Why Oh Why Do My Best Laid Plans Turn To Ruin?

Discussion in 'Teen Disney' started by PigSoldier, May 15, 2002.

  1. PigSoldier

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    Sep 30, 2000
    I've been looking forward to my flute playing/band camp-type holiday for months. It was going to be so good, we're sleeping in a castle, and going swimming in the river, and doing all sorts of wonderful things.

    Of course it couldn't be perfect, these things never are :rolleyes:. First the coach company we were going with went out of business, so we arranged a different coach, but it has to leave in the morning. Guess who has a philosophy exam she can't possibly miss that day? But, my music teacher knows a man who just happens to be driving up to France that day. All is saved!!

    Except, of course, for the fact that I have to spend 15 hours in a car with a complete stranger, driving through the middle of the night, and getting to the castle a day after all my friends. Hooray!! :rolleyes:

    Anyway, thanks for letting me moan :p

    - Suzi
  2. BabyLove99

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    May 4, 2001
    Sorry your plans got messed up, but you're still going, and that's a good thing! :D
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  4. dancergirl

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    Aug 21, 1999
    Aww....Im sorry somethings went wrong, but i am sure it will all work out! :) Have a great time!
  5. WDWfanatic288

    WDWfanatic288 <font color=blue>Is now a card carrying member of

    Feb 4, 2000
    omg! at least you are getting to go!

    I bet it will be a blast! :) :) :)
  6. bubblemutant45

    bubblemutant45 gobbles timmy!!!!!! ummm....sorry for runnin over

    Apr 26, 2002
    ooooo im sorry! but at least things worked out! and maybe youll end up having a really great time......maybe that person will turn out to be a lot of fun and there will be great music on the radio and youll show up at the castle with some good stories! :D :p
  7. DiSnEyGrL13

    DiSnEyGrL13 Guest

    AT least you're still going and i'm sure that u'll make the best of it!:D
  8. kristy22

    kristy22 Mouseketeer

    May 16, 2002
    aww i'm sorry! i hate when stuff gets all messed up like that! atleast you get to go though!! :)

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