Who will renew their annual passport?????


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Jan 29, 2001
Just wondering how many people will not renew their annual passports because of the new rule about becoming effective as soon as you renew. (Instead of the old way, and being able to activate it when you go back to WDW). I for one do not think that I will be able to renew because we usually take a little break before starting a new pass. Just wondering if disney realizies how much they are going to lose on these renewal because of this new way. Let me know your responses, maybe we can get them to go back to the old way. <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused"> jfogarty@home.com
We are not planning to renew ours, which expire June 1. My kids' last day of school is May 23. We will leave for the world either that evening or the next day and soak absolutely every minute possible out of the passes. I expect we will do both ee and e-night that last day! We don't have any disney trips planned past this one -- don't expect to go for at least another year. Financially we're much better off to wait until we have a trip (or two) planned instead of letting "dormant" passes go to waste even if we have to pay a bit more for them then.
we will not be renewing our passes. Will purchase new ones when these expire, when we plan the next trip.

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I won't be renewing either. I admit, I did last year because I was there. I expired on July 24, 2000 and arrived on August 4th, so my new card, of course, expires July 24, 2001. I won't next time, because my next trip is the end of October. I won't be renewing my grandson's, because he expires August 4th, (his last trip this year is July 12-24), so will purchase a new one next summer for him. I guess Disney will save money because look how many Mickey Monitors they don't have to send out. I wrote them last year to voice a complaint, but never got a real answer, only we will forward your concern to the appropriate person--yea the "round file". Fortunately with these boards, folks will still know about AP discounts. And as long as you have your AP in hand when you check in, you can still get the Resort AP discount...just stop at Guest Relations window and pick it up!

Mine don't expire until Nov, but I have every intention of renewing them.

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We are only going to renew my husband's annual pass (simply to get the AP discount on our rooms at the Dolphin).
We're not renewing either. Since we have now gone 2 yrs. in a row, I need a break. I know some people go more than once a year - and if I could afford it, I would too. But since I can't - I would like to take my kids somewhere else next year - maybe an island or a cruise.


We will not be renewing. We used to have PAP's then we went to AP's because we didn't go to the waterparks or PI enough to spend the extra money. We have had either one or the other for the past 7 years.( Always renewing and using the MKC)I will not buy into the DC I received the literature on it and I just don't see enough discounts for my family.) We are a family of 7 and now we have purchased a 7 day hopper plus from the DIS, ( Thanks Pete!) Which we will use for our next two trips. We bought them right before the price increase and felt that they were the most economical for us. We don't get AP rates on rooms, and there are not enough other discounts offered, I think the 7 days will be plenty. I like the idea that with this ticket my days won't expire. We had the AP's and would just roam the parks for a few hours, then head back to our rooms. Now we will only go on days when we plan on doing the parks, otherwise we will just kick back and enjoy the resort!

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Once our current APs expire, I won't be renewing them. But I will purchase new APs for the following trip. Since we go at least twice a year for at least 5 days each time, we are still saving money by purchasing the APs. And we usually get the AP discount on our room for one of the trips.

If you think about this, Disney isn't losing money, but gaining it. When I purchase new passes in 2002, I will pay the full price instead of a renewal price. This is usually about $33 per pass.


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Our AP's expire July and We will not be going up again until December. I'm thinking of not renewing and waiting until December. Not sure, I don't want to waste almost five months, going the last week in December.
We also elected not to renew our passes which expired last October. I did, however, find a website (maybe off Deb Will's site?) that had an e-mail address to voice a complaint to Disney about this. Believe it or not, I received a phone call from someone in customer relations who offered to renew it for us as a courtesy and not have it become activated until our trip this March. Now, I don't know why we were offered this deal, but it didn't really sound like they were thinking of changing the new policy -- it was more of a PR thing.
I did tell WDW that with this policy we would no longer our renew passes as we couldn't always be assured we would be down to use them right away and if we didn't make at least two trips, they really weren't worth our renewing. If 3 - 6 months elapsed after renewing before we could use them the first time, then that totally wiped out the benefit to us!! And with the price of a trip to WDW, you can be assured I look for what's in OUR benefit!! It is a lousy policy change.. :mad:
We will not be renewing ours because of the new policy, but will once again purchase them on our next trip. The new policy would force us to go earlier than we plan.

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I let our last ones expire because of the new policy. I am getting new ones in July becaause we will be there in July and Dec. (and if I can swing it once more before they expire) But I won't renew them when they expire again. I will wait until we have two trips planned.

In my opinion it was a lousey policy change.


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No, I will not renew the passes once they expire July 29, 2001. We had AP/PAP's for the last 2 years and not only did we get a great hotel discount each time, we went 4 times each year on the AP. (Had to get the "use" factor in!)

As we need a break from WDW (or should I say DH does) we will buy more AP's in 2-3 years. If the policy would not have changed, we would buy the AP's again and who knows, we probably would have went again sooner than planned.

Well, I sure do hope that someone from WDW is reading the answers here. Because I know that when I have those passes in my hands they are buring a hole through them. But if I have to come up with the money for the tickets and the trip, it will be much longer before we can get another trip together. I to think this was a lousy policy change, because you know that once you get there, they get a lot more of your money. (room, food, gifts, etc.) Hope they are reading this. Thanks.
We won't be renewing when our APs expire in May. We will have gotten 19 days on our current passes (2 trips), but since we are in California, it's too hard to be sure when we'll be able to get back to Florida. I think we'll just have to bite the bullet and pay full price when we get ready to buy another AP -- or maybe we'll buy 7-day Hoppers next time.
NOT RENEWED! Ours expired the end of December. We have renewed 3 times in the past, but not this time since we wont take our next trip until January of 2002. I think Disney made a big mistake with this one. The renewal date is the date of expiration, so if you don't renew for 30 days, you actually miss out on 30 days of the pass. We used to go for a year, renew, hold the new pass for a year and then go again for a year. This meant we were getting 20-30 days on each pass. We live a long ways from Disney, so will also change our travel habits because of this too. While we would take 2-3 trips each year our pass was being used, take a year off and then use 2-3 trips again, we will now take longer off between 2 trip years. :(

We let ours expire end of December, since we were not going again until March. Because we had AP's, we scheduled an unexpected trip last year for Thanksgiving. Some "bright" MBA sure blew it on this decision!

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I'll probably purchase new ones when we plan multiple trips again. We made 3 trips off one year AP. It works out cheaper for us to wait until closer to another trip to buy them again. That way they'll be good for more trips. We've been going for appx 2 wks in the summer and 1 wk in January. We're trying to plan a trip to Disneyland this summer and not planning a trip to WDW.

Never been in November but so glad the convention gives me an excuse to see the holiday decorations. I'm not sure if we'll get AP's for that trip since we can't stay any extra days (school).

Like one of the previous posters pointed out, when you have those AP's it's easy to plan another trip when you read about a great resort rate. WDW gets $$ from those trips since we stay on site, eat on site, and buy way too much junk on site during our stays. :D

I think the new policy is another sign of small ways the company is working toward savings at the detriment to customer goodwill. We also didn't buy into the new Disney Club. With AAA you get the same resort discounts and between AAA & this site you can get some of the same type of ticket discounts.

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I also did not renew in December. We will be returning in July and it wasn't worth it to waste 6 months. We'll pay a bit more for them when we finally do pick them up, which is what bean counters wanted.

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