Who says you need kids to enjoy Disneyworld?

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by Floundering Crab, Jan 26, 2001.

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    Aug 11, 2000
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    December 5—(Day 3) EPCOT Future World: We were up and out the door early, again. Drove over to EPCOT since we were staying for the CP, but wanted to get out before the Illuminations (saving for another night). Was impressed with Mickey’s hand and 2000, but unimpressed with the Leave a Legacy panels. We felt it really distracted from the openness that we enjoyed upon entering EPCOT previously. WDW must be making some bucks off this venture or they would’ve removed it by now—just not up to Disney standards. We wandered on over to Test Track for out FastPasses and then headed over to Cranium Command in the Wonders of Life. Then took in Body Wars and even saw The Making of Me with Martin Short. Tried to get on one of the bikes, but the kids had taken them all over. . . even waited for one youngster to finish up and when she was just about done, her brother came over and just jumped on. I know this is WDW and for children, but sometimes I think parents forget that the attractions are not there JUST for their children. (While I’m on the subject of children, for the most part, kids were great—but we ran into a few that were simply obnoxious and had all I could do to keep my mouth closed.) But by this time we needed to get back to Test Track and walked right in, but stood in the FastPass line for about 30 minutes. DH really got a kick out of it, we even bought the picture. Then we headed over to p/up a FP for HISTA, but a show was just heading in and there was plenty of room, so we walked right in. Walked out and jumped on the Imagination ride—missed Figment, but didn’t see much of an improvement—it’s still a bit dull. Children (and parents) were having a great time in the hands-on lab; we scooted out. It was lunchtime, so we walked over to Land and had a loaded potato and split a sandwich. Was just enough. We decided before we left that we weren’t going to go overboard on meals this trip so we could enjoy ourselves more. The Land ride was next and is always enjoyable and relaxing. We walked over to Innoventions to send our e-mail pictures—that was fun. We even had a picture of the two of us taken and presented to us at another station. Time was running short so we headed over to LeCellier for our CP dinner reservations. At this point I must say that that was a bit idiotic how they set up the CP PSs. At American Adventure when we gave them our dinner and CP PSs, the time was wrong on our dinner reservation. CM checked LeCellier and found someone goofed up and input info wrong. She then gave us our badges, but informed us they ran out of neck lanyards and pins, but they would send them to us. Well, was a bit miffed that their lack of planning short-changed us, but tucked my thoughts into my pocket and walked over to Canada for dinner. This was our most pleasant experience of the trip. We started out w/that Cheddar Cheese soup—to die for! They then served us these wonderful bread sticks—loved the pretzel bread stick. I ordered the 12oz prime rib and DH had Filet mignon. They were succulent and those gratin potatoes were wonderful—reminded me of my mothers escalloped potatoes. Didn’t really need, nor should’ve eaten, dessert, but we gave it the ole college try. DH ordered the crème brulee and I had the vanilla bean cheesecake. The praline topping was delicious and the cranberries set it off. The food was great, but the service was out of this world. Our waitress had only 3 days left on her work-study at LeCellier and was heading home to Saskatchewan to enjoy her Christmas—was a very pleasant and efficient young lady. We tipped her well. But we absolutely loved the décor of the restaurant, and the beautiful Christmas decorations that just made this restaurant glow. They had the most beautifully arranged garland in each corner of the rooms. But our time had come to head over to CP. We got in line 1 ½ hours early (yes, the PS line) and enjoyed conversing with our neighbors—picked up some tips on what to see and what could be missed around the world showcase, and generally huddled together to keep warm. With the wind whipping off the lagoon, it was a bit cold at times. But our wait was soon over and we were treated to a spectacular Christmas show of beauty, music & talent, and certainly brought back the true meaning of Christmas. This was James Avery’s last show of his set and he was very festive and light with the audience. We loved watching the guest conductor get into the spirit, also. Was so pleased that both of them and the cast members mingled with the audience after the performance so we could express our pleasure. We left EPCOT feeling very much in the Christmas spirit and still very full from our wonderful dinner. Headed back to SOG and bed.
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    Aug 18, 1999
    So the Cheese Soup is worth trying huh? All the food sounds great actually!! Thanks for posting :)

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  4. Snowwark

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    Jun 8, 2000
    Sounds like another great day. Test Track is a hoot! I'm Canadian and I've never eaten at LeCellier, but after reading your review I wish I had. Oh well, next time. "Tucked my thoughts into my pocket." I've never heard that before, I love it!


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    May 15, 2000
    Mmm...Love the Cheddar Cheese Soup and the Pretzel Breadsticks...yummy! Thanks for posting...:)

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Going to have to try the cheese soup on next trip. Thanks for posting!
  7. jesdmill1

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    Jan 17, 2001
    Sounds like le Cellier was great! Thanks for posting!

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  8. PoohbearLisa

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    Nov 18, 2000
    On our trip to Disney in December we loved our lunch at LeCellier. The soup is very delicious and our waitress from Ontario was great.

    Am enjoying your trip reports!! Thanks. :)

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