Woodpecker, Winnie Woodpecker, Scooby Doo, Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo bear. Scrooge is
back and we head to the Gory Make-up show. If I would have known how dearly I would have to pay to sit front and center, I would have hid myself in the back row. They pulled me up on stage 3 times. Once to slice my arm open. Once to put a cleaver through my neck and once to drape a really gross mummy around me. How embarassing! it was fun though. We head toward the exit stopping at many choice shops along the way and the Princess got a really cute Grinch Tank and Betty Boop dress up magnet set for her locker at school. After US I had dinner plans at NASCAR but I was outvoted by all in favor of Taco Bell and the couch. HELLO! Taco Hell? Is is just me or is there something seriously wrong with this picture. I can get Taco Hell at home. Oh well, I'm outvoted. Taco Hell it is. What a treat! NASCAR will wait until next year. We get Taco Hell to go and head back to the condo.
Final thoughts: It is warm! Crowds were not an issue. Longest wait was 15 minutes for Jaws. We had a great time!

Day 8: Islands of Adventure-Warm & Sunny Mid 70's

We are out the door and at the park well before opening. Love the music here too! We are through the turnstiles and head straight over to Hulk. We ride Hulk. I hate the baby swap area here because
PNSC can see us all getting on the ride and he is bent! "WANT RIDE TOO MOMMY! WANT RIDE TOO!" Guilt settles in. We then head to Spiderman and guess what? Nickie barely makes the height requirement! "I ride Spiderman Mommy!" He loved it! We then ride Dr. Dooms and after that head our selfish butts over to Dueling Dragons. We ride Ice Dragon and then everyone except the Wicked Queen rides Fire. One dragon is plenty enough for me thank you. After the dragons, we hit Poseidon's Fury. This is one of our fave things. AWESOME! We then hit Jurassic Park and after this it is time for our PS at Confiscos. Food was great and we got autographs and pics from Spiderman, Grinch, Bettle Baily and Woody Woodpecker. After lunch we hit Cat in the Hat, Caroseussel and One Fish Two Fish. Preteen Princess takes PNSC on this one because he won't let the Wicked Queen control the fish to keep from getting wet. It's warm and it's time to get wet! We ride Dudley Do Rights and Popeye and Bluto's barges and have a grand time. Nicholas is getting torked again "Want ride Nickie rides Mommy!" It's time for a yummy so we stop for a pretzel and cheese then head over to Flying Unicorn. Wicked Queen rides this with PNSC 7 times in a row without getting off. I'm a great Mommy! We decide to stop and see the Triceratops and Does anyone else think this thing is amazing? It pees for crying out loud! Meltdown is coming on strong so we head toward Marvel Super Hero Island. The crew does Storm Force while I take PNSC into the arcade. Disaster stikes. He takes a nosedive off a token ride and cuts his wrist and arm all up. When he sees the blood, He freaks. We hightail it over to first aid and all is well. He gets bandaged up. Mom gets counseled and on the way out she is desperately in need of soothing her poor ravaged soul. Shopping! Scrooge is even accomodating and I find the most darling leopard print sarong with matching halter top for our cruise. I feel better.
We head out of the park, pour ourselves into the van and head back to the condo.
Final thoughts: IOA is our fave park. It's pure eye candy. When you walk into Seuss Landing, your in the story book. There is not a bad thing I could say about it. Crowds were not an issue. No waiting for anything. Can't wait to go back next year! We are already counting the days!!!

2/01-Offsite (HIFS)
3/02-7 Day Disney Cruise!


Feb 4, 2001
Sounds like fun, I know this isn't the forum but I wondered how the 7 day cruise was? We did the 3 day cruise, 4 day park on the Disney Magic 2 years ago and my kids loved the cruise part so much that they cried when we left and begged to live on the ship! If you did a report on it can you let me know where it is so I can read it? Would like to plan it for next spring break, Thanks.


Jul 27, 2000
thanks for sharing. makes me excited about my trip in 3 weeks!! without the kids for a short universal weekend and then to disney in december with the kids!!!!

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